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"Crying, crying, crying ?!"

Just then, a rough voice came from the door of the room, interrupting the three people's wailing.

The three were furious. After all, although they were down now, they were all ill-tempered before.

This group of people was with a fierce face, a few shirtless men, and a few of them smoking cigarettes in this hospital.

Headed by a middle-aged man in his forties, he has a very prominent scar on his face.

Xie Wengong immediately exulted and exclaimed, "Brother Zhang?"

That's right, the person who came is Xie Wengong's older brother on the road—Brother Zhang.

Yang Zeyu injured only his arm, so his movement was unhindered. He quickly jumped out of bed and greeted him as if he was welcoming his loved ones. He said in a crying voice, "Brother Zhang, you are finally here!"

But he was greeted by a loud slap.

Scar Zhang scolded: "You guys have a fucking face and call me brother?"

This slap made Yang Zeyu stunned, and then he cried, "Brother Zhang, we are so miserable, you have to avenge us!"

"Revenge ?!"

Scar Zhang was laughed with anger, raised his hand and slapped on Yang Zeyu's other face, cursing: "Let me help you get revenge? Somehow, you know who you provoke? Revenge? Some people don't bother me, I will be happy! "

Xie Wengong listened to these words, and his heart was cold.

Although he had been prepared for a long time, when he heard "Zhang Brother" say this, it meant that there was no hope at all.

Yang Zeyu didn't give up, and asked: "Brother Zhang, there is the Li family, the Li family! Does it mean that the Li family is also afraid that such a few guys?!"

Scar Zhang suddenly became furious and slapped him again.

This slap was harsher than the previous two slaps. Yang Zeyu was directly blown out by the fan, and fell heavily to the ground. With a mouthful of blood was sprayed out.

Scar Zhang sneered: "What are you guys doing? Why does the Li family help you?"

Xie Wengong only felt that a heart had fallen into the ice cellar, and his voice couldn't help getting cold, and said, "Brother Zhang, are you here just to see our joke?"

Scar Zhang said, "Xiao Xie, you still have the courage. Rest assured, I'm not here to laugh at you this time, but to see the status of you, how about it, do you want revenge? "

"Revenge ?!" The three of them were holding back at the same time, and the scar Zhang had just turned ruthless. Why did he suddenly mention revenge?

Scar said, "Don't get me wrong, I don't have the ability to avenge you. If you want revenge, you can only rely on yourself."

"On our own?" Xie Wengong was a little annoyed and said in a stiff tone, "Brother Zhang, I look like this now, my limbs are useless, how can I get revenge?"

"Don't worry about this, you say, do you want revenge?"

"Of course I want!" The three said in unison.

"How do you think? Or ... what price are you willing to pay for revenge?"

Yang Zeyu and Ma Yue were suddenly silent. Their injuries were not too serious. They could recover after a few months. Unlike Xie Wengong, he was basically doomed to be a waste in this life.

To say revenge, they naturally want to.
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But to say what the price is for revenge ...

They hesitated immediately.

For them, revenge is naturally good, but the purpose of revenge is only to breathe out, and what price will be paid for this, it will be worth the loss-let alone, what Scar Zhang said the cost, it's not good to think about it with toes.

So they retreated.

But then a firm voice sounded: "Any price!"

Everyone looked at Xie Wengong, and saw his face gritted and hated: "I'm willing to pay any price! As long as I can revenge this!"


Yang Zeyu and Ma Yue exclaimed in their hearts but did not dare to speak out because they saw the scar Zhang laughed.

"Okay! Good! This is the man! Yeah, if you want revenge, you have to rely on yourself. That Zhong Yihan ruined your life and turned you into a puddle of mud ... But you have to tell him in person, Even if you are muddy, he needs to pay! "

After saying this, the scar Zhang gave the people behind him a wink.

Suddenly, the men he brought before gave way, and behind them, a figure wearing a black hooded sweater with the entire head completely covered by a black hood came out from behind and came to the three.

"You said, are you willing to pay any price for revenge?"

The voice sounded like a man, and it seemed young, but the voice had a somber feeling that made it hard for the back to feel cold.

Xie Wengong looked at the man in black and found that his hood was very large. His face was hidden in the hood, and his angle could not see the other's face at all.

But it didn't matter, he asked, "Can you help us get revenge?"

Humane in black: "You answer my question first. Are you willing to pay any price for revenge?"

Xie Wengong took a look at the scar Zhang on the side and the latter scolded: "Brother Chao asked you, why do you look at me? Answer them quickly!"

The man in black sneered, then he turned around and left.

Xie Wengong was anxious and said loudly: "Wait a minute! I am willing! I am willing to pay any price! As long as I can get revenge! Let me break the limbs of that Zhong Yihan and kill him alive! Willing to pay any price! "

The man in black stopped walking, a smile arose from the corner of his mouth, and looked at Yang Zeyu and Ma Yue, and said, "What about you?"

Yang Zeyu and Ma Yue some want to shrink back, but Xie Wengong rushed to help them answer: "They are my good brothers, go with me!"

Both of them could not help yelling, who want to go with you?

But to this day, it can only smile and nodded strongly.


The man in black sneered, nodded at the scar Zhang, and said, "Take them."

Scar Zhang seemed to be in awe of this man in black, and quickly stood up straight and said, "brother Chao, rest assured!"

He gave his men a wink.

Suddenly, his men quickly found three wheelchairs, put Xie Wengong and them in the wheelchair, and were ready to push out of the hospital.

Ma Yue had the least courage. At this time, she couldn't help panic and said, "Where are you taking us?"

"You'll know when you go!" The man in black replied. "A place where you can quickly improve your strength and recover your injuries quickly!"

Xie Wengong, all three were stunned, able to quickly improve their strength and recover their injuries quickly. !!

how can that be?

Perhaps the doubts of the three were seen.

The man in black turned his head, stretched out his right hand, and patted it on the table next to him.

With a sudden "bang", the table was photographed into several petals and scattered on the ground.

The man in black said coldly: "A few months ago, the wrist bone of my hand was also smashed with a comminuted fracture, but now it is not only intact but also has the power you would never even imagine!

He opened his hood and showed a young face: "By the way, the guy who interrupted my wrist at the time was the same guy who interrupted your limbs."

"Zhong Yihan!"

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