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Kung Fu Beyond the World 199 Chapter 199 - End of the Road

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A bad guy who has always been happy to bully others and embezzle school supplies, suddenly shouted that the law should be fair to himself.

This matter may seem ridiculous, but no one can laugh.

Especially Yang Zeyu and Ma Yue, after hearing this, they looked ugly, especially Ma Yue, even sniffed, cried!

"What's wrong?" Xie Wengong realized that something was wrong and quickly asked, "What's wrong?"

Yang Zeyu smiled bitterly and said, "Gong Brother, you have been in a coma for three days. In the past few days, our family has been here."
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"Have been? What about them?"


"What do you mean?"

"They won't care about us!" Ma Yue collapsed and shouted, "My dad, my mom, and my brother are here! After coming here, they didn't help me say a word, they kept scolding me! The money I exchanged for energy and blood powder was sent a little back to them every month. Now that something happened, they just want to leave the relationship with me completely! "

Xie Wengong was about to collapse, and shouted, "What the hell is going on?!"

Yang Zeyu smiled bitterly and was about to answer. A biting-looking female nurse suddenly opened the door and walked in, pointing at a few people and rebuking, "I said, can you be quieter? No noise in the hospital."

The nurse pointed at Ma Yue and Xie Wengong again, and scolded: "Even if the girl crying, what do you guys follow?"

Xie Wengong turned to look at the nurse fiercely. His eyes were bloodshot and his expression was cruel and crazy, which shocked the nurse, she screamed and opened the door and ran away.

Xie Wengong looked at Yang Zeyu and said, "What happened? My parents ... have been here too?"

Yang Zeyu nodded with a bitter smile, only to say things again.

It turned out that on the day they were the hospital, the three parents got the news and rushed to the hospital.

Seeing the three of them beaten like this, especially Xie Wengong, the smashed limbs, they were suddenly furious, shouting to get justice for the three "children".

Unexpectedly, Lu Wu personally waited in the hospital and met three parents.

Before the parents of the three families had time to protest, Lu Wu threw out a stack of documents. This document was all about their students intercepted the resources issued by the school for their own profit.

Of course more than that.

There is also a series of evidence on how they bullied students, beat and insulted them, and persecuted and robbed students.

Even more terrible ...

An official of the Kung Fu Association sat next to Lu Wu.

The evidence is conclusive and uncompromising.

The three parents suddenly faded, and their voices were not as loud as when they first arrived.

Then Lu Wu told them that Xie Wengong had embezzled school assets and bullied the students, and he had been expelled from the school. What is next to be investigated is their legal responsibilities, but it is not yet known whether there are any associates, since some of your parents are here, sit down and talk together to see how many years your family should be sentenced.

As for the three people who were injured... Well, the duel contract is here, with their signature on it, is protected by law, in theory, even if the three of them are killed, the opponent does not need to take responsibility.

how about it?

Do you want to continue chatting?

So the three parents immediately persuaded, and excused themselves one after another, and ignored the children, for fear of being implicated in themselves.

As for the injuries of Xie Wengong and others ... Oh, signed the battle contract, who cares about you?

After listening to Yang Zeyu's words, Xie Wengong's lips trembled and said, "You mean ... say, that family members don't care about us now?"

Yang Zeyu nodded in pain. He heard his father clearly, and stood outside the door and said loudly that the people inside had nothing to do with him. He broke the law, and the Kung Fu Association should deal with it!

The mother cried miserably but was forcibly dragged away by her father after he said those ruthless words.

Xie Wengong looked dull, and it took him a long time to come back and shout, "Conspiracy! All this is a conspiracy!"

It is estimated that for Lu Wu and others, from the beginning, they have determined their miserable state today. Defeated them with a top-class, and since then the student union has no prestige. Those students who were previously oppressed by them will immediately revenge-even the people in the student union who will betray them.

With this evidence, plus the duel contract they had signed in person, they were completely done.

Even the family members at this time did not dare to have a relationship with them at this time, for fear of being affected by them-you know, not only did not have family planning this year, but countries around the world are encouraging fertility.

So most families have at least two children, and Xie Wengong is no exception.

Ma Yue wouldn't say anything. This year, the Kung Fu fighter is supreme, and there are many places to think of patriarchism. Therefore, there are two younger brothers under Ma Yue.

Yang Zeyu also has an older brother, and Xie Wengong also has a younger brother.

The three of them were abolished, and they broke the law again. The family was just ordinary families. Naturally, they gave up all of them and then focused on other children.

As for the few of them ...

And the student union of the school was completely disintegrated, and Lu Wu could carry out his education reform in the school as he wished ...

All of this, one by one, turned out to be Lu Wu 's strategy, and the three of them had no use value and were thrown into this hospital. as for jail time?

Don't be funny, the prison of Kung Fu Association is unwilling to accept them.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Xie Wengong suddenly burst into a frenzied smile. He finally understood the whole point of the matter and even knew that he had no use-value at all, and his whole life was completely ruined.

Can't earn profit anymore, can't be admitted to a Kung Fu college...

Next, he can only be thrown into the street like mud, no friends, no brothers, no family, and only all kinds of enemies bullied by him before ...

Xie Wengong smiled and cried.

At this moment, when he thought of his tragic fate in the second half of his life, he burst into tears, and the more he cried, the sadder he became.

This crying also affected the crushed limbs, so Xie Wengong's next cry was heartbreaking.

Xie Wengong cried like this, and Yang Zeyu and Ma Yue also cried desperately with him.

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