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Kung Fu Beyond the World 197 Chapter 197 - Unbeatable

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Even Li Xinyu and Du Tianqing couldn't help but ask Zhong Yihan for training experience. Their original foundation is already very good. For them, Du Tianqing, who has made the fastest progress, predicts that it will take at least ten days to complete the adjustment. time.
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However, it took only three days for Zhong Yihan to get it, which can be imagined as a blow to them.

Yang Yuan looked blown, and said, "Yihan, did you secretly take any tonic? Otherwise, how could you progress so fast?"

Du Tianqing also said helplessly: "Yeah, if everyone is as fast as you are, then we don't need the nine-year compulsory education to lay the foundation. Take the college entrance examination one year after birth, and we will graduate from college the next year, and at such a speed, even the evil god cannot compare"

Although it is only an exaggeration, it is enough to show that Du Tianqing's heart is not peaceful.

And he was right. The previous nine-year compulsory education at the university was the time to lay the foundation. Those who completed one movement in half a year were considered geniuses, and most of them completed one in one year.

The poor foundation of Zhong Yihan is well-known. His adjustment of the foundation is almost the same as re-practice. Even with Zhong Yihan's abnormal talent, everyone thinks that he can adjust one movement in a month or half a month.

Who would have thought it took only three days?

In this case, he will be able to complete all the basic adjustments afterward in less than two months.

Then he can happily increase his vitality again?

This made everyone subconsciously think that before Zhong Yihan's vitality erupted, studying the formation method specifically delayed the practice progress. It took him several months to improve his vitality to the top in the county, and now it took him three days to complete the first movement of basic adjustment.

The time that seems to be wasted is not a problem at all here.

Are real geniuses so unreasonable?

Zhong Yihan said helplessly: "I was just lucky, I happened to understand the essence of the first movement, and I may not be so lucky later."

After a pause, he introduced his experience: "In fact, we have all practiced the Kung Fu 72 styles before, but at that time, we were too eager to be quick, the details were not good. After all, we all have a foundation. It is easier to get started than a novice. As long as you grasp that feeling, I don't think it is very difficult to adjust it. "

Everyone booed, even Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia.

What this said is simple, but for everyone who practices Kung Fu, the word "feeling" is the most difficult.

What is "grasp the feeling"? How do you know if you feel right or wrong? How do you turn around and grasp?

Zhong Yihan was helpless, and he could only say so much.

But he also had some insights.

It was also very difficult for the former self to grasp this "feeling"-after all, if Zhong Yihan's talents were really high, he would not be at the bottom of the school until he had not obtained the system.

He is now rebuilding the 72 styles. The reason why he can find the feeling so quickly ...

According to Zhong Yihan's conjecture, the main credit is probably the two qualified fruits.

Although the qualification fruit can not directly bring him a powerful attribute bonus like the fruit of strength and physique, as the name implies, the qualification fruit enhances his "qualification", and the thing of qualification sounds like a mystery.

But in terms of Zhong Yihan's own feelings.

After taking two qualified fruits, he can obviously feel that he has a better understanding of the practice.

In the past, a movement may have to be practiced dozens or hundreds of times in order to have some feeling, but now it may only need to be practiced a dozen times, and the muscle memory will be there.

This may be the qualification or the reason why he is now rebuilding the "Kung Fu 72 style" so fast.

Zhang Shou noticed that the mentality of the crowd seemed a bit low, so he clapped his hands and said, "Okay, okay, it 's just that the first-style practice progressed a little faster, and it wasn't a major event. Why are you discouraged? You really feel that Zhong Yihan is progressing too fast, and worried to get away from him too much, so practice hard! "

"With less than six months to go to the college entrance examination, where can you go depends on the practice, Zhong Yihan can do it, you can do the same, maybe three days is really too fast, But is it possible to cut the originally estimated time in half? "

"You have to know how many talented students can't practice in such an environment, nor can there be a dedicated teacher teaching every day, let alone Zhong Yihan ... Genius is in front of you, your starting point is already high, what qualifications are there to sigh? "

Zhang Shou's words were still very contagious, and everyone was quickly inspired to fight, and eyes firmed again.

Zhang Shou nodded with satisfaction, saying: "In fact, I was wrong. Your current practice direction cannot be exactly the same as Zhong Yihan."

After a pause, Zhang Shou smiled bitterly: "Zhong Yihan's progress is sufficient, so he is now turning to adjust the foundation, which is right. But you are different, your progress is not as good as him, so the foundation is indeed important to you, but for now, it is not the most important. "

"For you, your most important task at the moment is to find a way to improve your vitality and combat ability. As for the basics, this is a lifetime thing and can be practiced slowly. So our next training method will be modified, I will tell you some methods of basic correction, but you should be a long-term job when basic correction, pay more attention on weekdays but don't expect too much change in a short time. "

Everyone looked at each other, all with a bit of approval in their bitter smiles.

There were no stupid people present, and the deep meaning in Zhang Shouhua's words, they were naturally clear.

It's like a poor man and a rich man.

The poor feel good enough to have a full meal. Where can they care if the meal is nutritious, is it junk food, and the ingredients are new?

But for the rich man, he cares more about nature, not only to eat full but also to eat well. He also needs to study how to properly mix the meal ...

Obviously, compared with Zhong Yihan, they are the difference between the poor and the rich.

"I feel so shocked ..."

"Did you know today? Yihan is destined to be admitted to the Top Four, let's work hard, not to mention the Top Four, at least we must be admitted to the key Kung Fu college, at least not get away from him too much. "

"That's right, we must be admitted to the key Kung Fu college! Practice now!"

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