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Kung Fu Beyond the World 192 Chapter 192 - Xiao Hei

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Zhong Yihan thought in a ridiculous manner but also knew that this was definitely not the correct answer.

Crossing the top of the mountain and looking further away, he can see more mountains.

Obviously, the area where he is now is not just a mountain, but a mountain range, a continuous mountain range.

Some of these mountains are still green, and some are like the mountain where he is, as a hard-working programmer with a Mediterranean hairstyle, his head is light and bald, but not all, and there are many green below.

But there are still only stones and mounds left in the mountains.

Don't even think about it, it must be destroyed by the barbarians.

After observing in the dark for a while, it was really impossible to confirm the situation of the barbarian tribes on the top of the mountain, and the barbarians around were constantly approaching, Zhong Yihan had to retreat first.

Until retreating to the original position, Xia Ling flew down in panic and landed on Zhong Yihan's shoulder.

"Xia Ling was scared. There were many bad giants just now. Xia Ling did not dare to report information to you casually."

Zhong Yihan's eyes brightened, "You just flew to the top of the mountain just now?"

Xia Ling nodded: "I didn't notice it at the beginning. After I flew over, I found that all the giants were bad. Then I reacted, but there was no place to hide around, so Xia Ling found leaves and hid there. The bad giants are really stupid. I hid for a long time and they didn't find me. Finally, I flew back immediately after they went out. "

"Big tree without leaves ..." Zhong Yihan froze for a moment, "You hide on the totem pole, right?"
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From the situation he just saw, the entire mountain top was bald, and the only explanation for the big tree in Xia Lingkou seemed to be the tall totem pole.

But if it is a totem pole, why is Xia Ling fine?

Zhong Yihan saw it with his own eyes. All living things around the totem poles were drained of life at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

Why is Xia Ling fine?

Could it be said that the bullhead god dislikes Xia Ling?

Even Zhong Yihan thought this idea was absurd.

Unfortunately, Xia Ling didn't know what was happening to her, so it was unrealistic to ask her why.

Xia Ling wondered: "Totem pole? What is it?"

"It's nothing."

Zhong Yihan resolutely gave up the idea of asking this question thoroughly and turned to the question that Xia Ling can understand: "When you were hiding there just now, did you notice how many bad giants there were? Or was there anything special? "

"Yes, there is one, two, three ... In short, it's much better, more than Xia Ling's Barbie doll."

After Xia Ling counted to three, she found that she could not count. She simply spread her hands and used exaggerated limb movements to express the number of barbarians.

Zhong Yihan sighed helplessly, realizing that mathematics can't ask Xia Ling, so he asked again: "Did you see anything special?"

Xia Ling thought for a moment and said, "There is a bad giant who looks strangely. It has two large horns on its head and four hands."

Two horns, and judging by their totem image, it should be the tribe priest.

However, Zhong Yihan thought that Xia Ling had confused his feet and hands, reminding her: "Xia Ling, feet are not hands."

"Xia Ling knows that the horned bad giant already has two feet, but he has four hands."

Yihan was surprised this time, and asked, "You mean that guy has four arms and two feet? Six in all?"

Xia Ling nodded quickly and followed, "And the momentum from that bad giant is so terrible, so fierce! You must not beat it, master!"

Zhong Yihan was shocked: "Are you sure I can't beat that bad giant?"

Seeing Xia Ling nodded madly, Zhong Yihan asked again: "Who do you think the bad giant compares with Teacher Zhang, who is better?"

Teacher Zhang refers to Zhang Shou. Xia Ling naturally met Zhang Shou. After all, they are all practicing in the villa now. Of course, Xia Ling is afraid of Zhang Shou. Of course, Zhang Shou is a strong man with a vitality of 6, she did not dare to approach.

Xia Ling's head crooked and said, "Mr. Zhang is better."

Zhong Yihan was only slightly relieved. Xia Ling was very sensitive to the vitality, so this answer should be more accurate. It seems that the priest's theoretical strength she found should be a little lower than Zhang Shou, but it should be above the fighter level.

This is the so-called "second-level" barbarians.

According to the division of the "World Watchmen League" and "Kung Fu Association", the beasts and barbarians whose strength is comparable to human Kung Fu Learner are generally classified as "first-level".

The beasts and barbarians who are comparable in strength to human Kung Fu fighter are second-level.

Not only is there a huge difference in strength between the first and second levels, but at each level there is also a huge difference in strength between the early and late stages of the first level.

Zhong Yihan confessed that he could not sweep even the first-level barbarians, let alone the second-level priests-and was a priest with many strange methods.

He is not the opponents, so Zhong Yihan immediately decided not to rush to the top of the mountain, or go down to the mountain to find an opportunity first.

So he turned around with Xiao Hei and Xia Ling and walked down the mountain.

However, after walking a distance of about one or two hundred meters, Xiao He suddenly sniffed, sniffed the ground again, and then suddenly ran down the mountain.

Zhong Yihan was shocked, and what he was most worried about still happened!

Xiao Hei, in the end, he didn't obey anything!

"Xiao Hei comes back! Xia Ling, go and chase Xiao Hei!"

Xia Ling quickly tracked Xiao Hei's direction and flew past, Zhong Yihan quickly chased, but Xiao Hei was running too fast, and he could only track all the way through Xia Ling's guidance in the air.

Damn it, if it alarmed a nearby beast or a barbarian on the mountain, the trouble would be big!

He made up his mind that if he could get Xiao Hei back this time, he would never let him come to Different World with himself.

But just as Zhong Yihan chased out for dozens of meters, a dark shadow suddenly emerged from the grass and rushed directly towards him.

Fortunately, Zhong Yihan didn't take it lightly at all times. When he felt the danger, he was just a forward flutter and avoided the attack.

When he rolled around on the ground to adjust his posture, he saw the appearance of the monster.

This is a strange-looking beast, about 1.5 meters tall, with a head that looks like a wolf and a bit like a horse. It has a very strong body.

And one of its most obvious features is that its head protrudes obviously as if it is a tumor, and it seems to be hard bone specifically used for the hit.

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