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Kung Fu Beyond the World 185 Chapter 185 - Frog at the Bottom of the Well

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The training ground was quickly surrounded by three levels inside and three outside the students who were watching it.

Many students' expressions were very excited, whispering in small circles.

Zhong Yihan and others are all ear-conscious, so although there are messy, they have heard a few words. But from their conversations, they basically couldn't see their confidence in Zhong Yihan.

Ming Jiajia is the simplest, wondering: "Are they all stupid? There is an old saying, no diamonds, no porcelain work. We are obviously invited here to fight their face. Is it possible to have no power? ? Do they even doubt our strength? "

"That's it!" Du Tianqing also looked helpless and whispered, "Do they really not know what it means for the fighters to represent? The two fighters chose us to fight, but they seemed to be playing!"

"Perhaps in their opinion, the vitality of that Xie Wengong 1.3 is already unimaginably high." Li Xinyu whispered, "I have read their information before I came. The guy beside Xie Wengong, the vice president of the Student Union, named Yang Zeyu's vitality is only 1.1. The green-haired girl named Ma Yue has just broken the vitality 1. But this achievement is probably unattainable in the eyes of the No.3 high school students. "

Zhu Zhenxing was shocked: "No way! Couldn't it? Doesn't it mean that I am now in this school, the top three in the school?"

Li Xinyu shrugged and said: "The tenth of their grade is vitality 0.7. Think for yourself!"

Yang Yuan sneered: "I finally saw today what a frog at the bottom of the well!"

Waiting for the crowd to come in, Xie Wengong slowly walked in with forty or fifty people.

These people are uniformly dressed in black uniforms, and their style is a bit like the school uniforms in the hot-blooded colleges. Forty or fifty people walk together with serious and aggressive expressions and look quite imposing.

On the other hand, Zhong Yihan's side, all of them are wearing the school uniforms of the school in an orderly manner. The contrast gap is really obvious, which makes the expectations of the onlooking crowd drop a lot.

The headed Xie Wengong put his hands in his pockets. From the door of the training hall to Zhong Yihan's side, a few tens of meters, he just walked out of a merciless pace.

Xie Wengong originally planned to walk to Zhong Yihan to give him a dismount but was blocked by Yang Yuan and Du Tianqing.

The students of the Students' Union saw that the president was blocked, and immediately they were angry, menacing and roaring.

"Boy, dare to stop our president, don't you want to live?"

"Get out of here!"

"President, you don't need to go there in person, you should let the surname Zhong roll over!"

Xie Wengong took a casual look at Yang Zeyu on the left, who would reach out his hand, and everyone became quiet immediately.

This is Xie Wengong's dominance, and the entire student union has become his personal organization.

Xie Wengong's eyes were half-open, and he ignored Yang Yuan and Du Tianqing who were blocking the road. He looked at Zhong Yi and said, "Boy, I see that you are a newcomer and do not understand the rules. I can forgive you once. Then I only say once, I want the top class, don't waste my time, if you are sensible, quickly give up your position. "

When Xie Wengong spoke, he always looked at Zhong Yihan with his chin.

Zhong Yihan didn't speak but just showed a playful smile.

"Fuck, what's your attitude? The president asked you, don't you hear it!"

"Dare to pretend to be in front of the Students' Union. Are you really the genius of the top class? You are just our stepping stone into the top class!"

The students of the Student Union started to scold again because of Zhong Yihan's performance.

At this moment, Yang Yuan couldn't help but stood up and said, "I can't bear it! This group of silly men, fight fast!"

On weekdays, Yang Yuan behaved very rationally. It was the first time that Zhong Yihan saw him talk recklessly and ridiculously.

Xie Wengong immediately lowered his face: "No one has ever dared to speak to me like this, you have succeeded in angering me!"

Yang Yuan was going to vomit. If he wasn't afraid that he would do it first, this group of silly people said that he was cheating here, and he kicked him now!
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The faces of Zhong Yihan and others were not good-looking.

Ming Jiajia said loudly, "I really want to vomit! Please, please fight fast."

Li Xinyu also shook her head and smiled bitterly: "I have always said silly, but today I finally saw alive."

Several people did not cover their voices, and the students who were watching immediately laughed, and the laughter was the most contagious. A few seconds later, the entire training ground erupted into laughter.

"Shut up for me! Who dares to laugh!"

Xie Wengong roared suddenly, and the whole training hall immediately quieted down.

His forehead was blue and erect, and his eyes were red, apparently out of anger.

"Oops, Xie Wengong was angry."

"They are miserable now."

"What to do? Would we like to tell the teacher to prevent it in advance? It wouldn't be good if someone lost life."

The onlookers only dared to whisper, Xie Wengong, who was completely angry, still ignored Yang Yuan, but looked at Zhong Yihan and said, "I have given you a chance. No matter how much you ask for forgiveness, you will never get my forgiveness."

Du Tianqing looked like he was going to vomit, took out a document and handed it over, saying: "Sign this duel first, and I am almost sick of you!"

Xie Wengong froze and found the paper to be a duel contract.

He gave a rough glance, the contract stipulates that life and death, the opponent casually-and the seven densely signed below the name, apparently already prepared.

Xie Wengong sneered at once, and said, "Okay, there is life and death contract at hand, even if you die, you don't need us to take responsibility! Such a good thing, of course, signed it!"

After that, he took the document and signed his name on it.

The other younger brothers also learned from each other and sneered forward to sign.

After everyone signed the name, Ma Yue and asked, "I can clean up this garbage alone."

Ma Yue wanted to win this performance opportunity to make her status in the student union further.

"No, everyone will do it together. I will never see seven of them in the school!"

Xie Wengong's words were like an order, and all the students of the Student Union sang in unison and rushed towards Zhong Yihan and others.

Some of the unbearable onlookers had closed their eyes because what they expected was a unilateral slaughter.

Because nothing else, just in terms of numbers, there are only seven people in the top class, and there are a total of forty people on the student union side. Even if the top-class really has two brushes, it is also hard to beat so many people!

How could a member of the student union standing in the forefront miss the opportunity to make a contribution, and the student who rushed to the front rushed into Yang Yuan with nothing to say.



With a loud cry, the guy in the uniform of the student union soared high and fell to the ground fiercely.

Yang Yuan laughed, "Ok! Brothers, I can't help it, Let's fight!"

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