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Kung Fu Beyond the World 181 Chapter 181 - The No.3 High School

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Two days later, Zhu Zhenxing and his sister Zhu Xiaoyu returned after the Chinese New Year, and when they saw a black puppy at home, it was naturally lively again.

After another two or three days, Li Xinyu, Ming Jiajia, Fan Dali, Yang Yuan, and Du Tianqing also returned after the New Year. Everyone came with gifts. Although the gifts are not very valuable, they are at least goodwill.

The crowd got together again and began to practice.

The day before school started, Zhang Shou also came and also brought a message.

"A top class?"

"Yes!" Zhang Shou explained, "This is the meaning of President Lu. Combining the seven of you to set up a top-class alone, I will be in charge. This class doesn't need to go to school, but it can get 80% of the total resources allocated to students by No.3 High School every year! "

Everyone looked at each other, their faces were calm.

Zhu Zhenxing swaggered: "What resources can there be in the No.3 High School? Energy and blood portion? Who can't afford this thing?"

Zhong Yihan laughed: "It's better than nothing ... but Mr. Zhang, President Lu should arrange it this way, shouldn't it be meaningful?"

After a pause, he smiled: "Seven of us took 80%, and all the remaining students in the school could only get 20%. Principal Lu is using us like a knife!"

Everyone laughed.

Zhang Shou was also not embarrassed and laughed: "President Lu really did have a deep meaning. You don't know. I investigated with President Lu during this winter vacation and found that No.3 High School was really bad. These resources were originally was sent to the top students in the school, but all of them were taken over by their student union.

Yang Yuan thought for a moment, and said, "It means, it is up to us to break this bad habit?"

"That's right." Zhang Shou said, "the atmosphere of the No.3 High School has rotted to the roots. Previously, from the headmaster down to the teacher to the students, none of them was clean. You also know that public schools, the state will allocate funds every year, just to see the results of a school to determine the amount of funding. "

"But this funding has both cash and resources. It is such a resource like energy and blood portion. The country purchases it uniformly and distributes it to schools, not only in large quantities but also in a fixed channel. The price is lower than that on the market, and it also allows schools to spend some money to buy some resources, and the price is very favorable. "

"So, there is such a situation. That is, from the headmaster down to teachers and students, to buy this kind of preferential resources in the name of improving students, and then everyone sells. This profit is not small. As for the students who should have been supported, basically they can't even share their hair unless they are in the top grades. "

"I see!" Du Tianqing laughed. "The original principal of the No.3 High School stepped down, and President Lu took over. If he wanted to reverse this trend, he must first change it. And as the principal, he is not suitable to di it, let us ... ... In other words, we are really more suitable for this! "

Zhang Shou laughed: "Yes, so you can come to the No.3 High school, and President Lu is very happy. Not only because you can get a good college and bring honor to the school. More importantly, you have the ability to break the long-standing bad wind and evil spirit! For a school, I think it is more important than a few students to enter a good Kung Fu school! "

Yang Yuan applauded: "I have no opinion, but Yihan, you have the final say!"

Everyone smiled and looked at Zhong Yihan.

The latter shrugged helplessly and smiled bitterly: "Since we are already a No.3 high school student, President Lu has spoken again, and we must still help. And honestly, I don't like such selfish bastards! "

Everyone said yes.

Everyone has not been smoothed by reality. Naturally, no one can rub the sand in the eyes. There is really no psychological pressure to do such a "punish evil and promote good" thing!

Although Zhang Shou knew that they would definitely agree, after getting the exact answer, he was so happy that he stood up and saluted everyone, saying, "Thank you, thank you, students!"

The crowd quickly lifted him up, Zhu Zhenxing laughed: "Mr. Zhang, why are you so kind to us?"

Zhang Shou also laughed: "You can really stand idly by in this matter. Neither I nor President Lu can not force you. But you are still willing to help, we really appreciate it. You know, although President Lu and I can suppress that group of teachers, we really have a hard time doing things between the students and we can only rely on you! "

After a discussion for a while, everyone decided to attend the opening ceremony tomorrow.

Zhong Yihan sent them out, then returned to the training room by himself, and Xiao Hei greeted him.

Now it really regards Zhong Yihan as the sole owner, even its father, showing loyalty. When they are playing with Zhong Qiaoyue usually, but as long as Zhong Yihan yells, whatever it is doing, it will immediately run over.

It's also very obedient, and it doesn't bother to make noises on weekdays. It is enough to teach such things once as going to the toilet it also learned to squat the toilet.

But because it was too small, it fell into the toilet directly, and howled in fright, and was rescued by Zhong Yihan.

When he slept at night, this guy had to stay by the side of Zhong Yihan's bed, just like a little guard who was fierce.

Moreover, it only eats the food given by Zhong Yihan, Zhong Qiaoyue, and Zhang Aimei. Others, even if it was told that Zhu Zhuxing and others are friends, it will not eat anything that they handed over.
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This loyalty performance made everyone like it, but Zhong Qiaoyue had a little bit of resentment-she was the most played with Xiao Hei on weekdays!

But these days, because its IQ is far beyond ordinary puppies, Zhong Yihan told everyone that it is a beast-but did not say the level, so the whole family only thought it was a first-level, up to two-level cubs, so they are not surprised.

After all, with Zhong Yihan's current economic strength, raising a low-level beast is nothing unusual.

Zhong Yihan was helpless, so he had to make a kennel on the bedside-of course, this approach caused Xia Ling's serious dissatisfaction.

The elf is very afraid of this little dog!

Zhong Yihan persuaded for a long time and spent the cost of a few elven fruits before reluctantly to get the two little guys to live in harmony, but Xia Ling was still a little scared of Xiao Hei, even if Xiao Hei took the initiative to play with her, she would fly up and dare not approach.

However, she just likes to fly to Xiao Hei quietly while it falls asleep, and carefully looks at it.

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