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Kung Fu Beyond the World 179 Chapter 179 - Moon Dog

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Middle-aged people were forcibly taken away by law enforcement teams.

Originally, it was not a big deal for him to extort money. Generally, people who came to see the law enforcement team would converge when they extorted money, but this middle-aged person was like a neurosis, insisting that his puppy is beast, asking the pet shop to pay for ten million.

Of course, pet stores are not able to pay this amount of money, let alone 10 million. The pet store manager talked on the spot, not a thousand.

Then the middle-aged man went violently and started smashing things.

And then...

He was forcibly taken away by the law enforcement team. He will be in prison for half a month.

And the poor puppy was thrown into the trash can behind the pet shop by the clerk ...

And then...

The puppy fell into Zhong Yihan's hand.

[A fifth-level rare beast was discovered—The Moon Dog Pup, current status: lack of energy syndrome, extremely weak. It is recommended that the host quickly place it in a place with a high concentration of energy, otherwise the pups will die in about two hours.]

At the prompt of the system, Zhong Yihan was startled.

Is this a fifth-level beast? A rare beast?

Moon Dog!

That name sounds great!

That middle-aged man did not lie!

A beast cub like a fifth-grade strange beast, let alone the pet shop didn't have, even if he looks around the country, that 's a rare thing.

The middle-aged person asked for 15 million, and to be honest it was not high!

Not to mention the fifth-level beast, even if there are some pups of the fourth-level beast, 15 million can't be bought!

He is so lucky, and it is not a small profit, but a big profit and special income!

If the middle-aged person knew the truth, he would probably have cried to death—but Zhong Yihan had no guilt. Now it is the age of the jungle, not to mention he was very unhappy about the middle-aged person.
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Now think about it, the strength of the middle-aged can get this beast cub, and it is indeed what he said-relying on his teammates to escape by himself, and then brought this puppy out.

There is nothing to sympathize with such a person.

But what is Energy deficiency syndrome?

The system rarely explained it to him: [Energy deficiency syndrome, common in higher-order organisms. Because high-level creatures are born and grow in environments where the concentration of energy is high, suddenly when they come to a place with a low concentration of energy, they will become weak or even endanger their lives because of lack of energy.]

Zhong Yihan was shocked: "It's like altitude sickness."

[Almost, but basically strong adult beasts will only be slightly uncomfortable, and their strong bodies also have strong adaptability, so energy deficiency syndrome generally only appears in newborn beast cubs.]

"Ok!" Zhong Yihan snapped his fingers, now fully understands what is going on.

It turned out that the middle-aged uncle just didn't lie. The cub was just brought from Different World, but the cub was just born, so it couldn't adapt to the rapid decline of the surrounding energy concentration, which caused this pup sick.

Just as humans need to inhale oxygen during altitude sickness, they only need to replenish the pup with enough energy to save it.

But it seems ...

Even the pet shop staff didn't realize it?

Zhong Yihan frowned and searched the Internet for the keyword "energy deficiency syndrome" and found no results.

Could it be said that human power today has not discovered this?

At this time, the system explained: [Energy deficiency syndrome is often only manifested in newborn cubs that have just been born. The vitality of the beast is extremely strong. Generally, this is not likely to happen to pups one month after birth.]

This time Zhong Yihan understood it completely.

The book says that high-level beasts often have super intelligence, and some are not weaker than humans. Especially before the female beast is about to give birth, it will find a safe place in advance and prepare a lot of food before it is produced. ——Or herd effect, the beasts taking collective as a unit will protect the cubs properly.

Therefore, the beast cubs that are born within 1 month are very rare. Even if they are occasionally captured by humans, they are also captured by the strong among humans. The places where the strong are generally located are where the concentration of energy is high, will not easily send the beast cub to the earth ...

In this way, such a thing as energy deficiency syndrome has not been discovered by human experts.

But now comes the problem.

The system says that if he brings the pup to a place with a high concentration of energy, it will recover on its own-the concentration of energy in his own home is enough, but it is very troublesome to go back with a puppy. It is impossible for two arrives home within hours.

Wuen City should also have a place with a high concentration of energy, but where can he find it?

At this time, the system actively made a sound: [Feeding its high concentration of energy, food, medicine, etc., can alleviate the syndrome—this system recommends the use of nutritional medicine in the mall, and it is recommended that the host take at least one nutrient to the pups daily portion will help it grow.]

Zhong Yihan was overjoyed, he quickly exchanged a nutrient medicine out, fell to his hand, and handed it to the puppy.

At this point, the puppy has woke up. Maybe it hasn't eaten for a long time. When it smells, it immediately sticks out its pink tongue and licks the nutritional medicine into its mouth.

A nutritious medicine lowered the belly, the puppy's spirit was obviously better, but still a bit sluggish, weak and yelled twice at Zhong Yihan.

"Is this not enough yet?"

Zhong Yihan quickly took out another nutrient and fed it, but the puppy was still not full and was still barking.

No way, Zhong Yihan had to exchange medicines continuously. After feeding him ten enough, the puppy was satisfied. Its tongue licked the small mouth, and then licked Zhong Yihan's finger friendly, then chose a comfortable posture, fell asleep in the arms of Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan wanted to cry and said, "It ate ten potions, and two hundred system points will be gone! And I will feed it at least once every day? How much is the system point ?! "

A system of 20 points for a nutrient potion, if it is replaced by an energy stone and then converted into EMB, that is 20,000!

20,000 a day, this is still the minimum consumption-not to mention that the dog is still very small, and as it grows larger in size, it will definitely eat more and more.

This is so embarrassing. Who can afford it? !!

However, the thought of this is a fifth-level beast, and also a more cherished breed among the fifth-level beasts, Zhong Yihan immediately said nothing.

If he does not want to spend the system point, he can not afford to raise such a big baby!

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