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Kung Fu Beyond the World 175 Chapter 175 - New Skills, New Panels

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In addition to various fruits, there are other classifications in the mall. Zhong Yihan points into the medicament classification.

[Nutrition medicament LV2: Substitute food to increase satiety and contain nutrients needed by the human body (used below Big Kung Fu Strong level). Price: 20.]

[Restore medicament LV2: It can make the body quickly recover from fatigue (used below Big Kung Fu Strong level). Price: 100.]

[Healing medicament LV2: can quickly treat less serious injuries. Price: 500.]

[Calming medicament LV2: A medicament that calms the agitated person. The effect lasts for one hour. The user enters a calm state after taking it, which greatly reduces mood fluctuations. Price: 500.]


There are also some new items in the pharmacy classification. Among them, Zhong Yihan is most concerned about healing medicament and calming medicament.

Although the medicated bath bag has a therapeutic effect, it must be used in the bathroom, which has a large limit. If the healing medicament can be used immediately, he can use the healing medicament at any time in combat to treat injuries, which greatly increases the chance of combat survival.

As for the calming medicament, Zhong Yihan immediately thought of what happened when he met that Kung Fu master today.

The master's perception ability is extremely powerful, so when he got the piece of rusty iron after the system issued a prompt, he suddenly accelerated his heartbeat and raised his blood pressure. Such a performance cannot be concealed from such a master.

But with this thing, when he met good things, he will not reveal the emotional flaw.

But the price is too expensive-500 system points, why not this system to grab? !!

Turn to the page of the exercises.

The classification of exercises in the secondary mall has also changed from the original basic exercises to primary exercises.

What Zhong Yihan is most looking forward to is actually this classification. Although his actual combat ability is constantly improving, his limited attack methods not only make his attack mode monotonous but also it is easy to be familiar with his opponents, which greatly reduces the effect.

If he can use more attack methods to enrich his fighting style, it will also improve his strength in another way.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan opened his primary exercises, and as soon as he saw the first column, he suddenly lighted up.

"Primary formation (advanced) ?!"

[Primary formation (Advanced): Records the advanced changes and principles of 17 primary formations. Price: 5000.]

As for the formation method, Zhong Yihan is very attentive. The four formation methods previously arranged in the home make the energy in the family reach a high of 6.8.

Together with the formation method, it is profound and unpredictable, and Zhong Yihan is also very interested in it.

It's just that the price is too expensive, 5,000 system points or Zhong Yihan now has the urge to buy it.

Looking back, Zhong Yihan was suddenly surprised.

There are many classifications under the primary exercises. The primary formation just belongs to the classification of formation, and then there are knife, sword, boxing, footwork, archery and so on.

Zhong Yihan mainly used knives as weapons, so his first point was the knife.

[Thunder Knife (Primary): The knife is like a thunderbolt. When practicing well, the knife is accompanied by a thunderous potential, and its power is amazing. Price: 500.]

[Cloud Knife (Primary): With softness and power. When practicing well, it can look like a cloud, It looks tangible, but actually it is changeable. Price: 500.]

[Moon Knife (Elementary): It's like a full moon, and it has both offense and defense. Price: 500.]

[Fighting Three-Knives: This three-knives is also known as a desperate three-knives. It is a full-strength attack that completely gives up the defense. The third knives strike is the strongest. The only drawback is that after the three knives, the momentum is exhausted and the power is greatly reduced. Use it with caution. Price: 500.]

The four knife classification made Zhong Yihan's eyes straight.

The introduction of each exercise method made him want to buy and try, but he also knew the principle of gluttony. At present, he only needs to choose one of the knives as the offensive method.

In addition, the four have different styles, but each has its own strengths, which directly determines his next fighting style and cannot learn at the same time.

Zhong Yihan first saw the "Thunder Knife" at first glance. This method is in line with his current practice path, but the other three methods are also attractive, making him a little tangled.

After thinking about it, Zhong Yihan decided to learn the thunder knife first.

After all, the two methods of cloud and moon are not consistent with his current style. From the perspective of introduction, the desperate three-knives might be the strongest attacking force among the four skills, but it is too extreme, and Zhong Yihan is still far from the time to desperately.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan spent a thousand system points, exchanged the thunder knife, and then learned directly.

The system prompts:

[Learning the "Thunder Knife (Primary)"? Half of the original "Basic Knife" experience will be added to the new Knife. Are you sure?]

Zhong Yihan chose OK.

A lot of knowledge suddenly appeared in his mind. Zhong Yihan had a headache, but he recovered immediately. He felt proficient in a new skill in my mind, but Zhong Yihan did not directly experiment, but then went down the mall.

Next, he turned on footwork classification.

[Small moving step (Primary): When practicing well, it can be shifted within a short distance and can be shifted up to ten meters. Price: 500.]

[Do not move like a mountain (Primary): An upgraded version of the basic Mabu can let you have a more stable bottom plate. Price: 500.]

[Light Feather Step (Primary): Makes the body look like feathers, which can float in the wind without any traces. Price: 500.]

[No Shadow Leg (Primary): It is more inclined to attack. When practicing well, you can kick ten feet in one second to make your opponent defenseless. Price: 500.]

After such a long period of actual combat, Zhong Yihan has realized the importance of footwork to actual combat. If he can have good footwork, there will be more changes in the battle, so that he can better use his own attack methods.

The four types of steps in the store are completely different, so Zhong Yihan did not hesitate to choose to buy small steps and learn.

Then there is the archery classification.

[Double Arrows Launch Together (Primary): You can shoot two arrows at the same time, aiming at two targets in the same direction. Price: 500.]

[Continuous Arrow (Primary): Uninterrupted continuous archery. When practicing well, you can continuously shoot twenty arrows continuously. Price: 500.]

[Arc Arrow (Primary): Hit the target with an arc trajectory, you can master a variety of radians after practicing well. Price: 500.]
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The arc arrow Zhong Yihan has mastered some of them. Among the three arrows, Continuous Arrow skills make Zhong Yihan the most happy-think about the effect of archery like a machine gun after practicing well, it is really exciting to think about it.

After learning Continuous Arrow, Zhong Yihan clicked into the boxing interface.

But the system pops up a line of prompts:

[Host basic boxing proficiency is not proficient, can not purchase primary boxing.]

Zhong Yihan froze, is there still this limitation? !!

At this time he took a look at his system panel.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 2.95

Dexterity: 2.37

Constitution: 2.56

Spirit: 2.72

Comprehensive vitality: 2.65


Primary Archery-Continuous Arrow: 310/5000

Primary knife-thunder knife method: 154/5000

Primary footwork-small moving steps: 86/5000

Basic boxing: 943/1000.

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