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Kung Fu Beyond the World 174 Chapter 174 - Secondary Shopping Mall

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The two did not see anything next and walked out of this Treasure Square all the way, Zhong Yihan was relieved and said to Wan Hui: "Brother Hui, thank you for this time!"

Wan Hui was also relieved and smiled bitterly: "Brother Zhong, what did you see?"

Where can I say this?

Zhong Yihan spread his hands, looking innocent, and said, "What do you think I can see? Even if there is a relic in the Different World, you told me on the way."

After a pause, he added: "But I do think that piece of rusty iron is valuable when I hold it in my hand, I have a wonderful feeling, but I can't say what it feels like."

Wan Hui took a deep look at him, and did not know whether he believed it or not, and said, "In short, things have passed, do you have anything else to buy? If not, let's go back!"

Zhong Yihan remembered that energy spring hadn't bought it before, but he was also a little afraid at the moment, and he didn't want to stay here anyway, anyway, energy spring doesn't mean that it can only be sold here.

So he nodded and said, "It's okay, let's go back first!"

The two came to the gate of the town, joined Chen Guoer and Liang Canzi, and then took a taxi back.

Liang Canzi was obviously frightened. He kept her head still and didn't speak along the way. Others didn't know what to say, so they were speechless all the way.

Back at the hotel, Wan Hui told Zhong Yihan that they were ready to pack up and go back-after all, they could go home without having to wait for a plane and just take a high-speed rail or bus.

Zhong Yihan booked a ticket to return tomorrow, so the two sides said goodbye in the hotel.

Wan Hui laughed: "Brother Zhong, with your strength, there are still a few months. When you want to come to the college entrance examination, the vitality breaks through 3. By then, we will see you in the Top Four.

His tone is very self-confident, and he has no doubt that he has been admitted to the Top Four-after all, his vitality is now 3, and it is certain to enter the Big Four.

Chen Guoer reluctantly said, "Brother Zhong, I'm glad to meet you this time. You taught me some archery skills. I will definitely practice them when I go back!"

Zhong Yihan couldn't help but touched her little head, and smiled, "Then you have to practice well, see you in Top Four!"


Liang Canzi didn't speak, and was still in a state of fright, only holding a fist with Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan returned his gift with a fist, and laughed: "I am also honored to meet you in this experience, so see you in Top Four!"


Wan Hui and others left, Zhong Yihan returned to the hotel room and took out today's "trophy."

The items were sold to the system except the crystal ore left behind, and they sold nearly 9,000 system points at once, which is a big deal.

Then he took out that eagle-headed totem.

[Congratulations to the host for completing the advanced task of the mall: Eradicate the first-level tribe and recycle the tribal totem.]

[End of the novice period, start to unlock the secondary mall.]

[Unlocking the secondary mall, please wait patiently, countdown: 60 minutes.]

[During the countdown, the system will temporarily shut down.]

"A countdown?"

Zhong Yihan was a little speechless, went directly to take a bath, and took out a medicated bath bags.

An hour passed quickly.

Just when Zhong Yihan was soaking in the bath, he was finally reminded:

[The system upgrade is completed. Now the contents of the secondary mall are unlocked. Please check it.]

Zhong Yihan quickly turned on the system.

Compared to the first-level mall, the items in the second-level mall are obviously richer.

Zhong Yihan soaked in the bathtub and started to look at them one by one.

[Physical Fruit LV2: After taking the first ten capsules, increase the physique by 0.2, after the last ten capsules increase the physique attributes by 0.1, and after twenty, it will be invalid. Price: 500. (Only valid for those below Big Kung Fu Strong level)]

[Strength Fruit LV2: The first ten tablets increase strength by 0.2, the last ten tablets increase strength attributes by 0.1, and the twenty tablets have no effect afterward. Price: 500. (Only valid for those below Big Kung Fu Strong level)]

[Agile Fruit LV2]

[Spiritual fruit LV2]


The four-dimensional fruit in the second-level mall is an enhanced version of the previous first-level mall. It not only uses twice as much as before but also doubles the effect.

But the price increased tenfold, making Zhong Yihan can't help doubting that the system temporarily adjusted the price according to his situation.

After all, if the fruit effect is doubled according to the principle of equivalence, the price should also be doubled, 100 system points, or slightly higher, 150 system points or 200 system points. He can accept it.

As a result, it increased tenfold directly, from 50 system points to 500 system points. This is simply a robbery!

"System, I have an opinion on your pricing."

"System, I think you are overpriced and recommend lowering it."

After hearing Zhong Yihan's complaint, the system even answered:

[Please note that the previous mall is a novice mall, and the system has given the lowest discount for the props. Now that the host has passed the novice period, the props in the secondary mall have returned to their original prices.]

Zhong Yihan was speechless and had to look down.

[Flame fruit lv2 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to flame (a small amount). Price: 500.]

[Ice fruit lv2 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to ice (a small amount). Price: 500.]

[Lightning fruit lv2 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to lightning (a small amount). Price: 500.]

[Poisonous fruit lv2 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to the poisonous (a small amount). Price: 500.]

[Eagle Eye Fruit lv2 (Limited to 5), can improve vision after taking it (medium amount). Price: 1,000.]
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[Listening fruit lv2 (limited to 5 pieces), and improve hearing after taking it (medium amount). Price: 1,000.]

[King kong LV2 (limited to 3 pieces), after taking it, it can slightly improve the body's ability to resist blows, making skin, muscles, and bones firmer. Price: 1500.]

[Marrow washing fruit lv2 (limited to 3 pieces), after taking it, it can strengthen the bone marrow and enhance hematopoietic function. Price: 1500.]

[Qualified fruit lv2 (limited to 1), after taking it, the qualification can be improved in a moderate manner. Price: 5000.]

[Restoration Fruit LV2 (limited to one), after taking it, it can improve the recovery speed after physical injury. Price: 5000.]


There are still many types of fruits, but their prices have all quadrupled.

Zhong Yihan knows that the system is an outright adulterer. The system points that he worked hard for a few days are not enough to be exploited at one time.

Zhong Yihan originally thought that his life would be better after the system upgrade, but the price of the items made him find that he needs to have to work harder in the future.

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