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Kung Fu Beyond the World 173 Chapter 173 - Broken Energy Weapon

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According to the division of "World Watchmen League".

The vitality broke through 1.5 and reached the threshold of "Kung Fu Learner".

Going up, the vitality breaks through 5, which is the real "Kung Fu Strong".

Above the Kung Fu Strong, the vitality breaks through 10, which is the "Big Kung Fu Strong"- is already an elite in today's society.

Above the "Big Kung Fu Strong", the strong with a vitality of over 20 is called a "Kung Fu Master".

It means-a Kung Fu master!

A Kung Fu master is an absolute strongman in the current society. He is highly respected everywhere he goes, and in the army, a Kung Fu master at least is also a colonel. As long as enough credit is given, the senior colonel is proper.

This is still the case only in the powerful Hua country.

In some small countries, a Kung Fu master can definitely be a general!

The coercion emanating from a Kung Fu master, and released against Liang Canzi, where can such a Kung Fu learner be able to counteract?
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Suddenly, Liang Canzi's face was pale and trembling, and the sweat beads on his forehead fell down, almost unable to stand.

Seeing this, Zhong Yihan quickly hugged his fist: "Senior, my friend is careless, please let him go!"

Wan Hui also hurriedly saluted: "Senior, we are sorry!"

The two apologized together, and then the master snorted and took a breath, and said, "Be careful about talking later!"

Then he lay back down again and continued to close his eyes.

As soon as his breath was closed, Liang Canzi was relieved, but he was soaked with sweat all over his body, for fear that he would have to get sick once he returned.

Wan Hui quickly said, "Guoer, you can send him back first!"

Chen Guoer nodded quickly and helped Liang Canzi to leave.

Zhong Yihan squatted down curiously, and said, "Senior, can I look at this thing?"

The master ignored him, but he didn't object. After all, he didn't care much, because he was such a Kung Fu master, who would dare to sneak away with the things on his booth?

So Zhong Yihan took the piece of rusty iron in his hand and was shocked.

Because the system issued a prompt:

[The fourth-grade energy weapon "Songyang Sword (incomplete)" was found. The recycling price: 150,000 system points. Is it recycled?]

Zhong Yihan almost chose to recycle.

That's 150,000 system points!

But fortunately, he resisted, otherwise this piece of rusty iron was gone in his hand, and the master would kill him!

No wonder this guy sells a billion!

And what is the fourth-grade energy weapon? !!

Zhong Yihan suddenly felt as if he had made a shocking discovery!

His reaction was impossible to conceal this Kung Fu master-level stall owner. The stall owner felt that the young man was instantly excited after receiving the iron piece, his heartbeat accelerated, his breathing increased, and he immediately opened his eyes and died. Staring at Zhong Yihan, he said, "Young man, do you know this thing?"

Zhong Yihan laughed twice and put down the rusty iron sheet, and said, "Senior, this is your thing. How can I know?"

The stall owner stared at Zhong Yihan and said, "This is indeed my thing, but I don't know what it is. The only thing that can be sure of is that I know this thing must be precious!"

Wan Hui frowned, "Senior, this is just a piece of rusty iron. Where can it be precious?"

The stall owner sneered: "Your companion also said that the things in the relics of the Different World are basically stones. This is a rare metal creation, and even more amazing, I found someone to analyze this metal. The material can't be analyzed at all! So I 'm sure it must be a good thing, but I don't know what it is. "

Then the stall owner looked at Zhong Yihan and said, "Young man, I have seen your response just now, tell me, what do you know? If the news is useful, I can give you a million!"

Zhong Yihan calmed his mood and stood up and said, "Senior, you have valued this thing at 100 million, but now you want to know its origin for only 1 million. This sale is really too profitable."

The crowd of onlookers issued a depressing chuckle, and they all felt that the boy was too bold.

And everyone knows that Zhong Yihan is right.

The stall owner had a price tag of 100 million yuan and determined that it was worth the price, but in fact, he didn't even know the origin of the stuff. Well, if this piece of rust iron is really worth 100 million, it can only show that the origin of this thing is extremely unusual!

Just such a source of information is worth at least half the price.

The stall owner wants to buy such information for a million, he is so smart!

"Five million!" The stand-up stood up, staring at Zhong Yihan, and said, "In addition, I owe you a favor, you should know the power of a master's favor. There are not many people who dare offend a Kung Fu master. "

That's a bit of a threat.

Zhong Yihan was unhappy, but he did not dare to get angry with a Kung Fu master, and had to say, "This senior, how much experience do you think I have at a young age? you do not know it, why do you expect me to know? "

"But your response was very great, you can't hide it from me." The stall owner said, "I clearly felt that the moment you got this thing, the heartbeat accelerated and blood flow increased, obviously very excited!"

Zhong Yihan sighed and made a helpless expression: "This thing has a price tag of one hundred million! The first time I saw such a valuable thing, I hold it in my hand, can I not be excited?"

The people around the audience laughed. What the young man said was honest.

The stall owner frowned. He could not refute the words, but his intuition told himself that this young man must have concealed something important.

Wan Hui then said, "Brother Zhong, let's go!"

Zhong Yihan nodded, and said nothing, leaving Wan Hui together.

The stall owner frowned: "Wait!"

Wan Hui turned back displeasedly and said, "This senior, are you a little too much like this? Although you are a Kung Fu master, we are also students of Longquan High School! We can't buy anything we can't afford, so what do you want ?"

"Longquan High School?" The owner's brow frowned even more.

The name of Longquan High School is famous. There is also Kung Fu master in the school.

The stall owner snorted and lay down again, closing his eyes.

When Wan Hui and Zhong Yihan saw this, they quickly retreated.

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