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Kung Fu Beyond the World 171 Chapter 171 - Treasure Square

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Treasure square is a huge square just east of the town.

The square was very lively, and many people were pushing cars or setting up stalls. Some were lying there with a look of laziness, and some were holding signs to promote them.

The flow of people here is very large. Many people like Zhong Yihan are slowly moving around the square. Looking at the stalls of each family slowly, various bargaining sounds are passed into the ears of several people from time to time.

Zhong Yihan looked around curiously along the way, and it turned out that many people exuded a strong breath. He has a vitality of less than 3, and he is basically weaker here.
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And these stall owners, there are ordinary people, but also strong-spirited fighters.

Zhong Yihan found a law. Those stallholders who sip hard are usually ordinary people, but those who sit there with nothing to do, even sleep, or meditate, the breath is stronger than one!

This is not surprising.

These strong stall owners are obviously not weak. Even if they closed their eyes, they did not worry about losing the things on their stalls, and people who came here to buy things were basically people who practiced Kung Fu.

For those who practice Kung Fu, these powerful stall owners are psychologically more secure than ordinary people, so they are more confident in what they sell.

Chen Guoer jumped up to a stall, which was filled with all kinds of jewelry.

These jewels are delicately made one by one, no wonder they have attracted Chen Guoer's attention.

The owner of the booth was a middle-aged fat man. After seeing Chen Guoer coming over, his eyes brightened and he quickly said: "Girl, come and see! These jewelry are all made of ore and materials from Different World, not only beautiful but also these ore is very rare. When worn on the body, it can optimize the human body's magnetic field at all times, so that you can stay young and beautiful! "

Zhong Yihan couldn't help laughing but fortunately didn't say a word.

Liang Canzi said disdainfully: "young and beautiful? Don't you say that it can prolong your life? Not just a small jewelry, You're exaggerating!"

The stall owner was not angry and said with a smile: "This little brother, you don't understand. Come and see this necklace pendant, which is inlaid with chlorite. What is chlorite? No need to say it? This thing was introduced in the newspapers, and experts said yes! "

Speaking of which, the stall owner took out a stack of newspapers from the stall and opened one of them, saying, "Come and see, this is what experts say, the magnetic field of chlorite can regulate sleep. Long-term wear can improve endocrine and stay young! "

Liang Canzi glanced at the newspaper and said, "What, really ?!"

The stall owner said proudly: "Don't lie to you? I'm all good here! This little girl is so beautiful, and with this pendant of chlorite, that's the icing on the cake!"

Liang Canzi gritted his teeth and asked, "How much is this pendant?"

"Look, you look young, so I'll give you a discount. How about 30,000 yuan? I'll give you another pair of earrings!"

"Thirty thousand ?!" Liang Canzi rolled his eyes and handed the pendant back. "You are robbing!"

At this moment, Chen Guoer laughed out loud and said, "Liang Canzi, are you stupid? Finding more people like you is easier than robbing."

While they were talking, Zhong Yihan picked up the small jewelry on the booth one by one and looked at it, but he just held it in his hand and glanced at it, and quickly put it down.

Just then, Zhong Yihan suddenly pinched a butterfly and said, "How much is this?"

There was a slight panic in the stall owner's eyes, and he said, "Five thousand!"

Zhong Yihan put down and laughed, "Let's go to somewhere else to see."

After speaking, turn around and leave without regard to the owner's shouting.

Chen Guoer and Liang Canzi quickly followed and asked strangely, "What's wrong, don't keep watching?"

Zhong Yihan whispered: "In fact, most of the stuff on the stall was fake and imitations, but there were a few real, but very few, just a few. And those really, the owner is always staring. Even if you pick the real thing, he will ask a high price and will not lose. "

Liang Canzi was dissatisfied and said, "You mean that the hairpin you just picked up is real? How do you know?"

Zhong Yihan smiled. Of course, he knew that he took things into his hands. If it was a good thing, the system would prompt. If it was a fake, even a system point would be silent.

He touched more than a dozen accessories on the booth just now, the system did not prompt, only the butterfly hairpin, the system issued a prompt:

[The blue ocean crystal ore was found. The recycling price is 30. Is it recycled?]

So where else would he not know?

However, it is impossible to tell Liang Canzi, and Zhong Yihan only said, "Obviously, when I picked the imitations, the owner didn't look at me until I picked up the butterfly hairpin. His pupils narrowed a bit, and then he quoted a high price. Isn't that obvious enough? "

Chen Guoer applauded: "Wow! Brother Zhong is so good!"

Liang Canzi was depressed, and said, "Maybe you read it wrong?"

Zhong Yihan knew that he liked Chen Guoer, and when he saw that Chen Guoer was close to himself, he was somewhat jealous, so he smiled and ignored him.

The three continued to visit the stalls.

Zhong Yihan found that even if he had a system in hand, it was not easy to find good things.

He can indeed judge the specific value of these things, but those stall owners are not stupid.

Most of the things they put out are not cheap, most of them exceed the actual price of the item, and some of the stall owners are not clear about the price, but if they know the special origin, they often demand a high price.

Zhong Yihan was a little depressed. Like the one written in the novel, a stall owner didn't know the value of the goods, and then the protagonist spent a hundred and ten yuans to buy it. Why couldn't he encounter it?

After the people asked the price at several stalls, Liang Canzi was also depressed: "The stall owner himself said that he didn't know this thing and refused to sell it, it was like ... no chance!"

He just saw a small piece of dead wood at a booth just now and found it a bit interesting. After asking, the owner said that this thing was picked up from Different World, but he also said frankly that he didn't know what it was.

So Liang Canzi wanted to buy it for a hundred yuan, and then the stall owner gave him a look of contempt and stretched out five fingers.

"Five hundred?" Liang Canzi hesitated.

"fifty thousand!"

Liang Canzi felt depressed instantly.

Chen Guoer smiled and said, "This dead wood must have been discovered by the stall owner himself. He must have felt that this dead wood was something extraordinary, so he brought it back, and you only came out one hundred. Do you think he is short of a hundred yuan? Instead, I would rather throw it in my hands than sell one hundred! I don't know what you think! "

At this time, Zhong Yihan held the dead wood, frowned, and then suddenly smiled, saying:

"Fifty thousand, I want it."

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