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Kung Fu Beyond the World 169 Chapter 169 - Treasure

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The next day, Zhong Yihan woke up and found himself lying on a large soft bed. He opened his eyes quickly and found that he should be lying in the hotel, but fortunately, there was only one person.

Rubbing his painful head, Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly. The hangover felt really uncomfortable, and he would never drink like that again.

After washing, he went downstairs and happened to meet Chen Guoer, and found that she was also covering her head with a depressed face. After asking, he realized that after all of them drank, Gao Xiaoyue gave them back-after all, Gao Xiaoyue was a fighter, and she was the last one to play. That wine is really nothing to her.

Chen Guoer laughed: "Brother Zhong, you are so amazing! You won four of us! Brother Hui has always claimed the amount of a pound of white wine, can win our grade, but he can't beat you at drinking, Amazing! "

Zhong Yihan smiled embarrassedly. After all, he cheated, so it was a bit embarrassing for Chen Guoer to be so brazen.

Everyone woke up at noon and then ordered something to eat in this hotel.

Everyone except Gao Xiaoyue has a headache, but after such a wine, everyone is more impressed by Zhong Yihan.

At lunch, everyone started to share the results.

Wan Hui said: "Brother Zhong, the points for clearing the first-level tribe have been issued. We discussed it before. This time you have the greatest credit, so except for the share that should have been given to you, each of us will take two points for you. In addition, Teacher Gao also decided to give you 10 points as your reward. "

Gao Xiaoyue and others looked at Zhong Yihan and nodded with smiles.

Zhong Yihan was a little surprised and said, "This ... isn't it right?"

Zhong Yihan didn't know the value of the points before, but when they came back yesterday to hand in the task, he saw someone holding a sign at the entrance of the inbound hall, which said that cash was used to buy points.

The purchase price is mostly about 5,000 yuan for one point.

The points can be regarded as a kind of hard currency. With points, you can buy many things that are rare or even not available on the market. And the state has support for this, so there are many preferential policies. If you use a few points to buy, there are great discounts.

They were originally scheduled to share the remaining points each, which is 10 points per person. If each person gives 2 points to Zhong Yihan, it will be 8 points, and Gao Xiaoyue will give him 10 points, which means Zhong Yi Han directly earned 28 points on this trip.

If converted into cash, there are probably more than 100,000.

"Nothing wrong!" Wan Hui waved a big hand and smiled, "This time, if it weren't for you, the task would never be so easy, you deserve it!"

Gao Xiaoyue also said: "Zhong Yihan, you just hold it, it is not much anyway, this is also a reward you gave us all for a lesson."

Zhong Yihan laughed, "How can I be qualified to teach you."

Gao Xiaoyue said positively: "This lesson you gave us is not ordinary. Some of them are extremely excellent among their peers, but they all have a common problem, which is self-respect very high. Even in Longquan High School, they have a little pride."

Wan Hui and they could not help but scratch their heads, a little embarrassed.

Gao Xiaoyue laughed: "Your presence tells them not to underestimate anyone, even if this person came out of a school we have never heard of. Come, I will not drink today, I take tea to thank you. "

Zhong Yihan quickly brought up the tea and laughed after sitting down: "Since Teacher Gao said so, it is disrespectful to decline. But this time, I also learned a lot from Hui brothers. All of us can only say that we are mutually supporting each other and progressing with each other. "
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Chen Guoer laughed: "Brother Zhong, what can Brother Hui teach you?"

However, Zhong Yihan said: "Not only Hui brother, but all of you have also taught me a lot. You also know that I come from a school you have never heard of, so in my early years, my foundation was bad. I didn't really feel much about this, but when I saw your fight, I understood that the basics can sometimes really save lives! "

Everyone nodded, and the next topic began to turn to practice.

Chen Guoer said, "Brother Hui, are you free in the afternoon? Come with me to the Kung Fu shopping mall. I remember that I don't have much energy and blood portion, so I have to buy it."

Wan Hui laughed: "Even you don't say, I'm going too. This time I earned some points. I received points from the Internet again. I just made up 100 points and I can just buy an energy spring."

"Wow!" Zhang Qichao and Liang Canzi both screamed enviously, "Energy spring, we want it!"

Zhong Yihan wondered: "Energy spring, what is that?"

"You do not know?"

Everyone looked at him strangely, Chen Guoer explained: "energy spring is a very rare treasure produced by the Different World, which can improve the physique, improve the body in all directions, and improve the qualifications of the human body. And there are no side effects at all! "

"So amazing ?!"

Wan Hui added: "Yes, it's so magical. This kind of energy spring originates from earth nodes in Different World, so it is very rare. As Guoer said just now, the effect of energy spring is very mild, and it is suitable for all ages. After taking it, it can nourish the human body from the root. Not only those of us who practice Kung Fu can develop their potential after taking it, but even ordinary people can also strengthen their bodies and eliminate their root causes after taking it. "

Zhong Yihan's eyes lit up: "Can ordinary people use it?"

"That is of course. Energy spring is quite good for the maintenance of ordinary people. Generally minor illnesses and minor calamities, even old diseases, as long as they are not incurable diseases such as cancer and AIDS, most can alleviate or even It's a cure. "

Zhong Yihan immediately tempted, this thing, he can use it, parents and sisters can also use it, it seems that to find a way to get a little bit to try the effect, so he asked Wan Hui where can he buy this thing?

But Wan Hui said: "Energy spring is too rare to be sold on the market and can only be purchased by points. One point is 100 ml, but we are still young and has the good qualification, it's not a badly needed thing, it can only be said that there is better than nothing. Like me, taking one for six months has already benefited a lot. "

After a pause, Wan Hui continued, "In fact, there are many treasures in the Different World. There are better things than energy spring. For example, there is a treasure called the essence of moonlight, which is said to be condensed by the moonlight of the Different World. The effect is similar to energy spring, and both can improve physical fitness, but the price is expensive, and it takes a thousand points to buy a little. "

Zhong Yihan frowned. He had some money, but he had a shortage of points.

Seeing his confusion, Wan Hui said in a low voice: "In fact, there is still a place to buy these good things, and it is a cash transaction, but in terms of price, it must be about 20% to 30% higher. I don't know if you can accept it. "


"Black market!"

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