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Kung Fu Beyond the World 168 Chapter 168 - A Death befalls all Men alike

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Around the totem pillar, scattered flesh and blood, and a human head.

Seeing this head, everyone was silent.

Because judging from the face, this human head obviously belongs to the earth people.

Wan Hui whispered: "This elder brother, we have already avenged your revenge. Please rest in peace. We will be our comrades in the next life and guard our civilization together! I will take you home immediately."

Several people bowed deeply to the man, even Gao Xiaoyue was no exception.

Wan Hui then found a bag, put the head in it, and said, "Let's look around to see if we can find a relic that can prove the identity of this brother."

Everyone looked around, and soon found a certificate among a pile of tattered clothes.

It was a certificate of Kung Fu Learner. After opening it, the identity of the person was recorded.

Name: Xie Jingyun

Sex: Male

Strength Assessment: Kung Fu Learner

ID card:...

Wan Hui put this certificate with his head and said, "Let's take it back. People always have to return to the root."

Everyone has no opinion. In fact, this is also a default rule for fighters trained in the Different World.

If you see the corpse of a human of the same race in the wild, everyone will try to find if there are objects around him that prove his identity. If so, try to bring them back. In terms of corpses, people pay attention to being buried in the ground and return to the roots. It is best to bring them back for burial, but if they are not easy to carry, they will be cremated on the spot.

As for the ashes, it is best to bring them back. If can't bring them back, they will fall on the land of the Different World, let him in another world, and cheer for the civilization of the earth!

But to see such a miserable death of a person, everyone's original joy after winning was diluted a lot.

Wan Hui said to Zhong Yihan "Brother Zhong, cut off this totem pillar. The eagle head above is the tribal totem you want."

Zhong Yihan nodded and chopped the pillar with a knife.

When the pillar was broken, a loud roar rang in everyone's ears, but the roar was just a roar, and then there was no sound.

Gao Xiaoyue sneered: "Even if it is a wild god from a Different World, the projection of a first-level tribe can only send out the mourning. Leave it alone, pack things up, and then burn it here with fire. Just go! "

Everyone went to prepare the igniting thing. With these people in, Zhong Yihan was not good at handling this eagle head totem directly to the system, so he had to put it in his bag first.

Wan Hui had already prepared gasoline in his backpack, so soon, the fire was burning, and the whole tribe was devoured.

In the light of the fire, Wan Hui loudly said, "We will be back! This fire will burn the whole Different World!"


Back in the entrance hall, Wan Hui and Gao Xiaoyue went to hand in the tasks, and the others were dealing with the wounds in the temporary hospital in the entrance hall.

After all, after a bitter battle, although everyone was protected by armor, they all suffered minor injuries. Although not serious, most of them were only skin trauma and bruises, but they were always handled well.

That person's head and related documents were also handed in together. According to the usual practice, the local Kung Fu Association will verify the identity, information, and DNA of the person. After all, verification is completed, the family of the deceased will be notified.

A comparison between the two sides quickly confirmed the identity of Jingyun, and his parents waited hard in a nearby hotel. When they received news from the Kung Fu Association, they immediately came to recognize the body.

Then there was a picture of bitter feelings, which made Zhong Yihan and others successfully clear the joy of a tribe, and was diluted a lot.

Especially when Xie Jingyun's parents came to thank them, everyone felt weird.

Obviously they didn't do anything!

They really can't afford this thanks.
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But those of the Kung Fu associations in the inbound hall face each other as usual-because of this scene of life and death, they have already seen too much in the import and export of this cracked space.

Zhong Yihan couldn't stand this sad atmosphere, so they left after receiving the score.

Everyone found a restaurant together, asked for a box, and after ordering, the atmosphere was still dull.

After the wine and dishes came up, Wan Hui poured wine for everyone, and then said loudly: "Brothers and sisters! Don't be too pessimistic! Born in this era, as a fighter, we should have expected to have this end. But the ancients said it well, A death befalls all men alike. "

"Although the brother Xie Jingyun died and sacrificed his young life, he died gloriously. After all, he died on the land of Different World. He died for the earth and for our human civilization. He is not the first, let alone the last! "

"We were born in this magnificent age, so we should have this realization! So, the deceased is dead, what we have to do is to strengthen ourselves and make ourselves stronger! This will better protect our human civilization, the stronger we are, the more we can protect ourselves ... "

Wan Hui said, "I don't want to one day, my parents, white hair to send black hair."

After speaking these words, Wan Hui raised his glass and said, "Brothers and sisters, we must all be strong, so strong that we won't die easily! Come! For alive!"

Driven by him, everyone stood up to raise the cup together and said in unison: "For alive!"

Then drank it.

After a glass of wine, everyone's mood is finally so good, after all, everyone has no acquaintance with Xie Jingyun, but just sigh with death and this fucking era.

Next, the atmosphere became warm.

Zhong Yihan is the object of everyone's drinking because his performance this time is truly amazing. Even the top students of Longquan High School convinced him.

In particular, the last knife cut off their pride as the top students in the country's top high schools!

Therefore, the battlefield has not taken advantage, then the winery continues, which is also the tradition...

Zhong Yihan is also an enthusiast. After all, he has formed a fighting friendship with these students of Longquan High School, and he has a lot of trust in their character.

So everyone went to a glass of wine and ate it.

And more importantly ...

There is such a thing as "low-level hangover pills" in the system mall. Only one system point is needed. Although it can't relieve 100% alcohol, it can also solve 60% to 70%.

The pill is in hand, Zhong Yihan is not afraid!

First Wan Hui was brought down by the first, then Liang Canzi, and Zhang Qichao was not very good.

Chen Guoer and Kung Fu teacher Gao Xiaoyue glanced at each other, thinking how to do this?

On the battlefield, he better than others. On this wine field, all three boys can't win him?

This is too lost face of Longquan High School!

So they joined the team.

After all, hangover pills can't be 100%, so next, everyone drank too much.

Even Zhong Yihan himself didn't know when he lost consciousness...

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