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Kung Fu Beyond the World 167 Chapter 167 - Kill with a Knife

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The birdman rushed to Zhong Yihan and saw him give up his bow and change to his knife, but he didn't take it seriously. Instead, his wings flickered, speeding up a bit.

However, when it rushed in front of Zhong Yihan, it was found that the speed of that knife was even faster than its sprint speed!

A knife flashed.

Zhong Yihan and Birdman passed by.

Zhong Yihan still kept the stance of holding the knife, and the birdman seemed to be a kite with a broken line. He couldn't control his body, rolled several times in the air, and then fell heavily in the forest. Hit the tree!

Wan Hui and others are a little silly.

Just a moment ago, Zhong Yi abandoned the bow to change the knife, and then the birdman priest fell into the forest. The total time was just a few seconds. They didn't see what happened!

But Gao Xiaoyue, the Kung Fu teacher who had bright eyes and exclaimed loudly, "Knife momentum!"

As soon as the word "Knife momentum" came out, Wan Hui and others were completely stunned.

Then they saw that the priest was struggling to get up, but a bloodstain went down from his throat to his belly.

The priest sent a sorrowful sorrow, desperately covering his chest with a hand that turned into wings, but it was futile, and the blood was flowing more and more ...

The birdman's sacrifice eyes were full of hatred and longing for life, staring at Zhong Yihan.

It never imagined that he was already so powerful, but was killed by this weak human!

Finally, the light in the bird's eyes dimmed and fell heavily to the ground. The blood around it had already stained the land around it.

Zhong Yihan sounded two consecutive prompts in the ear:

[Kill first-level barbarians (intermediate level), reward 100 system points.]

[Because this barbarian is the chief priest of the tribe, an additional 100 system points are awarded.]

The crowd watched this scene quietly until the birdman was completely out of breath, Liang Canzi screamed, rushed to Zhong Yihan, and shouted: "How did you do that ?!"

Zhong Yihan crooked his head and retracted the long knife into the sheath. He said, "What do you mean?"
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Liang Canzi was very excited, dancing gestures: "I mean you, how did you, how did you kill this birdman with one knife? How did you do that?"

Zhong Yihan smiled grinningly: "lucky."

Liang Canzi's face was instantly distorted.

But Zhong Yihan knew he wasn't lying.

It is indeed a fluke.

To be honest, the knife he just thought was really perfect. It is already the most perfect knife he can play under the current vitality.

However, the reason this knife worked was mainly that the birdman was too careless.

Perhaps this birdman has some understanding of human society? In his opinion, he is a archer. The knife method must be very poor, so he did not hide.

That's it ...

Wan Hui walked to the birdman's body and carefully turned it over with a spear.

Then he found that his cautiousness was wasted. The birdman was dead, and a long wound cut it open completely from below his throat. When he turned it over, the internal organs spilled all over!

Zhang Qichao also came over and saw this scene, and said with emotion: "What a quick knife!"

"That's the knife momentum!" Wan Hui glanced at Zhong Yihan in a complicated manner, and his envy was not concealed in his tone. "Even in our Longquan High School, only Hu Jing is the master of the knife momentum?"

Zhang Qichao nodded complexly.

He also uses a knife. \ his desire for the "knife momentum" is no worse than that of Liang Canzi with a Tang knife.

It's just that his determination is much stronger than Liang Canzi—seeing Liang Canzi's current appearance, he will almost go crazy!

Only when you really master the "knife momentum" can you be called a "knife master".

However, the knife momentum is extremely difficult to control. Many people may not be able to control even if they are fighters or big fighters. However, they did not expect that Zhong Yihan was young and his vitality had not yet reached 3, and he has the knife momentum.

"Well, what do you think of the No.3 High School in Anping County? Is there a sweeping monk like the one in the novel sitting in the town? Teach for talented students?"

At this time, the Kung Fu teacher Gao Xiaoyue also came over and said to Zhong Yihan: "Mr. Zhong, are you interested in studying at our Longquan High School? Although it is only half a year away from the college entrance examination, I believe that the platform of Longquan High School will definitely make you famous all over the world in half a year! "

Everyone was shocked. No one expected that Gao Xiaoyue would invite him on the spot.

But it makes sense. Zhong Yihan is young and not weak in vitality. The archery is already outstanding among his peers, but he has mastered the knife momentum!

There is not a teacher who is not tempted by such students.

Longquan High School, no matter how famous, the whole school is only one student can master the knife momentum.

Zhong Yihan was also stunned, and then laughed: "Thank you, Teacher Gao, for your appreciation, but it is not necessary to transfer to another school, it is too frustrating, and I don't like some of the dishes. As for saying that famous around the world... Oh, just follow the fate, Not force."

Gao Xiaoyue sighed in her heart, and she knew she had taken the liberty to ask for it.

How can a student with such a knife and arrow be without a background?

Although he said that he was in the worst high school in a small county, the world is so big, Gao Xiaoyue has seen a lot weird people. Now she even thinks that there must be some hidden god fighter in the No.3 High School in Anping County.

And Zhong Yihan is the disciple of the mysterious fighter!

Gao Xiaoyue could only say, "Well, but if you change your mind, call me. Longquan High School welcomes you at any time!"

"Thank you, Teacher Gao."

Everyone was emotional for a while and asked a few words about how Zhong Yihan's knife momentum was practiced. It was not easy to say at this point, Yihan was only able to say that he learned in the battle, and everyone did not continue to ask.

With the death of the Birdman Priest, the mission is almost completed.

But there are still things to be done-not to mention, the totem pillar alone has not been obtained yet!

So everyone rested a little and headed towards the tribe.

At this time, among the barbarian tribes, there were already empty.

Because once the priest died, everyone in the tribe would feel it, and even the priest was dead. The remaining barbarians naturally knew that they had suffered a strong enemy, and immediately ran away.

Therefore, when the crowd entered the tribe, it was already empty, leaving only a variety of pungent and unpleasant smells, and the totem pillar, which was lonely standing there.

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