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Kung Fu Beyond the World 165 Chapter 165 - Elimination of the Tribe

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Zhong Yihan missed this arrow.

Although he targeted ten rings, the eyes of the barbarians were much smaller than that of the ring, and he was still in motion. In addition, the barbarian warrior was not weak, and his reaction speed was extremely fast. His head gave a sudden lurch at a critical moment.

This arrow just scratched a bloodstain on the face and did not hit the point.

Zhong Yihan frowned slightly and shot an arrow again.

The arrow aimed at the throat of the barbarian warrior, but shot on its shoulder and plunged directly into the flesh.

However, such a small injury really can't have much influence on the barbarian who is more than two meters tall.

Two consecutive arrows failed to hit the key. Zhong Yihan felt upset, so he aimed carefully and finally shot the third arrow!

This arrow, Zhong Yihan aimed at its brows.

The arrow finally worked. Although it failed to hit the key of the eyebrow, it hit the cheek below its right eye.

The barbarian warrior burst into a scream, screaming with a big stick in his hand, forcing Wan Hui away, and then turned around and ran!

As it ran, it yelled sternly.

"It's asking for help!"

Zhang Qichao resisted at least five barbarians by relying on a shield.

"I know!" Wan Hui scolded and chased after him, "Zhong Yihan, solve these small ones immediately!"

Zhong Yihan was clear, raising his hand and an arrow, a barbarian was shot through his eyes and fell, then another arrow, and another barbarian died under the arrow.

Chen Guoer also shot two barbarians there, one directly shot to death, the other shot into the eyes of a barbarian.

Chen Guoer cheered. She had previously consulted with Zhong Yihan about archery, and she knew how powerful shooting the eye was, but she was not good enough.

However, he did not expect that this time she succeeds, which made Chen Guoer very excited.

But the next scene surprised everyone!

Because Chen Guoer's strength was too small, although this arrow shot into the eyes of the barbarians, just shot it blind, but failed to destroy its head further.

The barbarian, who had been shot blindly, got so mad that he pulled the arrow out of his eyes with a bloodshot eye on the tip of the arrow. Next, the barbarian did something amazing ...

It pulled that eyeball off the arrow, threw it directly into the mouth, and ate it!

Zhang Qichao couldn't help but exclaim, and Chen Guo'er, who was far away, so scared!

Zhang Qichao was so surprised that a flaw suddenly appeared. A barbarian smashed at him with a stone hammer.

Wan Hui shouted, "Qichao, be careful!"

Zhang Qichao is conscious, but it was too late.

But at this moment, a sharp arrow shot through the throat of that barbarian!

A stream of heat sprayed on Zhang Qichao's face, and the strong bloody smell awakened him. He quickly used a shield to resist barbarian bone stick, followed by raising his hand and stabbed deeply into the barbarian's belly.

With this blink of an eye, more than a dozen barbarians have been killed or injured!

The strength of the remaining barbarians is just average, and everyone continues to kill all the remaining barbarians soon.

But everyone can not be happy, because Wan Hui was still chasing the barbarian warrior, and several people rushed forward to respond.

Wan Hui was fighting fiercely with that barbarian warrior.

The two had run a distance of nearly a mile. At this time, it could be seen that among the tribes in the distance, more than a dozen barbarians rushed towards this side wielding bone-stone hammers.

The barbarian warrior can not win Wan Hui. In fact, the difference in vitality between the two is not too much, but the barbarian warrior's strength is extremely high.

But in battle, strength is not the only factor that determines victory or defeat.

Human strength lies in wisdom, which can summarize various fighting techniques.

Wanhui's marksmanship already belongs to the top class among his peers, and the long spear itself is both offensive and defensive.

So for this fierce play of the barbarian warrior, Wan Hui can almost be said to completely restrain it.

Seeing blood holes everywhere on the barbarian warrior—if it wasn't for the barbarian warrior who had run desperately if they fought directly, Wan Hui would have won early.

This barbarian warrior is different from the ordinary barbarian and possesses a certain amount of wisdom, so he also knows the truth of strength in numbers. Seeing those human beings rushing in, he was frightened. He turned around and ran.

at this time.


A sharp arrow shot from the rear. This arrow did not aim at the upper body of the barbarian warrior, but shot directly at its calf!

The barbaric warrior screamed, his calf was shot directly through, and he fell heavily to the ground.

Wan Hui would not give up such a great opportunity. Nailed it directly to the ground!

The barbarian warrior desperately struggled on the ground, like a fish ashore.

But Wan Hui just pierced its internal organs just now, so this struggle only lasted for more than ten seconds, and finally, there was no breath.

Wan Hui pulled the spear out of it and looked back at Zhong Yihan.

Needless to say, this arrow must have been shot by Zhong Yihan.
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The crowds came together, looking at the 200 meters ahead, more than a dozen barbarians rushed over and smiled.

Wan Hui wiped the blood on his face, and whispered, "In a first-level tribe, there are basically only 50 or 60 barbarians. We have already killed half, and even a warrior has died here. It is inferred that there will be few remaining barbarians. None of us is injured, so do you want to fight again? "

Everyone looked at each other and laughed.

Liang Canzi wiped the blood off the knife and laughed, "I haven't killed enough yet!"

Several others nodded.

Wan Hui laughed, "That's good! Brothers, let these barbarians from Different World see the power of our humanity!"

The crowd sang in unison, then waited for a while, adjusted their state slightly, and rushed toward the barbarians.

This battle can be described as imposing!

Wan Hui's spear is like a dragon, and Zhong Yihan's archery is amazing!

More than a dozen barbarians have died three before they arrived. The rest are like chopping melon and vegetables, but in just two or three minutes, they were killed.

Everyone was very happy.

Liang Canzi said proudly: "These are alien barbarians? That's it!"

Wan Hui frowned slightly, wanting him not to be arrogant.

But at this moment, suddenly a stern and unpleasant cry sounded among the distant tribes. This sound seemed to be a kind of bird song, but it was only slightly similar.

Then, they saw a figure rushing down from the hillside where the tribe was, flapping its wings and gliding towards them from the air!

"Ready to fight!" Wan Hui shouted, "It's the tribe's priest!"

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