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Kung Fu Beyond the World 164 Chapter 164 - Luring the Enemy Deeper

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Everyone whispered their doubts but didn't talk too much, because everyone knows that this is not the time to chat.

The next step is to execute the battle plan prepared before.

The combat plan was formulated by Wan Hui.

Because most of the barbarians are not intelligent and lack of resources, the appeal of food to them is immense.

Wanhui took out the "special food" that had been prepared long ago: "Once this food is unpacked, they can emit a strong fragrance, and this fragrance is very tempting to the barbarian. Then prepare the bait, they come and we kill them! "

They find an easy-to-guard mountain road nearby and began to arrange some simple traps.

In fact, the best way to clear this low-level tribe is to poison it. For example, poisoning in this kind of food is easy and simple.

But the problem is that there are many problems involved in the poisoning.

As a result, these barbarians have a strong resistance to poison, and ordinary poisons have little effect on them.

Second, how can it be opened to ordinary fighters like cyanide? After all, humans are much more vulnerable than the barbarians. Once someone gets a large amount of cyanide and has a bad idea, it is a disaster for humans.

Therefore, there are the toxic weapons to deal with the barbarians, even biochemical and genetic weapons, but it is something that can only be controlled at the national level. Don't even think about it!

The third point ...

Such low-level tribes were originally reserved for "adding experience" of the fighters on the earth. It would be easy to directly kill them with poison, but in that case, there would be no "experience" effect.

Everyone explored the terrain separately, and finally found a hillside that was easier to defend and difficult to attack, and then began to gather to set up traps.

"Find the route of retreat before winning" is the principle that must be understood when fighting in a Different World, and it is also the knowledge emphasized in textbooks.

Because it takes more resources and time for a human strong person to grow up than the barbarians, especially in the early stage of the fighter level.

Therefore, unless it is a special case, the first priority for practitioners is to protect themselves.

Because there is only hope for being alive, and the lives of the barbarians are too low.

Set up the traps and get ready for retreat later.

Everyone was in position and ready for battle. At this time, Wan Hui opened up several "tempting food" bags and sprinkled them along the road.

The crowd was calm, waiting for the arrival of the barbarians.

As mentioned earlier, the barbarians are like beasts, and they have a good sense of smell, so not long after, three barbarians came along.

The scent of the food on the ground is extremely attractive to them, and they even fight for the food.

So these three barbarians died.

Zhong Yihan shot an arrow and killed one, Wan Hui and Liang Canzi also killed one each-only a few seconds.
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"It's so easy!" Liang Canzi laughed. "It's not difficult to clear the first-level tribe!"

Wanhui frowned: "Don't underestimate the enemy, continue to bait."

The next two groups of barbarians came to die, and they easily resolved.

But in the third batch, something happened.

They don't know whether the bait is too fragrant, or if the priests in this tribe found something wrong, there are more than a dozen barbarians from the third batch!

Seeing more than a dozen barbarians coming from afar, everyone's face changed.

Because with their fighting power, two or three barbarians can be killed instantly, but if more than a dozen are together, victory is certainly ok, but if they want to kill them silently, but not attract the attention of the tribe not far away, that's impossible!

Seeing that more than a dozen barbarians were getting closer, everyone looked at Wan Hui, because he was the captain, and it was up to him to decide whether to fight or retreat.

Wan Hui quickly calculated in his heart for a few seconds, and immediately made up his mind and said, "Are we here for the purpose to experience ourselves? If this time we give up, what are we still doing here? Brothers, prepare for the second plan! "

The second plan is to fight directly.

Zhong Yihan didn't say a word, bow and arrow, praise Wan Hui's decisiveness in his heart.

In this case, don't be indecisive as the captain.

Either fight or leave, you must quickly make a choice. Fearfulness will only seriously damage morale!

Barbarians are getting closer ...

One hundred meters, fifty meters, twenty meters ...

At this moment, Wan Hui suddenly waved his hand, and Liang Canzi, who had been ready for a long time, slashed a rope in front of him!

A pile of sharpened giant woods rushed down from the tree in the shape of a pendulum, with strong inertia, they directly passed the first four barbarians!

The barbarians roared earth-shattering.

Zhong Yihan and Chen Guo'er both shot arrows, and the two barbarians screamed and fell, and they were shot through the eyes and throat respectively.

Zhang Qichao and Wan Hui yelled, while jumping from the grass, one holding a shield and one holding a spear, rushed towards the remaining barbarians!

Then Liang Canzi also yelled, Tang knife came out and rushed towards the barbarians!

However, these barbarians are also powerful. After all, they are beast-like races. Fighting is already their instinct carved in the bones. After experiencing the initial turmoil, the barbarians immediately stepped forward and greeted them with a big stick in their hands, and the two sides fought together.

One of the barbarians was more than two meters tall, with a huge body as strong as a mountain, holding a huge bone stick in his hand, and even a big tree could break it!

Wan Hui rushed up and yelled, "Zhong Yihan!"

Zhong Yihan understood what he meant. This big barbarian should be a class of warriors in the tribe, and his strength was obviously better than other barbarians.

According to the tactics discussed by everyone, once encountering such a powerful barbarian, Wan Hui kept him, and Zhong Yihan shot him as soon as possible!

Zhong Yihan shot an arrow and went straight to the right eye of the barbarian!

Now that Zhong Yihan shoots arrows, the favorite thing to aim at is the eyes of the enemy, because no matter what the enemy is, the eyes are the most vulnerable part, and with his power, after the arrow has entered the eye, the force of inertia is enough to make the arrow further, destroy the enemy's head and the enemy dies instantly!

This trick has been tried and tested, it is almost his unique move, it can be said that it has never failed.

Provided that...

This arrow must hit the enemy's eyes.

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