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Kung Fu Beyond the World 163 Chapter 163 - Parasite Civilization

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The crowd moved on.

With the lessons of two barbarians, everyone was more careful next.

In addition, after being familiar with Zhong Yihan's archery skills in actual combat, the students of Longquan High School are more vigorous in battle.

Now you can see the basic qualities of these students.

For example, Wan Hui, like a snake out of a hole, and he obviously has a mature and solid set of marksmanship, such as a trick throat spear, Zhong Yihan has seen him use this trick three times to penetrate the key of the beast.

Zhang Qichao has both a shield and a knife. He has both offensive and defensive style and has a stable style although he is young. Although he defends more and attacks less, he is never greedy, and he is stable. Both the pace and the move are very calm.

Relatively speaking, Liang Canzi's attack method is somewhat risky, but his body style is quite nice, even in this muddy deciduous forest, it is also advancing like wind, seemingly dangerous, in fact, many times are quite sure.

More importantly, these students are indeed the top 100 students in Longquan High School. Their foundations are very solid. At a glance, they have practiced tens of thousands of times.

Every attack and every step is just right, their movements are smooth.

Even if they encountered some emergency situations, they did not feel too panic, especially the attack rhythm and pace always maintained a relatively stable state, and will not easily be disrupted.

This is the basis of practice, which is where Zhong Yihan has the biggest gap with these famous school students.

This gap does not seem to be so important. Zhong Yihan did not take it to heart before, but during the previous training, Zhang Shou focused on correcting many irregularities in some of his basic movements.

Zhang Shou said so.

"There is an old saying called' three minutes on stage and ten years off the stage '. When fighting Kung Fu, it 's' ten years off the stage and battle for three seconds. "

"Some fierce and brutal battles, let alone three seconds, chances are between the flashes of light. Any flaws in your movements may be threatening to your life."

"The opposite is also the case ...the most common fighting method for two knife holders in terms of fighting knives. However, if your adjustment speed is a few tenths of a second faster than the opponent, then you may be able to win. "

Zhong Yihan has never been a conceited person. As long as correct advice, he will always listen, and he knows how to find and correct his mistakes.

Therefore, he has now begun training during weekdays, paying attention to correcting some errors in his movements. And this time seeing the performance of these students from Longquan High School made him even more convinced.

Next, as the crowds got closer and closer to their destinations on the map, they began to encounter more and more barbarians.

When they killed more than 20 barbarians, they finally saw a small village in the distance.

There is an open space halfway up the mountain, with fire and smoke, and many tents built from animal skins, which look primitive and simple.


Wan Hui made a gesture to the crowd, and then they all climbed up to the nearby tree and took out the telescope to observe carefully.

This tribe is small in size, with a two-floor pillar standing in it, with a huge eagle head above it.

That eagle's head is not a living creature, but also carved from wood, basketball size, is vivid. It looks like a real eagle from a distance.

But this eagle head looks very evil, very evil.

Just at first glance when seeing the woodcarving eagle head, Zhong Yihan had a very uncomfortable feeling in his heart, as if the eagle head had a magic power that reached people's hearts!

Around the wooden pillars are filled with the flesh and blood of many beasts, and many kinds of flowers and fruits, and even large trees. Many barbarians lie in front of the pillars, cast their heads on the ground, and say something aloud, and then worship continuously.

Zhong Yihan was far away, only to hear the voices of those barbarians, repeating the syllable "Kayumi" constantly.

In short, this scene feels extremely evil.

"We just happened to happen to meet this group of sacrifices!"
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Wan Hui whispered: "This is the tribe of Different World. The eagle head at the top of the pillar is the totem of this tribe. I have seen the information of this eagle head on the Kung Fu Forum. It is a god in the Different World. It 's called Kayumi. It 's a transliteration. I don't know what it means.

Chen Guoer whispered: "Brother Hui, do these barbarians worship this way to ask the god for strength in this way?"

Wan Hui smiled and said, "On the one hand, but on the other hand ... look carefully!"

Everyone looked through the telescope and found that with the sound of "Kayumi", the flesh, flowers, and trees on the altar turned into red or green fog threads, which were sucked into the wood-carved eagle head.

"This is the sacrifice." Wan Hui said gravely, "These barbarians will gather the hunted prey, the felled trees, the found spirit grass, the fruit, and even valuable ore, etc., and put them in front of the pillar, then this totem pillar will convert these things into pure energy and absorb it. "

"According to scientists' speculation, this type of totem pillar has two functions of 'energy absorption' and 'energy transfer.' The barbarians convert the captured prey, felled plants, etc. into pure energy and are absorbed by the totem pillar. The absorbed energy is then transmitted to the top god through the layers of the totem pillar. "

"Did you see the guy with the feathers on his head under the totem?"

Where everyone looked to him, there really was a barbarian who was different from others at first glance.

This barbarian is taller, burly, and dressed differently. Most people wear animal skins. Only he wears feather-studded clothes, like a huge vulture.

Zhong Yihan remembered the information he had checked before and said, "That's the priest?"

Wan Hui nodded: "Yes, that guy is the priest in this tribe. In a small tribe like this, in general, there is only this priest. This priest is the one who can communicate the existence of the totem pillar. The highest standing guy in the community. At the same time, it will urge the entire tribe to provide these sacrifices and beliefs to the gods. "

"If the energy provided by these sacrifices is sufficient, the gods they believe in will reward them with a little power and be distributed by the priests-of course, most of the power is occupied by the priest himself, so these priests often are the strongest beings in the tribe, and some priests also have some special attack methods, which are very sinister. "

Chen Guoer frowned: "I didn't believe it in the book before, but now I see it with my own eyes, I really feel that this barbaric civilization is strange. They don't engage in production, only hunting, felling, reproduction, and sacrifice. This civilization ... just regard it as a civilization, but how can it last? "

Wan Hui shook his head and whispered: "This, let alone me, even the world's top research experts on the earth, I am afraid they are not very clear. Or maybe those experts have researched something, but they are top-secret and have not been told to the public. But you are right, the performance of the barbarians' civilization is indeed very absurd. They are like parasites on this planet, desperately squeezing every resource on the planet, not like the heritage of civilization on this planet ... "

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