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Kung Fu Beyond the World 162 Chapter 162 - PTSD

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This arrow was shot by Zhong Yihan.

Liang Canzi gratefully glanced at Zhong Yihan and said, "Thank you!"

"You're welcome, be careful next."

After seeing the two barbarians fall to the ground, the others also came up and thanked Zhong Yihan.

At this time, Zhong Yihan's ear also heard a system prompt:

[Kill the general barbarians, reward 10 system points.]

Zhong Yihan wondered, asking in his head: "Just kill the barbarian to get system points? Does the body need to be recycled?"

The system replied to him: "As long as the barbarian killed by the host himself, the system can recycle its soul and give rewards."

Zhong Yihan wondered, "Why don't need barbarian corpses but only souls?"

But the system did not answer any more, which puzzled Zhong Yihan, but he couldn't ask questions in detail-after all, to tell the truth, he had no way to take this system, and could only passively accept.

At this moment, Chen Guoer looked at the two barbarians who had fallen into a pool of blood and suddenly retched.

Her face was very ugly, holding a big tree next to her, she couldn't stop vomiting, but she couldn't vomit anything.

Liang Canzi quickly stepped forward to comfort him, but Chen Guoer waved her hand very strongly, saying, "I'm fine, I just don't feel uncomfortable ... just let me relax."

Zhong Yihan was strange: "What happened to her?"

Wan Hui looked strangely, saying, "Are you okay?"

Zhong Yihan looked around at his body and wondered: "I am okay. I just shoot from long distance."

As soon as the words came out, Chen Guoer gave him a glance, and Zhong Yihan knew that he was saying something wrong--Chen Guoer also shoot from long distance.

Wan Hui and others were all fascinated, looking at Zhong Yihan and asking, "Have you killed the barbarians before?"

"No!" Zhong Yihan shook his head honestly. He killed a lot of beasts, but it was also the first time to kill barbarians.

"Then you killed someone ?!"

Zhong Yihan hesitated, nodded, and explained, "A fugitive."

Wan Hui and others were surprised, saying: "No wonder you haven't reacted at all, and you have seen blood. And you are a boy, and your mental quality is much better than Guo Er, which is normal.

Zhong Yihan understood something, thinking that when he killed Qiao Cheng before, he didn't feel any discomfort. But Chen Guoer is a girl, and she seems to live a rich life.

After all, although this is the era of rejuvenation, the three perspectives of people have not changed much.

Killing a beast is not the same as killing a humanoid.

This is PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Chen Guoer also entered the Different World for the first time. Seeing two humanoids dying in front of her, she was a girl who would inevitably have some psychological obstacles.

Liang Canzi comforted there: "Guo, don't think too much! Don't treat these guys as human beings, they are just beasts, just as you killed beasts before!"

Chen Guoer gave him a white look, and said weakly: "Shut up, I know more than you do!"

Liang Canzi immediately obediently shut up.

Wanhui also said, "Let Guoer be alone. As a reserve Kung Fu fighter, anyone must pass this level."

Zhang Qichao didn't say anything either, and came forward silently to Chen Guo'er with a bottle of water and let her gargle.

Chen Guoer thanked him for taking it. After gargle, she drank some water again, and then her face became rosy gradually.

She smiled a little sorry and said, "I'm sorry."

Everyone said that it was okay. Liang Canzi talked exaggeratedly when he killed the barbarian for the first time, and he vomited more seriously than Chen Guoer now.

Everyone was amused by him. However, it seems that Chen Guoer has recovered a lot. She is indeed a famous school student. Although she cannot accept it for a while, her mental adjustment ability is strong.

Chen Guoer wiped the corners of her mouth, and said, "Let's go on, there are just a few humanoid beasts, nothing."

Everyone nodded.

In the mainstream concept of the earth, it is true that such barbarians are not considered "human", but are called "barbarians". They are regarded as humanoid beasts.

Although these "barbarians" look like humans, in the eyes of most people on the earth, they are indeed no different from beasts.

The growth cycle of these barbarians is extremely short, and their fertility is extremely strong.

When a Barbarian baby is born, it weighs more than 8 kg on average. Basically, those that are less than 5kg are "defectives" and "congenital defects", and will be thrown away or even eaten.

And they are growing very fast, and with each tribal sacrifice, there is a secret way to speed up the growth of Barbarian babies. Generally speaking, when the barbarians grow to three years of age, their height and weight are no less than that of adults on the earth, and their vitality is basically close to 1.

The five-year-old barbarians are already grown-ups, with powerful strength and speed-just like the few barbarians that Zhong Yihan and they had hunted just now, they are basically five or six years old.

So these barbarians are like locusts, and it is very difficult to kill them all.

Of course, the barbarians are growing so fast and the flaws are huge.
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Most of the barbarians, in their life, they are all muddy, basically, there is no wisdom, and only have the fighting instincts of beasts—and most of these low-level barbarians basically have no big growth space-only a small number of barbarians can open up spiritual wisdom.

This kind of barbarians who open their minds belongs to advanced barbarians.

Secondly, the life of these low-level barbarians is very short, their life expectancy will basically not exceed fifteen years.

Of course, some of the barbarians also have high-level intelligence, but due to the above two characteristics, most of the Earth people are reluctant to admit that they are "human."

Born in such an era, it is the misfortune of civilization, but also the great luck of civilization.

In an age where dangers and opportunities coexist, students who aspire to become fighters face such killings-even girls are no exception.

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