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Kung Fu Beyond the World 161 Chapter 161 - Encounter with the Barbarians

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Zhong Yihan did not expect that Zhang Qichao, who always laughed in the ordinary days, was actually a pessimist.

Wanhui was a little unhappy: "Zhang Qichao, don't you always be so pessimistic, human beings must always develop, at least it can block most of the beasts. As for the gods of the Different World, there are naturally the saints of human beings to solve."

Zhang Qichao smiled bitterly and did not speak.

Chen Guoer was beside Zhong Yihan and whispered: "Qichao's hometown is in Dengxin County."

When she said that, Zhong Yihan knew immediately.

Dengxin County, located at the southwestern border of Gui Province, was one of the 57 places in the country where he saw on the map. Only two of them were marked as orange!

In other words, today's Dengxin County is already a wasteland.

The space crack there is already in a state of half controlled. The military and Kung Fu association can only move all the people in Dengxin County and guarded around the space crack in Dengxin County. Play a tug of war with Different World creatures!

Zhong Yihan glanced at Zhang Qichao.

In his words, the fear of the gods of the Different World is almost deep in his heart. Perhaps it was the horror of the gods of the Different World who had seen it with his own eyes ...

With such a matter as Zhang Qichao, the crowd did not continue to discuss further whether the city wall is safe or not. They quickly passed through the settlement, passed through the city wall, and entered the real Different World.

Zhong Yihan was not the first time he came to a Different World. The island that the system transmitted to him before was in Different World.

However, how can such an island be compared with looking at a vast continent? !!

Standing at the gate of the tall city and looking around, all he saw was a vast grassland, rolling hills, dense woods ...

And at a glance, apart from the land under their feet, no trace of human civilization seems to be seen elsewhere, and some are just a vast and primitive land.

This feeling ... it's so spectacular!

However, when standing high and looking to the distance, it is obvious that some places are bare, there are no green trees, no grassland.

And there are so many such places as if a person has many psoriasis!

"Those bare places were done by barbarians from a Different World." Wan Hui whispered softly beside him.

Seeing Zhong Yihan turning his head in doubt, Wan Hui explained: "These barbarians are like locusts. They set up tribes one after another, spreading everywhere on this continent, wherever they go, almost no inch of grass grows. "

"They kill beasts, cut down trees, collect energy ore, and then sacrifice to their totem pillars. These barbarians are like the biggest tumor in the world!"

"How is this possible?" Zhong Yihan was surprised. "Why do these barbarians do this?"

Wan Hui said: "Scientists are also analyzing. The most reliable statement is that these barbarians are not actually the indigenous people of this world, but an alien invasive species, and it is their responsibility to destroy the world. You didn't see that the place closer to the fortress was okay, and the place where many barbarians got together had already become a desert! "

Zhang Qichao on the side added: "Imagine, if one day, these barbarians invaded our earth, and the place where they went was a desert, how desperate would it be?"

Wanhui glanced at him and said: "It is precisely not allowed to happen, so we should do our best to promote ourselves, destroy the barbarians, and guard our civilization and homeland!"

The crowd did not say any more, and the group went directly to the task site according to the mark on the map.

The target tribes they want to clear this time are new in the past month, but they have already developed a considerable scale.

Regardless of the fertility of the barbarians or lower-level beasts, the fertility of the Different World is even more powerful than that of locusts. The surrounding areas of the cracks in the Different World will undergo a full-scale cleaning every other month. But even so, it won't be long before first-lever tribes appeared again.

So the task of clearing the first-level tribe like this has been almost always, and it has never been cut off.

Zhong Yihan and the team followed the map and carefully went to their destination. Although beasts suddenly appeared on the road, fortunately, they were not strong enough and could be easily resolved.

The powerful beasts around the city wall are basically cleaned up, and the remaining beasts take time to grow up, so the surrounding area is still safe.

But after walking five kilometers, the strength of the beast obviously began to become stronger, and several times required the cooperation to kill.

However, because of this, Zhong Yihan and their cooperation can be run in advance. He finally has a basic understanding of their fighting methods.

Wanhui's weapon is a silver spear, which is an all-rounder. He has average power and speed, can be close-range and can be long-range. It can be said that there are almost no shortcomings.

Although Liang Canzi has the lowest vitality, he has the strongest sense of attack. He holds a Tang knife similar to Zhong Yihan, but the knife method is extremely dangerous.

This made Zhong Yihan have to keep an eye on him during the battle to prevent any accidents.

Zhang Qichao is a right-handed knife, with a small shield tied to his left arm, and his attack method is more defensive. It belongs to the type of passive defense and counterattack. The advantage of this attack method is stability, and no major problems will easily occur. But the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the harvesting efficiency is too low. It is possible that Liang Canzi's side has killed three beasts, and he has only solved one.

As for Chen Guoer, like Zhong Yihan, she is an archer, but her accuracy is not good, and the time between each archery is longer. The main problem is that she wasted too much time aiming.

The Kung Fu teacher Gao Xiaoyue never fight, and even opened a considerable distance from them. Zhong Yihan almost forgot that they actually had a Kung Fu teacher.

After walking about two or three kilometers, Zhong Yihan stopped suddenly and said, "Stop."

Everyone saw Zhong Yihan making a concealed gesture to everyone.

Wan Hui frowned slightly. It is said that he was the commander of this team. Such instructions should be issued by him.

However, he is not a narrow-minded person. In addition, Zhong Yihan has shown powerful archery skills along the way, and an archer's vision is very keen, so he chose to believe in Zhong Yihan at this time and immediately show the concealed gesture, others quickly found a place to hide.

Soon, footsteps came from a distance.

Several people dodged behind nearby trees, and the sound of footsteps in the woods became faintly clear.

After the other party entered the view of the crowd, they found that it was not a beast, but a barbarian.

This is the first time that Zhong Yihan has observed a barbarian at such a close distance. These are two male barbarians, at least two meters tall, with muscles and long hair and beard, which almost blocks the entire face and makes people not clear about the features.

Two barbarians were armed with the most primitive stone weapons, and their waists were simply wrapped in animal skins, looking like primitive people from history lessons.

The two of them didn't seem to feel danger and were walking towards this side with a big swing. Wan Hui gestured to the crowd and waited for the barbarians to enter their ambush circle and suddenly burst out.

The barbarian thought they were attacked by a beast, he saw a flash of silver light before he reacted, and a silver spear was like a poisonous snake that pierced the barbarian's throat.

The Tang knife in Liang Canzi's hand also stabbed another barbarian directly, but that barbarian seemed to react faster. He raised his arm at a critical moment, and the knife stabbed into his rock-like muscles. The barbarian made a violent noise, the stone hammer in his hand smashed at Liang Canzi severely!
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Liang Canzi stepped back quickly, but it was a little late.

Seeing that he was about to be hit by this hammer, he was afraid that he would be seriously injured if he didn't die.

But at this moment, Liang Canzi suddenly heard a sound in his ear.

Then an arrow shot into the right eye of the barbarian, straight into his head!

The barbarian did not say a word and fell directly to the ground without moving.

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