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Kung Fu Beyond the World 17 Chapter 17 - The First Massage

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Zhong Yihan carefully pulled out the purple energy grass and put it into the box prepared earlier.

The quality of this purple energy grass is better than the two that he obtained before. If sell it to the manager, maybe it can sell for about 10,000 yuan.

This time, it was really a small fortune. Zhong Yihan was in a good mood and rewarded Xia Ling a colorful shell that he had just picked up on the road.

Xia Ling was happy and hugged this shell larger than herself.

Looking at the mechanical watch on his hand, it was already four o'clock in the morning on Earth time.

This time, the harvest was very rich, and he was tired and decided to go back.

But before going back, he had to let Xia Ling go back to the pet bar of the system.

However, he did not expect that this time Xia Ling was very disobedient. After he called Xia Ling back to the pet bar, she didn't even want the shells, and she banged around in it, and also made an "ahh" harsh noise.

In order to prevent her from being killed in the pet bar, Zhong Yihan had to summon her again.

"Why are you so disobedient!" Zhong Yihan said helplessly, "Hurry back to the pet bar and rest!"

Xia Ling blinked, "What is the pet bar?"

"It was a white place before."

When Xia Ling heard it, she quickly shook her head, and her small face was full of fear: "Don't go back there, Xia Ling is boring, empty, no sound, no flowers, Xia Ling doesn't like it."

"Then you want shells?"

"I want shells!"

"Go back to the pet bar."

"Do not return to the pet bar!"

"Then don't give shells."

"Xia Ling wants shells!"

Zhong Yihan: "..."

He did not expect such a standoff.

But let Xia Ling come home like this, in case Zhong Qiaoyue or his mother found it, it was hard to explain.

But the problem is, Xia Ling is very resistant to the pet bar, she is not willing to go back.

But he can understand.

Although this elf is a bit stupid, it is also a clever creature after all. The pet bar is empty. if it is him, and he doesn't want to be alone in it.

"Are you really not going back to the pet bar?"

Xia Ling shook her head, her attitude was resolute.

Zhong Yihan only compromised and said: "It is okay not to go back, but you must assure me that when I do not let you speak, you must not make any sounds, otherwise I will force you back into the pet bar! "

At home, his family still respects his privacy. Generally, if Zhong Yihan does not allow, neither his mother nor Zhong Qiaoyue will go to his room.

So as long as Xia Ling does not create noticeable movements, she should not be found.

Xia Ling nodded quickly: "Xia Ling promised to be obedient, whatever the master says, Xia Ling will do whatever."

"Okay, then you come to my hands and we are ready to go back."

Xia ling does not know what the "go back" means, but still fell into his palm.

Zhong Yihan took out the shuttle, in order to avoid accidents, he gently pinched Xia Ling's body before urging the shuttle.

As his eyes turned, one person and one elf appeared in Zhong Yihan's bedroom. There was a soft sound from Zhong Qiaoyue behind the wooden compartment, apparently, she was still sleeping.

Seeing the change in sight, Xia Ling's surprised mouth opened into an O-shape.

She just wanted to be amazed, but saw Zhong Yihan's gaze and closed her mouth immediately.

Zhong Yihan put Xia Ling on the bed, took off his armor and Tang knife and hid under the bed, then went to shower.

Before leaving, he warned Xia Ling with his eyes and let her shut her mouth.

Xia Ling sat down on the bed very well, but when Zhong Yihan left, she immediately flew up and began to look around.

Desk, basketball, stationery, books ...

For Xia Ling who was born less than a few hours, everything in this world is so novel and interesting.

But none of them are attractive as shells.

Xia Ling looked around and found no shells in the room, which made her very disappointed.

Because the bedroom had curtains, Xia Ling didn't see the outside.

Xia Ling flew to the switch of the light, and she saw that Zhong Yihan had just pressed this, and then the whole room lit up.

Xia Ling learned that Zhong Yihan pressed the switch, and the bedroom was dark.

Then she pressed it again, and the room lit up again.

"Haha, interesting!"

Xia Ling blurted out subconsciously, and hurriedly covered her mouth.

She looked back, and couldn't help feeling grateful when she heard the owner of the bathroom humming songs and didn't notice her mistake.
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Zhong Yihan wiped his hair and went back to the bedroom. When he saw Xia Ling who was still kneeling on the bed, he suddenly woke up and said, "Come and give me a massage, but you need to control your strength this time."

After speaking, Zhong Yihan was lying on the bed.

Xia Ling quickly flew to Zhong Yihan's back. Two small hands pressed against his shoulder. First, tentatively release of some electric current, the electricity made Zhong Yihan shake, turned his face to stare at her.

"Woo, Xia Ling didn't mean it ... wow, the master is too weak!"

Looking at the crying elf, Zhong Yihan held down her little mouth, and said helplessly: "Then you will weaken some more strength, and reduce it a little until I get used to it ... and don't talk!"

Xia Ling nodded quickly, and then, current was released, this time a little weaker, but Zhong Yihan still couldn't stand it.

After so many downgrades, Xia Ling finally grasped the proper strength, starting from the shoulder, and stimulating Zhong Yihan's acupuncture points with a small current.

Zhong Yihan hadn't done this before and felt a little pain and itching at first, but soon he closed his eyes full of enjoyment.

It turns out that massage is such a wonderful thing.

"so comfortable."

Zhong Yihan sighed subconsciously, lying on the bed with his eyes closed, making a comfortable hum, and gradually fell asleep.

Until the next day's alarm clock awakened him.

After waking up, Zhong Yihan subconsciously stretched his back and found out in surprise.

His condition is surprisingly good!

He went to fight in the Different World in the middle of the night a few days ago, and then hurriedly slept for two or three hours before going to school. He took a break during the morning culture class. Only bought the recovery medicine from the mall.

But today, although he only slept for two or three hours, he was refreshed after getting up, and he didn't feel the weakness in the body.

Although it is a bit tired, it is much better than before.

The most important thing is that the spirit is good and not sleepy at all.

Zhong Yihan smiled as he watched Xia Ling, who was spitting bubbles in her sleep, beside his pillow.

This little elf really helps him a lot!



During the day, Zhong Yihan finally received the money to sell purple energy grass, which totaled more than 16,000 and deducted 160 yuan in handling fees.

At the same time, he also received a text message from the manager.

Manager: "Brother, I have received the purple energy grass, the condition is good, look forward to the next cooperation!"

Zhong Yihan didn't reply. He originally wanted to sell the purple energy grass found this time, but since it belongs to one of the important formulas of the medicated bath, so he decided not to sell it.

In the evening, Zhong Yihan rushed to the store where he bought the weapon last time after school in the evening.

There are also many types of bows in this shop, such as straight bows, recurve bows, and compound bows.

However, Zhong Yihan has a clear goal this time. He directly chose a sixty-pound recurve bow for five thousand.

In the purchase of arrows, Zhong Yihan took a bit more thought.

Too bad an arrow can't penetrate the skin of a tooth canine beast. Zhong Yihan bought twenty steel-headed arrows, and together with the bow, it cost a total of ten thousand.

There are six thousand left, and Zhong Yihan had wanted to buy some more trap items, but unfortunately, he didn't find what he wanted.

Passing a two-yuan jewelry store on the road, thinking of Xia Ling, this little guy bought another five artificial shells for ten yuan.

These five shells have different colors, including pink, blue, yellow, and purple. He believes there is always a color that Xia Ling will like.

However, he did not give these shells directly to Xia Ling.

The benefits must be given little by little in order to achieve the maximum effect.

Otherwise, if give her more at one time, maybe the elf will want more in the future.

Little streams run long.

For this, Zhong Yihan is still very clear.

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