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Kung Fu Beyond the World 160 Chapter 160 - First Entry into Different World

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Everyone is cheerful and not short of money, so the distribution of benefits is much smoother than Zhong Yihan imagined. Next, after the labor division and departure time are discussed one by one, Zhong Yihan and several people are temporarily separated.

The departure time of the task is set at nine tomorrow morning, and Zhong Yihan plans to hang around this evening and finds a room in the hotel.

The buildings around the entrance hall are very dense, with various shops complete, a bit like the bustling commercial streets of major cities, but here it is larger and more people.

Zhong Yihan hangs around for more than three hours.

After buying a new Barbie doll and a family barrel package, Zhong Yihan found a hotel to open a room.

Entering the room, closing the door, Zhong Yihan released Xia Ling from the pet space.

"Wow, Hey? Barbie!"

Xia Ling was about to complain and saw Zhong Yihan's Barbie doll immediately hug her in her arms.

It's hard to tell who is more adorable than the two miniature dolls.

"Master, you are so nice."

"That's nice? There is something better, do you want?"

Xia Ling sniffed her nose and soon smelled a familiar scent. She immediately exulted: "It's fried chicken! Xia Ling wants to eat fried chicken!"

Zhong Yihan took the chicken hidden behind him, and Xia Ling wanted to pick it up and found that she was still holding a Barbie doll. She immediately put her on the bed and flew to grab a chicken leg and ate.

"Xia Ling, do you like fried chicken?"

Xia Ling's mouth is full of chicken that she couldn't speak, she could only nod her head to express her happiness.

Seeing her happy eyes turned into a seam, and her two little feet were twitching, showing that she was really happy.

"Do you like Barbie?"

Xia Ling nodded again.

"Can you stay in the pet space tomorrow?"

Xia Ling nodded, suddenly reacting, and her expression suddenly became difficult.

She realized that the chicken was a reward that Zhong Yihan gave her to enter the pet space again, but the reward was gone today, and she did not want to enter the pet space again.

"Xia Ling, rest assured that when you come out again, there will be fried chicken to eat."

Xia Ling immediately answered.

Seeing that this girl was so deceived, Zhong Yihan laughed, no longer disturbing her, but turned on her cell phone to inquire about the totem pillar.

Information on the totem pillar from the first level to the third level is easy to find.
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Indeed, as Chen Guoer said, the totem pillar of the first-level tribe has no effect. Even the totem pillar of the second-level tribe has no value. It was not until the totem pillar of the third-level tribe that some people started to recycle them, but the price was not high.

This makes Zhong Yihan feel very strange. What does the system recycle it for?

To know that the system's characteristics, he inexplicably feels that the system may hide any important information.

Of course, it is more likely that this is just a proof, the proof after the elimination of the first level tribe.

Could it be said that the system and these barbarians in the Different World... is there any hatred? !!


At eight o'clock the next morning, Zhong Yihan met Wanhui and them at the agreed place.

Today Wanhui both put on their own equipment, and even Gao Xiaoyue was fully armed, apparently to prevent accidents in the Different World.

It can be seen that Wanhui's family is very good, and the full set of equipment is expensive. Generally speaking, the equipment of each person should be no less than 500,000.

Before entering the No.17 crack, there will be a special identity registration for security checks.

Zhong Yihan took out the certificate and identity card. After scanning the items, Zhong Yihan finally saw the legendary space crack with his own eyes.

Although the crack is called a crack, it is actually a huge, black aperture.

The 100-meter circle around the aperture is actually a huge open space, but there is no one in the open space. On the contrary, it is a hundred meters away, and it is a solid city wall made of steel.

This steel city wall is like the Great Wall. It surrounds the entire black aperture. There are countless large caliber thermal weapons visible above the wall. Many guns have the thickness of a person's thigh!

Even a bold person like Zhong Yihan, walking in front of countless muzzles, could not help shaking his legs.

Wan Hui saw at a glance that Zhong Yihan had entered the Different World for the first time and laughed: "Brother Zhong, are you afraid?"

Zhong Yihan gave him a white look, Wanhui laughed: "Nothing shameful. When I first came here, I saw these cannons and they were also frightened. You know, many of them are electromagnetic guns! It is powered by the huge reactor under our feet. It is said that the speed of the shell can be as fast as Mach 7 after one shot!"

Liang Canzi also said: "These are to prevent the invasion of the gods from the Different World. Although electrical energy cannot be used in the Different World, it is possible on the earth. But the sense of the gods is super strong, and lock them here, they can foresee the danger of escaping there. Even if they are on the earth, it is difficult to lock them. Only here, at the intersection of the two worlds, if the god comes, we will just smash into the door and slam it in. Nowhere to hide! "

Then Liang Canzi lowered his voice: "It is said that besides the nuclear reactor at our feet, there is a large equivalent of a mushroom bomb. Once encountering the invasion of the god, we can detonate the nuclear bomb directly, leaving the god nowhere to run! "

Zhong Yihan was shocked.

Next, after a series of procedures such as security registration, Zhong Yihan finally stepped into the black aperture.

He originally thought that after passing through the space crack, he would see the wildness like the ancient world, but what he saw was still the settlement of human civilization.

Twenty meters high wall encloses the exit of the space cracks. Inside the city wall, various houses are built in a row, but none is more than two floors high.

From a distance, the sight in front of it looks like a city of ancient human civilization, but compared to the fortifications outside, the fortifications here are exaggerated ten times or even twenty times.

"Don't you feel shocked? When I first came here, I was also shocked by such a scene." Wanhui said with some emotion.

Zhong Yihan nodded: "I really did not expect that humans have developed so well in the Different World."

Liang Canzi's eyes brightened: "This is the place where Kung Fu people live temporarily. Some Kung Fu people who need to stay in the Different World for a long time will rent a house here. Although I saw it for the third time, I still feel shocked. This is the so-called Human wonders. "

Zhong Yihan's eyes did not move away from the magnificent wall for a moment, but he felt that it was too exaggerated. The same is true of Chen Guoer, who is also the first time to come to experience in the Different World, so she is curious about everything.

"But I'm a little curious. Isn't it impossible to use chemical energy in the Different World? So how did these walls be built?"

Wan Hui laughed: "The energy used here is mainly nuclear power, and there is also a small amount of energy. You see there, there is a huge nuclear power plant. Although chemical energy cannot be used in Different World, atomic energy is still possible. Although uranium ore is scarce on the earth, it is extremely rich in this Different World. I remember that there is a huge uranium-rich ore near here and it is of high quality. "

"So the Different World is really a treasure. There are a lot of resources waiting for us to mine, and I believe that human wisdom can overcome everything. When people first entered the Different World, we found that when chemical energy failed, almost desperate and can only use the oldest steam power. But now, with the continuous discovery and research of scientists, adding extraterrestrial materials such as energy stone to traditional battery materials has created a superpower battery with great storage capacity."

"You see that these machines in Different World are basically powered by super batteries, so they have built such a magnificent city. I believe that with the passage of time, human science and technology will progress more and more. It will transform the Different World into the same as the earth and has become a new home for humanity! "

Obviously, Wanhui seems very optimistic about the development of mankind in a Different World.

Seeing Liang Canzi and Chen Guoer's expressions seemed to agree with this, only Zhang Qichao didn't smile much.

Seeing Zhong Yihan looking to himself, Zhang Qichao sighed and said, "Although such a city looks magnificent, it is completely vulnerable to the gods from a Different World. The so-called security is just a psychological hint given to ourselves by human beings. That's it. "

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