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They found a restaurant nearby.

It has to be said that it is indeed a restaurant on the 17th crack. Most of the food here is Different World's beast meat. The key is at least twice as cheap as Anping County.

Zhong Yihan ordered a pair of braised evil rabbits. He had killed them before, but he hadn't tasted it.

After the order was finished, the five people sat together and saw the other four looking at him with anticipation. Zhong Yihan thought for a while and thought, "I am indeed the first time I came to the 17th space crack, and I am not from a famous school, just a third-rate high school student in a small place. "

Liang Canzi disbelieved: "Your archery skills, even a few of us at Longquan High School can do it, how could you be a third-rate high school student."

This made Zhong Yihan's heart move.

Is his archery so good?

"I'm telling the truth, if you don't believe, you could check my Kung Fu Learner Certificate."

Zhong Yihan took out his certificate, which stated the location where the review was assessed, Anping County Kung Fu Association.

Liang Canzi took the certificate and saw the Anping County, frowning slightly: "Anping County? Why haven't I heard of such a place, do you know where this is?"

Both Chen Guoer and Zhang Qichao shook their heads. Only Wanhui thought for a while and suddenly said, "Is it the Anping County of next door Province?"

"Yes, that's the place."

Zhong Yihan did not expect that someone knew Anping County.

He was ready to take out his mobile map and explain to them.

Wan Hui explained to the other three: "I went to Yazun High School to do exchange learning around Anping County. It was the best high school around Anping County. I remember three or four students getting into the Top Four every year."

Chen Guoer was surprised: "So few? So Zhong Yihan is one of those three in their school."

Zhong Yihan laughed, "I'm not from Yazun High School."

"That's No.1 High School? I remember there is also a No.1 High School in Anping County."

"It's No.3 High School."

Wan Hui: "... I remember that there are three high schools in Anping County, and the No.3 High School is the worst, let alone the Top Four, that is, the lowest Kung Fu institution admission rate is less than 5%."

Zhong Yihan nodded: "Yes, that's my school."

Zhong Yihan smiled, but Wan Hui and others looked awkwardly, only to think that this was the most nonsense thing they had ever heard in their lives.
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The two sides exchanged some information, and Wan Hui finally confirmed that what Zhong Yihan said was true, and they suddenly looked at each other.

He can grow to such strength in such a small place. If he is allowed to attend a school with strong faculty such as Longquan High School, what lever will he grow? !!

This is the real genius!

Zhong Yihan also knows the information about this group of people. They are all students of Longquan High School, but their strength is not the top in Longquan High School. Of course, the ranking is relatively high.

For example, Liang Canzi has a vitality of 2.7. In the final test, he ranked top 80 in the school, and the captain Wanhui had a vitality of 3.0, but he just ranked top 30 at Longquan High School.

This number is really scary.

You know, the young lady Ying Nanyan, with the help of the medicated bath bag, her strength has increased by leaps and bounds. Today, her vitality has exceeded 3.4, and her vitality has risen by 0.6 in a few months. Now she is the No.1 in Yazun High School.

However, the vitality of 3.4 is placed in Longquan High School, which just ranked around the top 10.

This is because Ying Nanyan got the help of medicated bath bags and made such rapid progress.

Looking at the third grade of Yazun High School, the vitality of Wanhui 3.0 is already in the top three!

This is the gap between prestigious and super prestigious schools.

In this team, Wan Hui is a well-deserved captain, while Chen Guoer is a long-range bow and arrow assistant.

At first, five people in their team had enough manpower, but unfortunately, the other archer couldn't come because of a temporary problem, so this task was released.

This makes Zhong Yihan feel a bit lucky, but that's it-after all, with his current strength, especially this amazing archery, it is not difficult to find a team, the only difficulty is that the team is reliable or not.

The most reliable member of this team was not Wanhui, but Gao Xiaoyue, the leader of the team, she is a Kung Fu teacher—that is, the middle-aged woman.

Gao Xiaoyue is a teacher at Longquan High School. Her main task this time is to ensure the safety of the students. Unless she encounters special circumstances, she will not help and will not interfere with any decisions of the students.

But even she will not help basically, she will take away half of the rewards for this mission.

All missions performed in Different World are rewarded with points. This point is issued by the Kung Fu Association, which is equivalent to the second currency and has abnormal value preservation.

The points obtained by completing tasks are common throughout the country. As long as the Kung Fu association has something, they can basically be redeemed for points. At the same time, Kung Fu people can also use points to buy and sell things.

The point reward for clearing the first-level tribe is 100 points, which means that Gao Xiaoyue takes 50 points by herself, and the remaining points are self-distributed by them.

This seems unfair. Maybe someone asks why Gao Xiaoyue can take half of the points without doing anything?

But this is the rule, and everyone is convinced.

After all, the Different World is too dangerous. These students are just Kung Fu learners. No one can guarantee that they will survive in the Different World.

However, there is such a Kung Fu teacher, and with a senior Kung Fu fighter with a vitality of 9. Generally, as long as they are not too far away from the city, their lives are highly likely to be guaranteed.

These people are originally elites with great prospects. They came out only to gain experience and not to score points. So they would rather spend half of the points and ensure their safety.

After all, they are all promising high school students. If they are dead or seriously injured, that's not worth it!

After exchanging basic information, it is time to discuss the distribution of benefits.

Wan Hui said: "Our idea is that the 50 points we have experienced this time will be divided equally between five of us. If one person's performance is outstanding at that time, the other four can provide some points to this person."

Zhong Yihan originally came with the goal of completing the system task this time. In addition, he had no experience in participating in such a team task for the first time, so he did not care about the number of points.

However, he has to fight for the totem pillar related to the task.

"I can get less points this time, but I have a condition, this time the tribal totem pillar must be given to me."

Liang Canzi said, "Totem pillar? Why do you want it?"

Chen Guoer did not understand: "Yeah, the totem pillar of the first-level tribe has no effect, and no one will ask for it. Of course, in order to prevent the convenience of the later tribe, the totem pillar of the first-level tribe is generally directly destroyed. "

Zhong Yihan then realized that he had raised a stupid question. He did not expect that the totem pillar of the first-class tribe was so worthless.

The system upgrade task specifically emphasized the need to recycle the totem pillar, which he thought was very important.

Worthless is good, so no one and he grabs the totem pillar.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan said: "Because this is my first mission to destroy the tribe, I want to leave that totem pillar as a memorial."

Everyone understood.

Wanhui waved his hand and said cheerfully: "Since Brother Zhong wants to keep a commemoration, the totem pillar will be given to you. As for the remaining scores, whoever contributes more will take more, we will come by the rules! "

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