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Kung Fu Beyond the World 157 Chapter 157 - Archery Tes

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The Hongda Archery Museum is not far from the Hall, and it takes about ten minutes to get there by taxi.

When Zhong Yihan came to the door, he saw a young boy standing there, asking, "You are the person who just released the mission?"

Zhong Yihan looked carefully. This is a short-haired teenager. Although his height and features can only be said to have no characteristics, he has a little pride and strong confidence in his eyebrows. And it feels as if the vitality is not low.

He nodded. "Yes."

The teenager looked at Zhong Yihan up and down and frowned slightly.

Zhong Yihan was carrying a quiver at this time, with a Tang knife around his waist. He was calm and looked very mighty, but he was too young in age-if he was right, he should be the same age as himself.

Will students of this age be a marksman?

But he didn't say much, just said: "Go in, everyone else is waiting inside. If your archery can reach the standard, then you can stay."

Zhong Yihan heard a bit of distrust in his tone and didn't care, he walked into the Archery Hall with the boy.

"Mr. Gao, Brother Hui, the person who received the task came over."

Zhong Yihan followed the teenager to the 150-meter field of the archery hall and noticed that there were already two men and two women, including a middle-aged woman who should be their teacher, very powerful, absolutely above the fighter, and at least a senior fighter. The others seemed to be about the same age as themselves, but the breath they gave was not low, and they were not weaker than himself.

Especially the younger known as Brother Hui, it feels stronger than Wu Sikong, with a height of 1.8 meters and a figure between Wu Sikong and Xiong Bo, giving a very reliable feeling.

Brother Hui glanced at Zhong Yihan and said a little indifferently: "Let him wait for a while before Guoer shoots the round."

The man he said was the girl who was preparing to shoot arrows.

The girl was dyed with lilac short hair, had a small round face, big eyes, and a very cute look. It felt like a beautiful girl coming out of the second dimension.

It can be seen that as soon as the boy who led the way entered the door, his gaze was placed on the girl with purple hair, and it was impossible to leave without a moment.

As for the middle-aged Kung Fu teacher, she didn't sneer at all and didn't look at Zhong Yihan more.

At this time, another boy came over and smiled and said, "I can only ask you to wait for a while. We came to the archery hall to compete for archery. Now we are waiting for Chen Guoer to shoot. Hello, my name is Zhang Qichao. "

"Zhong Yihan."

Zhong Yihan was not in a hurry, and just took this time to observe the situation of the team.

Chen Guoer's archery posture is very standard. After shooting an arrow, her second posture is almost the same as the first one. It seems that she has formed a muscle habit.

"Yes, yes, hit the Eighth Ring!"

The boy who brought Zhong Yihan in before applauded loudly, this expression seemed to have met as if Zhu Fat had been in front of Li Xinyu.

Zhong Yihan looked at the situation of other targets. In addition to the target that Chen Guoer was shooting, only three targets had arrows on them.

Zhong Yihan speculated that the three targets should be the archery situation of the other three boys.

He took a look. The highest number of rings in the ring included three shoots in nine rings, three shoots in eight rings, and four shots in seven rings.
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The lowest number of rings, only one in eight rings, two in seven rings.

And so far, Chen Guoer has shot two ninth rings and one-eighth rings. It seems that her archery should be the most powerful in this team.

As for Kung Fu teacher, Zhong Yihan automatically excluded her.

After a while, Chen Guoer finished shooting all ten arrows, and finally hit four ninth rings, three eighth rings, and three seventh rings, which can be said to be a very stable result.

The boy who led the way did not hesitate to praise Chen Guoer, and at the same time, he still remembered to say: "Archery skills surpass Hui brother!"

Brother Hui didn't mind, and said mildly, "My archery level is indeed worse than that of Guoer, I admit it."

Although the members of this team have different styles, the atmosphere is still good.

"Well? Are you here for archery?" Chen Guoer only noticed the existence of Zhong Yihan at this time and asked strangely.

"Guoer, this is for the application team to come to the assessment, but for me to see, our archer is enough, there is no need to find another one."

Zhong Yihan is a little speechless about this leading boy.

Thanks to his good temper, if it was changed to another bad temper, it would definitely quarrel directly.

Zhang Qichao came up to round the field and said, "You can't say like that. Even if Guoer's archery is so good, we can't just let her be an archer. After all, we are facing a tribe, facing most of the enemy 's attacks, it is inevitable that one archer can't take care of everyone. One more person and one more guarantee. "

That Hui brother then looked at Zhong Yihan and said, "You find an empty seat and shoot ten arrows. Let's take a look at your level."

He paused and continued: "I 'll talk about it first. There are many crises in the Different World. We can't take a hindered person to do the task, so if you realize that your archery scores are not good as Guoer, Then I suggest you don't try it and waste everyone's time. "

Zhong Yihan nodded.

At this moment he had determined that the few people in front of him should all be grade three in high school.

Although archery depends on archery, continuous training is also very important. Everyone is in grade three in high school. The time available to practice archery is limited on weekdays. Therefore, can shoot more than four ninth rings in the 150-meter field. It is already a very high level.

Not to mention a fixed target, can basically hit a moving target at a distance of 150 meters, which is already a very small number of existences.

Zhong Yihan has no intention to hide his strength. He doesn't have so much time to waste. The members of this team all look very good. Although they are not clear about their specific strength, they have already met his standard. Not to mention there is also a Kung Fu teacher leading the team.

If look for other teams, he doesn't know how much time to delay.

So Zhong Yihan didn't speak, just came to the arrow road, took out his hunting bow, calmed his mind, and then bowed his arrow.

Brother Hui nodded slightly. This man's posture of shooting arrows is very smooth and standard.

The Kung Fu teacher Gao Xiaoyue didn't speak.

This time, she had only played a protective role. In most cases, letting students decide for themselves was the best responsibility for them.

However, while Zhong Yihan picked up his bow and arrow, Gao Xiaoyue was inexplicably attracted to the past.

When everyone thought that Zhong Yihan's aiming time was still a few seconds away, they heard only a bang, and the arrow in Zhong Yihan's hand flew straight out.

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