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Kung Fu Beyond the World 156 Chapter 156 - Wuen City

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This is the first time that Zhong Yihan has left the province alone.

Today is during the Spring Festival. It is said that air tickets are not so easy to book, but because of the existence of space cracks in Wuen City, these years have been popular cities for tourism and adventure. Tickets for Wuen City are very easy to buy.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, with freshness and curiosity, he boarded a plane to Wuen City-of course, before boarding the plane, his weapons and equipment were checked through a special security checkpoint.

As for Xia Ling, because worried that she would be found by security inspection, she was asked to return to the pet space first.

Xia Ling was naturally reluctant, and Zhong Yihan agreed to give her a new Barbie doll, and then she agreed.

Wuen City is indeed a place where Kung Fu people gather. On this flight by Zhong Yihan alone, he found at least five Kung Fu learners and one Kung Fu fighter.

Now that the car can go to the sky, the plane has undergone countless improvements, so in less than an hour, the flight arrived in Wuen City.

There is a bus at the airport that goes directly to No. 17 but has to wait. Zhong Yihan is too lazy to wait, plus there is no shortage of money, he went directly to the taxi.

Along the way, Zhong Yihan found that the Kung Fu atmosphere in Wuen City is particularly strong, and there are Kung Fu training courses, bow and arrow halls, weapon shops, forging shops ...

On both sides of the road, people wearing tight combat suits, carrying long knives, long rifles and other weapons can be seen everywhere-but these weapons are covered with a very obvious black sleeve outside, and the driver told that this is Wuen City rules, except in special circumstances, do not allow weapons to be exposed in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Taxi drivers in all cities are most talkative, and the one who Zhong Yihan meets is no exception.

So along the way, the driver talked all the way, but it also helped Zhong Yihan gain a lot of knowledge.

For example, according to incomplete statistics, there are 200,000 Kung Fu learners in Wuen City, they are residents. If count the occasional training, 4 to 5 million people per year belong to normal.

Then the driver gave Zhong Yihan a piece of advice.

Most of the people who practice Kung Fu are fiery and irritable, so it is normal for them to have friction with each other by chance, even if they are sitting at two tables to eat because looked at each other one eye and then fight, it happens countless times in Wuen City.

However, Wuen City has a rule.

Fighting is ok, and the Kung Fu Association does not expect that those who practice Kung Fu will be able to honestly fight against each other after they have contradictions, but there must be one thing to keep in mind-that is, never to attack ordinary people!

If you do not bully ordinary people, then it should be an ordinary civil case. Detention or, the pay a fine, will not leave any record.

But if it hurts innocent ordinary people, the trouble will be serious. The law enforcement team of the Kung Fu Association will personally take action, and the people who hurt ordinary people will get in trouble.

By the way, one more thing has to be said.

That is, in Wuen City, the fine for private brawls is extremely high. Two people casually have a small conflict, starts at 10,000. If they destroy other things, especially public goods ... Basically, they are fined at least one million.

Want to run?

The streets are full of cameras, even the corners in the alleys, and advanced face recognition technology, all of which are registered fighters, Kung Fu learners, etc. Where do they go?

Not convinced and want to make trouble?

Ha ha...

The Kung Fu Association of Wuen City can be described as a well-known nation in the country.

The taxi driver talked about all the interesting facts in Wuen City. For about an hour, the "entry hall" in the No.17 space crack finally arrived.

Zhong Yihan looked up and looked at the majestic rotunda in front of him, only to feel that the whole person was standing here, as small as an ant.

Most of the people coming and going in the hall were Kung Fu fighters or learners. Occasionally, there were a few big Kung Fu fighters. More amazingly, Zhong Yihan noticed that there was an ordinary clerk in a shop, who was arguing with a fighter. There seems to be no identity gap at all.

Zhong Yihan finally believed what the taxi driver said.

In Wuen City, fighters do not have any privileges than ordinary people. There are legendary strong men here, tigers must lie down, and dragons have to hang in!

The entire entrance hall has a modern design. There are many shops or places for temporary rest around the hall, and in the center of the hall, there is an information board surrounded by a blue light screen, which is marked with various information instructions.

Zhong Yihan followed the information board to find the task hall-he had already made a strategy before coming, and if he wanted to find a team, he went to the special task hall.
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This is similar to an Internet cafe. There are hundreds of small compartments, each with a huge electronic screen. To view tasks, you just need to find an electronic screen with no one and swipe the certificate on the scanner, you can unlock this integrated system.

It seems that this is designed to protect privacy, and Zhong Yihan is also very satisfied with it.

He turned on the computer and began to find suitable tasks. There were many tasks on the computer. At the same time, new tasks were constantly refreshed, and they were sorted into categories. It was easy to find after getting familiar with them.

He took a brief look. There were many tasks in it, including team formation, rewards, solicitations, purchases, etc., and the types were various.

However, many missions are limited in strength, and many missions are restricted to "Fighter-level" or higher to browse, and some missions are even set to higher Fighter-level to browse.

Zhong Yihan limited the range of vitality required for the task to 2 or more and 3 at the same time and set the task type to team tasks, related to the first-level tribe, and soon there were only a dozen task entries left.

Zhong Yihan went in to check one by one and excluded the tasks that did not meet the requirements, leaving only three tasks.

[First level tribal cleaning mission: professional fighter leads but does not fight, requires an archer with 2 or more vitality.]

[First-level tribe exploration mission: newcomer wasteland team, vitality requirements of 2.5 or more, and three people are needed.]

[Hunting leader task: vitality requires 2 or more, requires rich experience.]

These three tasks are all very good for Zhong Yihan, but the second task needs more people, and he is not willing to delay for too long.

The third task requires a rich experience. Although Zhong Yihan is fairly confident in his strength, after all, he is the first time to form a team. Forcibly accepting the third task is a little uncertain.

It seems that the first task is the most ideal.

Not to say that Zhong Yihan's current archery is good, at least under the fighter can be regarded as strong.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan clicked into the first task, chose to apply to accept the task, and sent a private message to the task-related contact information: "Hello, I want to accept this task. Do I need to perform archery assessment?"

Zhong Yihan knows that once the application for acceptance of the task is approved, relevant information of other members of the task will be displayed, and security will be improved a lot.

However, whether it is before or after the review, Zhong Yihan still needs to pay more attention.

After a few tens of seconds, the opposite side sent a message: "Need, meet at the gate of Hongda Archery Museum at 4:30, but I stated in advance that we have a stricter assessment of archery. If your archery is not very good, Then I advise you not to come. "

There was a smile on the corner of Zhong Yihan's mouth, and he replied, "Yes, I'll be there soon."

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