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Kung Fu Beyond the World 155 Chapter 155 - Kung Fu Learner Certificate

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During dinner in the evening, Zhong Yihan and his mother Zhang Aimei said that he would go out for a long trip, but did not say the specific circumstances, but only said that he was going to see the space crack of Wuen City.

Now it is winter vacation anyway, and their family has no plans to visit relatives, so Zhang Aimei did not refuse, but just told him to be careful.

Zhong Qiaoyue also wanted to follow after hearing it, Zhong Yihan rejected her because her strength was too low, the girl was unhappy.

Early the next morning, Zhong Yihan came to the Kung Fu Association and learned that Liang Jinfeng was not there.

This is troublesome. Without Liang Jinfeng's help, the political review would have to wait a long time.

Just as Zhong Yihan was at a loss, suddenly someone called his name.

"Are you Zhong Yihan?"

Zhong Yihan looked a little bit by surprise and found a familiar face he had seen beside Liang Jinfeng. He remembered that the other party seemed to be a fighter, and could not remember his name, but only remembered his surname Liu.


"It really is you. I didn't expect you to remember me, let me introduce you. This is the genius that President Liang often mentions. Zhong Yihan, this is my colleague, Song Guan, he is a fighter."

Mr. Liu introduced Zhong Yihan to his colleague, the latter said: "You are what President Liang said, the genius that happened once in a century ?! Nice to meet you, if you don't mind, just call me brother Song. "

Although he has made rapid progress recently, he has grown up from ridicule and neglect in the past for a long time. Now praised by people like this. The name of "a genius in a century" is really embarrassing.

Fortunately, he was thick-skinned and didn't show his mood on his face, but smiled: "Hello Brother Song, you are so overrated, I'm not a genius."

"Don't be humble. People who can often be talked about by President Liang, if you are not a genius, who else is a genius. By the way, what are you doing at the association? Have you finally figured out and are ready to join us?"

What did Liang Jinfeng say behind him?

Zhong Yihan was suddenly fortunate that Liang Jinfeng was absent, otherwise, he would probably hear something more exaggerated words.

Sure enough, genius is not easy, no matter where you go, you must bear the envy of others.

"I came here to test Kung Fu Learner Certificate. As for joining the Kung Fu Association, I didn't think about it before graduating from college."

Although the Kung Fu Association has always shown great kindness to him, Zhong Yihan never thought of joining the Kung Fu Association because he has too many secrets and is really not suitable for joining a strict and disciplined organization.

As for the kindness of Liang Jingfeng, Zhong Yihan will find other opportunities to return to the other party.

"The Kung Fu Learner Certificate? President Liang just said, if you come to the Kung Fu Association, it will be convenient for you. That Xiao Zhang, come here, he is for the Kung Fu Learner Certificate test, you take him to assess his strength. "

Song Guan called a person responsible for certificate assessment. After the other party came over, he took a serious look at Zhong Yihan and wondered: "Song Brother, he doesn't seem to have a political review yet."

The Kung Fu Association is different from other places. Liang Jinfeng organizes the up and down management in an orderly manner, and no one dares to walk through the back door casually. If Liang Jinfeng knows that someone has directly tested the strength without political review, he will definitely be furious.
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At the thought of Liang Jinfeng's temper, Xiao Zhang shrank his neck.

Song Guan laughed: "Do you think I'm the kind of person who walks through the back door? This is the Zhong Yihan that President Liang appreciates. Although you are assured of his identity, he is the person that President Liang values, can't he pass that review? "

Xiao Zhang suddenly said, "He turns out to be the genius who met once in a thousand years!"

Zhong Yihan: "..."

It was only once in a century, and this changed into once in a thousand years.

Knowing Zhong Yihan's identity, Xiao Zhang's attitude immediately became affectionate and laughed: "Since this, then I understand, Zhong Yihan, come with me."

"Ok, I'll go first."

Looking at the back of Zhong Yihan, Song Guan sighed: "Hey, it seems that this boy does not intend to enter the Kung Fu Association. It is estimated that President Liang cannot persuade him!"

The surname Liu smiled, "President Liang said, but this kid's goal is the Top Four, and he hopes to be admitted to the Top Four! Do you think that a Top Four student, our county Kung Fu Association can keep him?"

"Hey, it's the same thing. Let's go back and persuade President Liang, if really delaying such a genius, it's our fault!"

"You think that he doesn't know? He is showing kindness! If this guy really entered the Top Four, after he came out, he would be a big fighter, maybe he could go to a higher level in the future? Now showing kindness, after 10 or 8 years he really grows up, this relationship is worth it! "

"Haha, this old fox!"

Zhong Yihan did not hear the conversation between the two people behind him and followed Xiao Zhang directly into the test hall.

The Kung Fu Association tests the strength basically the same way as the school, that is, it tests the vitality first, and then tests several key values such as strength and speed.

Zhong Yihan passed the early stage of the Kung Fu learner, and such a test would easily pass.

During the test, Xiao Zhang kept watching, with a surprised look at Zhong Yihan passing one test after another.

Although he has heard Zhong Yihan's name from President Liang for a long time, but what adjectives like "genius at the sight of a century" and "genius at the sight of a millennium", to be honest, everyone is not so convinced, It's just a kind of praise that President Liang gave to his younger generations-by the way, hit the "old guys" in the association.

However, when I saw Zhong Yihan's vitality broke through 2.6, the speed was 9 seconds in 100 meters, and the strength of his arms reached an astonishing 175 kilograms...

Fortunately, the New Year is approaching. Except for some people on duty, the association is not as lively as it used to be. In addition, plus Zhong Yihan is in a hurry, so he asked for a low profile and no publicity.

Otherwise, this performance alone will be enough to attract the entire crowd of Kung Fu Association!

After all, he is only 17 years old!

"Oh my God, when did we have such an amazing character in Anping County?" When comparing his grades when he was 17 years old in high school, Xiao Zhang burst into tears-let alone high school, even now he is, There is no such level!

After all the tests passed, Zhong Yihan waited for less than half an hour at the Kung Fu Association, and easily got his own certificate.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Strength assessment: Kung Fu Learner

ID: 1424xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Number: 15315053

The certificate contains Zhong Yihan's detailed information and a photo, and a magnetic stripe can be used for mechanical scanning.

According to Xiao Zhang's introduction, the use of the certificate is very wide. Not only does the certificate need to be carried by plane or train to carry weapons, but it is also used to verify identity when going to the space crack.

With the certificate in hand, Zhong Yihan didn't delay. He just booked the latest flight and took a taxi to the suburban airport.

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