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Kung Fu Beyond the World 154 Chapter 154 - Tribe

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As soon as Zhong Yihan appeared in the bedroom, he startled Xia Ling who was playing with Barbie.

"Master, why are you covered in blood? Are you injured? You won't die?"

When speaking the last sentence, Xia Ling took a cry.

Zhong Yihan knocked Xia Ling's small head a bit, "What do you think, do you curse me to death? This is not my blood, it is the Beastmaster."

"The Beastmaster? Master killed the Beastmaster?"


Xia Ling immediately burst into tears and laughed: "Wow, the master is the best!"

Zhong Yihan smiled smugly: "That's, you have fun, I'm going to take a shower."

In the bathroom, after Zhong Yihan flushed the blood off his body, he lay into the prepared medicated bath.

His ease made him sigh subconsciously: "Comfortable."

Although this battle with the Beastmaster did not last long, it is definitely the most difficult battle.

Since Zhong Yihan's vitality broke through two, it has been a long time since he has experienced such a hard battle.

But he doesn't regret it at all, sometimes he doesn't force himself, he never knows where his limits are. Not to mention that after this battle, most of his anger was gone, and he gained more than 500 system points.

Just thinking of his father who was still in jail, Zhong Yihan felt that big rock was pressed in his heart, and he couldn't let it go for a long time.

After putting the water in the bathtub, Zhong Yihan, who was seriously worried, unknowingly slept in the bathtub. When he woke up, he found that two hours had passed.

After taking a bath, the armor was washed out by the way, and Zhong Yihan sat next to the computer and began to see clues related to the tribe.

There is civilization in Different World-barbarian civilization.

The barbarians are a group of humanoid, uncultivated races in primitive tribal mode. They use tribe as a settlement, and each tribe has at least one totem belief. The high-level tribe is even guarded by gods.

The power of the tribe's faith is the source of the power of the gods. The more the power of the faith, the stronger the power of the gods.

Most of the barbarians from the Different World are born with strong strength, and their growth rate is related to the totem they believe in.

The stronger the totem deities, the faster the barbarians will grow.

According to the number and strength of the tribe, the tribe can be roughly divided into nine levels.

The most basic tribe is the first-lever tribe, and the number of the tribe is about 50-100.

The barbarians of the first-level tribe began to accept the faith and opened up a little spiritual, but the strength is not high. The barbarians with the highest strength may reach senior or peak fighters, but the average strength is only from the early fighters to the middle fighters. A fighter or a team of veteran fighters can clear it up.

The scale of the second-level tribe is much larger than that of the first-level tribe, with hundreds or even thousands. The scale of the faith of the barbarians has begun to increase, and their strength has increased to the highest peak fighter. Some even know how to avoid harm.

The strength of the second-level tribe is mainly mid-term fighters, with a large number of senior Kung Fu learners, a small number of fighters and the leader is a fighter above mid-term.

There are tens of thousands of third-level tribes, faith begins to take shape, and totem power has soared, the strongest can reach up to the peak fighters, and initially mastering some unique skills and means of controlling believers.

The third-level tribe is dominated by senior fighters, with a large number of fighters' strength, some of the senior fighters, a small number of big fighters, and the leaders are more than medium-term fighters.

The scale of the fourth-level tribal beliefs has expanded, and the totems have begun to change qualitatively, their intelligence has fully reached human standards, and at the same time, they have a strong sense of expansion ...

Fifth-lever Tribe ...

Nine-level tribe ...

Zhong Yihan read all the information about the tribe and had a general understanding of the tribe, and a general understanding of the difficulty of the system upgrade task.

In other words, if he wants to do the first-level tribe task alone, unless he has reached the level of the fighter, he must team up with other people to complete this task.

And there is no tribe on the island that uses the shuttle to go. If he wants to complete the related tasks, it seems that he can only go to the cracks in the Different World.

Huaxia is marked as green, that is, there are nine completely controlled space cracks. Zhong Yihan checked it. The closest space crack to him is located in Wuen City, and the space crack number is 17. It's said to be one of the most developed space cracks yet, and it used to take just an hour by air.

"It looks like a long trip is coming."
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There is still a week or so before the end of the winter vacation. Zhong Yihan estimates that the time to complete the task should be sufficient.

Of course, the premise is that he can find the right team over there.

Do it when he is sure. This is Zhong Yihan's style.

He ordered air tickets online, and the software popped up a reminder box:

[Dear traveler, we have inquired that you are planning to go to Wuen City. If you are an adventurer, then if you want to bring a cold weapon on the plane, you must hold the "Kung Fu Learner Certificate" issued by the Kung Fu Association, and then please go through security one hour before boarding and choose to have your weapons specially consigned. Otherwise, we will not carry it. Thank you for your understanding.]

"Kung Fu Learner Certificate?"

Zhong Yihan was a little speechless and searched the Internet to find out why.

After all, the times have changed, and things like control knives can be bought on the street, but if you bring transportation, then there are indeed considerable safety risks.

Therefore, the Kung Fu Association has such a rule. Only after the official assessment, who has been certified as a Kung Fu learner can they carry weapons on these long-distance vehicles-especially aircraft and high-speed rail.

Of course, before boarding the vehicle, identity registration and weapon consignment are required at the airport or train station.

This also prevents accidents.

The Kung Fu Learner Certificate is adopted by the Kung Fu Association. The examination will have a special political review and strength assessment, and you can obtain relevant certificates after you passed both.

It is estimated that two to three days will be wasted for political review and strength assessment.

Zhong Yihan did not expect such trouble, but no matter how much trouble he had to test.

After all, it is said on the Internet that many places that have certain dangers need this kind of certificate, and the Kung Fu Learner Certificate is the one that has just started.

In some places, strong men with Kung Fu Fighter Certificates or even big Kung Fu Fighters Certificates are allowed to enter.

This is also to ensure the safety of the people.

For example, the space crack in Wuen City he went to this time, it was said on the Internet that although everyone can enter the space crack and go sightseeing in the Different World, ordinary people without the Kung Fu Learner Certificate can only go to the new city opposite and won't let you out of town at all.

In addition, signing up to participate in the Different World of the team, adventure and other operations, are also must be completed through the Kung Fu Learner Certificate.

Therefore, Zhong Yihan must get this certificate.

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