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Kung Fu Beyond the World 16 Chapter 16 - Unreliable Elf?

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Zhong Yihan did not expect that Xia Ling's first question to the world was actually such an asshole problem.

Is he ugly?

Even in the entire human world, his face can be regarded as middle-upper!

But this is really nothing compared to this elf.

The layout of the elf's features is the same as that of human beings. Big eyes, long eyelashes, high nose bridge, and a small cherry mouth.

Like a beautiful girl who came out in the second dimension.

If she can be the size of a normal human, taking a photo and posting it on the Internet will definitely be popular.

Uh, of course.

Her size now is definitely going to be more popular when posted online.

But Zhong Yihan was definitely afraid to send it.

"Master, why don't you speak? Is this a difficult question?"

"Don't ask."


"Because I will eat you."


Xia Ling flew up again in shock, but this time Zhong Yihan did not give her the chance to escape and grabbed her again.

This fool didn't know to take a turn to escape, flying straight every time.

"Master don't eat Xia Ling, Xia Ling's meat is not delicious!"

Xia Ling begged for mercy, tears swirled wildly in her eyes.
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She is too timid, Zhong Yihan was helpless, and said, "As long as you obey, I won't eat you."

"Xia Ling is obedient, Xia Ling is very good!"

After hearing this, Xia Ling nodded quickly, like a good girl.

Looking at her, Zhong Yihan suddenly felt that in fact, Xia Ling's IQ was not high, it might be a good thing.

His physical strength has been recovered a lot, which can just test the practicality of Xia Ling's skills.

The one that seems to be the most convenient to verify is [Novice Masseuse].

So he thought for a while and said, "Come, give me a massage."


Xia Ling made a round around Zhong Yihan, only to find that the armor on his body was too tightly packed, and it was impossible to start except the head.

Xia Ling didn't dare to let Zhong Yihan take off his armor, so she flew to his neck and found a suitable acupoint.


As if a current spread throughout the body, Zhong Yihan screamed in pain, turning back and glaring at Xia Ling, wouldn't she be taking revenge on him?

As a result, he hadn't had time to speak, Xia Ling was so frightened that her nose burst into tears.

"Woohoo ... Xia Ling is wrong, do not eat Xia Ling..."

Seeing Xia Ling's pitiful appearance, Zhong Yihan couldn't blame it anymore, so he said, "It's all right, I won't eat you, but what happened just now?"

"Master, you are too weak." Xia Ling said with a flat mouth and grieved, "I used normal strength just now, and you can't stand it."

Zhong Yihan twitched: "Well, I'm too weak ..."

"That's it!" Xia Ling complained again. "And the master wears so much, I can't press it!"


This is indeed a problem.

But he is now in a Different World. Although the cave entrance has been blocked by barbed wire, he is afraid to take off his armor.

In case the armor comes off and another creature comes over at this time, it's over.

It seems that this item of massage can only be tested after going back.

"What did you do with the medicated bath?"

Xia Ling raised her head and said with pride: "The medicated bath prepared by me is very powerful! The medicated bath plus massage can not only quickly restore fatigue, but also enhance physical fitness!"

"So powerful?!"

"Of course!" Xia Ling was proud and lowered her head again. "But I don't have the materials right now, and I can't configure medicine packs."

Zhong Yihan also hesitated for a moment and said, "What materials do you need?"

"There are so many! There are purple energy grass, camphor wood shavings, hydrangea, black snake, Xue Jie, safflower ..."

Xia Ling said the names of seven or eight materials in one breath, most of them are some herbs, some of which are on the earth, and some of them on the Different World. Among them, Zhong Yihan only knows purple energy grass.

"Purple energy grass? I remember it on this island. Let's find it out."

"Really ?!" Xia Ling's eyes lit up, "I'm going to find!"

Zhong Yihan stunned: "Can you still find herbs?"

"Of course. My nose is very good!"

"That's great. Let's find it together."

Zhong Yihan was overjoyed, only to remember that Xia Ling's skill "medicine bathing learner" had the ability to distinguish between herbs.

This is a big surprise!

If Xia Ling could find more purple energy grass, or even more precious grasses, wouldn't he be rich?

Zhong Yihan has not found these days since he sold purple energy grass last time, but found nothing and gave up because it was really taking up time.

Taking off the barbed wire at the entrance of the cave, Xia Ling immediately flew out, made a circle in the sky, and shouted in one direction: "This way!"



Ten minutes later, Zhong Yihan watched the waves constantly slap on the reef, and Xia Ling was trying to lift a white shell from above.

"What is this? Didn't you come to Purple energy grass? Is this shell a treasure?"

Zhong Yihan picked up the shell in doubt, he opened the shell, there was nothing in it, and the shell had already weathered and dried.

Zhong Yihan looked at Xia Ling in wonder: "What is this?"


The elf smiled happily, her whole body fluttered on the shell, as if holding the most precious thing in the world, "Xia Ling likes shells the most, this is Xia Ling's baby!"

Zhong Yihan couldn't help twitching his mouth, stretched out his finger and tapped on the elf's forehead gently. "This is not a baby! Purple energy grass is a baby! Hurry up to find purple energy grass!"

Xia Ling was crying, holding the shell in her hand and shouting, "Don't! Bad master! This is my baby! Don't grab shells with me!"

Zhong Yihan was silent.

He was also surprised that why the system gave such a reward.

He now understood that this elf's brain really doesn't work.

After grabbing the shell, Zhong Yihan said fiercely, "Hurry up and get me the purple energy grass! Otherwise, I'll throw this thing!"

Xia Ling pursed her mouth, and soon the mist filled her big eyes, her mouths flattened together, and she kept twitching.

Zhong Yihan couldn't bear looking at it, so he compromised: "Xia Ling, go and find the purple grass for me. After you find it, I will use a more beautiful shell to exchange it with you, okay?"


"of course it's true!"

"Ok, I will go to find it!"

Xia Ling's grief came and went quickly, and in a blink of an eye, he jumped alive and flew into the sky.

Watching her figure flying happily in the air, Zhong Yihan took a few steps to find that he could not catch up, and only shouted, "Slow down! Be careful of seabirds!"

However, although Xia Ling set the target on the purple energy grass, after searching for a long time, the evil rabbit beasts were killed seven or eight, but still found nothing.

Zhong Yihan gasped heavily and asked, "Xia Ling, can you do it?"

Xia Ling was also very depressed, saying: "Xia Ling clearly smelled it!"

Zhong Yihan shook his head one after another in depression.

She said several times that she smelled the smell of purple grass, and found it along with the smell, but found that it was just some ordinary weeds.

"Master, master!" At this moment, Xia Ling flew out excitedly and flew out a distance, shouting, "Xia Ling smelled again a strong medicine fragrance! This must be right!"

After speaking, Xia Ling flew in one direction.

Zhong Yihan sighed, and although he did not have any hope this time, he kept up.

After following a certain path, under a big tree, a purple energy grass grew there and swayed gently.

Watching Xia Ling proudly dancing on the purple grass, Zhong Yihan's jaw almost fell.

"Really found it ?!"

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