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Kung Fu Beyond the World 141 Chapter 141 - Apologize

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Secretary Liu's words immediately caused an uproar.

Many people looked weird and looked at a few people on the stage.

"Did he take responsibility for the principal?"

Someone couldn't help but groaned and was immediately covered by his companion's mouth: "Shh, keep quiet, don't talk nonsense."

After all, Song Deqiu was the principal and the leader of the first high school in Anping County.

Through this incident of Zhong Yihan, everyone has learned that they can't offend Song Deqiu.

You know, not every time Liang Jinfeng just appeared and helped.

Zhong Yihan looked at the very humble secretary Liu in front of him, and his expression did not change at all: "Of course you are guilty, but your sin is the same as Li Chenmin's, that is to voluntarily become a wicked gun. Secretary Liu, I will give you another chance at last "Do you plan all of this by yourself?"

"Yes, everything is arranged by me. I just dislike your strength increasing too fast. You know, I'm in my thirties and I've just reached the vitality of a Kung Fu learner. But you became the top of school, why? "
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"I'm jealous, so I want Wang Li and Qian Hansong to teach you something, but I didn't expect that their two wastes are not your opponents. There is no way, I have to lie that someone reports anonymously and says you took banned drugs. I have followed principal Song for so many years and won his trust. The principal has no doubt at all about what I said and believes it directly. You all know the next thing ... "

Secretary Liu weaves a complete set of stories. The causes, processes, results, and even many details are enough to convince.

But few people really believe in him.

Zhong Yihan, Zhang Shou, Zhu Zhenxing ... they listened to Secretary Liu coldly telling a story that they knew was false, but they felt a little sad.

This is the sadness of a little person.

On one side is the principal and on the other is the shining genius supported by the Kung Fu Association. He, a little secretary has no ability to determine his own destiny at all.

After Secretary Liu had finished telling the story, before Zhong Yihan had time to speak, he heard Song Deqiu's indignation and rebuked: "Okay, Secretary Liu, I believe you, how could you treat me so bad? I almost wronged a good student, but also It 's so good that President Liang's profound sense of righteousness proves the innocence of Zhong Yihan! "

"President Liang, the truth is now clear. Although Secretary Liu is my subordinate, I will never take care of him. In order to give Zhong Yihan an explanation, I have no opinion on how you punish him."

Song Deqiu said that he had a look that was exactly the same as when he just came out to slander Zhong Yihan.

How could there be such a disgusting person in the world?

Just as he was sitting on the ground in despair just now, in a blink of an eye, he looked as if nothing had happened to him?

If not so many people were watching here, Zhu Zhenxing really wanted to urinate and let him look in the mirror.

Secretary Liu's expression of regret had apparently been completely confessed.

Song Deqiu said: "Yihan, although this is what Secretary Liu did wrong, you see that you have not been harmed, and what should be clarified, Secretary Liu also sincerely apologized to you, profound reflecting on his own mistakes, in my opinion, this matter is just over. "

"Never hurt?" Zhu Zhenxing couldn't bear it, and sneered, "So let's go tomorrow and print a 100,000-point flyer, which says the principal of Anping County No.1 High School, keep a mistress, corruption, bribery, misbehavior, and then I spent money to find someone to post the whole city ... "

Zhu Fat stared at Song Deqiu, mockingly, "You haven't been hurt, and then I apologize to you sincerely and sincerely reflect on my own mistakes, otherwise we'll just forget it ?!"

The audience suddenly laughed, and even the people of the Kung Fu Association who are watching the drama couldn't help twitching the corners of their mouths and communicating with each other with eyes, the fat man's mouth was too bad!

Song Deqiu was mad, but he rarely did not refute Zhu Zhenxing, but made a look of "I don't want to argue with you".

Of course, he must have secretly remembered this feud, thinking of looking for opportunities to revenge in the future.

At this moment, Liang Jinfeng, who had been sneer, finally spoke: "Little fat man, don't be so bad. President Song, Let me say something?"

The Kung Fu association spoke, and everyone naturally gave a bit of face.

Liang Jinfeng said: "It's such a thing. It's indeed President Song you're wrong, even if you have too much trust in the secretary. Taking such a big thing as a banned drug is a matter that can affect a student's life. Your disposal is indeed too anxious. "

Song Deqiu scolded in his heart, knowing that Liang Jinfeng was unwilling, but at this time he could only do so.

"So, this matter is small, it may be a misunderstanding, just clarify is ok. But if Zhong Yihan feels that you have violated his reputation and the dignity, he will go to the next level, to report to the municipal and provincial Kung Fu associations and the education sector. "

"And this little fat boy," Liang Jinfeng looked at Zhu Zhenxing, pretending to reprimand, "You can't make a rumor! If you are really rich, you can go to invite one hundred and eighty reporters. If you really have the ability, you could invite the reporter from Hua Daily! But what is it about making rumors? I will criticize you! "

"Yes, what President Liang taught was that I was wrong!" Zhu Zhenxing confessed with a smile.

And Song Deqiu's face was pale again. Since the resurgence of energy, so far, for officials like them, the two are most afraid. Accountability and media exposure. Liang Jingfeng is threatening.

After slamming Song Deqiu hard, Liang Jinfeng said: "But, I also think that things are not that big. Zhong Yihan, you are going to face the college entrance examination immediately. Now you should not waste your energy on this kind of dispute. And President Song, you shouldn't make things bigger, affecting school progress, right? "

"So, I have an opinion here, you can refer to it. That is, let principal Song apologize to you in public, and then pay some compensation or something, so this thing has passed. How? What do you two mean? how is it?"

Zhong Yihan knows that this is Liang Jinfeng's steps for both sides, and he is very sensible: "I have no opinion, thank you, President Liang."

Song Deqiu gritted his teeth fiercely, but knew that he was completely passive now, so he gritted his teeth and said, "I have no opinion."

He turned and said quickly to Zhong Yihan: "I'm sorry."

Then he turned his head.

Zhong Yihan drew his ears: "Principal Song, what did you just say? I didn't hear it."

Liang Jinfeng also said unpleasantly: "Principal Song, there must be a sincere apology, and an apology without sincerity, is it still an apology?"

Song Deqiu bit his teeth into a creak, so he took a deep breath and said loudly: "Zhong Yihan, I accidentally wronged you, sorry!"

There was an uproar, and they didn't expect Song Deqiu apologized.

Liang Jinfeng glanced at Zhong Yihan and motioned to him to say something.

Zhong Yihan sneered: "Fuck you!!"

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