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Two randoms were used in the introduction.
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That is to say, the type of pets and pet skills are uncertain.

It really depends on luck.

Zhong Yihan's luck has not always been good. He never got the best items when playing games.

But if he keeps the pet eggs, it won't give birth.

Zhong Yihan ran to the beach and washed his face with seawater, then rubbed his hands, and opened the pet egg full of expectations.

"What is it? fairy dragon, angel, and all kinds of strange beasts in the mountains and seas, whatever is ok, just come here."

After speaking, Zhong Yihan chose to open the pet egg.

The pet egg slowly shook, and as the pet egg became more and more violent, Zhong Yihan's mood became more and more emaciated.

"Angel angel angel ..."

Seeing that the progress bar reached 100%, then a strong light emitted.

Zhong Yihan hurriedly covered his eyes and faintly saw a petite figure fluttering out with wings flapping.

[Congratulations to the owner for obtaining the rare pet "service elf".]

[Introduction: The service elf, a kind of elf created to serve the owner, has various skills and is proud to serve the host, but it is less courageous and maybe a little less intelligent.]

[Please name your pet.]

After three consecutive system prompts, a new pet bar appears in the interface of the system, which contains a humanoid creature the size of a palm.

This humanoid looks like a little girl, but it is less than the size of an adult's palm, green hair, some white skin, and a green skirt that looks like a leaf. There are two pairs of transparent wings like dragonflies on her back. The high-frequency vibration of the wings allows her to keep floating at all times.

It's really like the "elf" in the myth.

The elf seemed curious about the world. She kept trying to break through the barrier that she couldn't see and even hit her head in the same place three times in a row.

Is this his pet?

Looks silly.

Zhong Yihan found that if he didn't name the pet, it seemed that he couldn't see more information about the elf, so he thought about it and typed in Xia Ling.

This is the name of one of his favorite cartoon characters. The cartoon character is a female water god but is famous for her mental retardation.

Click OK and a new panel will pop up.

Name: Xia Ling

Race: Elf

Level: LV1

Character: Timid

Preferences: beautiful things

Skills: [Medicine bathing learner], [Novice masseuse]

"Well? There are skills? What are these two skills for?"

[Medicine bathing learner: Skill masters have the ability to configure the lowest medicinal bath, and have low-level medicinal material discrimination ability.]

[Novice masseuse: through special current stimulation, can promote blood circulation and remove stasis.]

Seeing the introduction of these two skills, Zhong Yihan was overjoyed.

Zhong Yihan hasn't experienced the [Novice masseuse].

But [medicine bathing learner] is a good thing at first glance!

Before that, Zhong Yihan often heard Zhu Zhenxing's mention. His sister often used medicated baths to improve her physique, promote blood circulation and fatigue, and still maintain her figure.

However, this level of medicated bath is exclusive to rich people, because the configuration materials of these medicated baths are many rare natural plants and medicines in themselves, and a special pharmacist must match these medicines and get the best ratio.

Such a medicated bath can not only restore fatigue, maintain body shape, but also develop the human body's potential and activate the human body's vitality and blood. It is a rare good thing.

Of course, the price is also expensive.

For some medicated bath bags with good results, the price of one package can be hundreds or thousands of yuan-even thousands of them!

Even more frightening is that this medicated bath can be used once in a pack, and you need to buy it after using it.

In the case of a pack of one thousand yuan, just once a day will cost more than 300,000 to nearly 400,000 a year.

And Zhu Zhenxing's younger sister sometimes used two bags or even three bags a day. She cost a million yuan a year just to medicine bathe.

Such a horrible figure is that a rich family like Zhu Zhenxing's can only afford it, and the ordinary middle class cannot do it.

As for Zhong Yihan, he didn't even dare to think!

If this little elf can configure a medicated bath for him, even if it is less effective, he can save a lot of money, right?

There is also a second massage function. Seeing the introduction of the system, it seems to relieve fatigue.

This is also very important for Zhong Yihan.

In the past few days, he went to school during the day and went to practice in the Different World at night. He was tired. He had no choice but to buy two bottles of "recovery medicine LV1" from the mall.

The effect is very good. It can be said to be immediate. A bottle immediately recovers from fatigue and the body is immediately at its peak.


10 points for a bottle!

Two bottles are worth a skill book!

So after drinking two bottles of recovery medicine, Zhong Yihan was determined that if it was not an emergency, he would definitely not buy such expensive things.

With such an Elf now, should his recovery speed be greatly enhanced?

The reward this time is so good.

However, watching this elf hit the system barrier over and over again, Zhong Yihan felt that it was still necessary to let her out, or she was really worried that she would hit herself to death.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan clicked to summon.

A dim light lit up, and a green elf appeared in the air.

Xia Ling didn't know that she had come outside, and rushed forward without a thought, but ran into Zhong Yihan's arms.

Fortunately, Xia Ling was weak, and Zhong Yihan felt like she was tickling.

"Hmm? soft?"

Xia Ling soft waxy sounded, it sounded very cute.

She looked up strangely and found a huge face before her.

The face was so ugly and the nostril is bigger than her head.

Xia Ling screamed in horror and hurried to the sky.

When she felt that she was flying high enough, she dared to stop and look at the monster just now, only to find that it was a giant with no wings but a huge body.

"There are giants in the outside world, so terrifying!"

Xia Ling was obviously frightened. She flew around like a headless fly, and the buzzing sound of the wing vibration made Zhong Yihan's head hurt.

So the system does not tell this pet, is he the owner of the other party?

Zhong Yihan patted his somewhat irritable hands.


He didn't expect to hit Xia Ling.

"Oh no, won't she die?"

Zhong Yihan was startled, he did not expect that the other party would not hide.

He hurriedly spread out his palm, only to see Xia Ling bowing her body and covering her head, one of her wings did not move.

Zhong Yihan coughed a little, a little embarrassed.

He did not expect that Xia Ling's first threat to this world came from him.

But it's because Xia Ling's personality is too timid.

Stupid and timid.

"Don't be afraid. I'm your master. I won't hurt you."

All blame the system, this kind of thing still needs to explain it by himself.

Xia Ling slowly removed her arm, and looked tremblingly at Zhong Yihan's face, full of fear: "Master?"

"Yes, it was I who created you, and I summoned you to this world."

Zhong Yihan said, using the summon function to demonstrate it again.

Xia Ling found herself returning to the previous space and then appeared here again, and finally believed in Zhong Yihan's words.


Xia Ling happily flew to Zhong Yihan's hand, and she was afraid to die a second ago.

The system introduced nothing wrong.

The head of this Elf is really not so good.

Then Xia Ling looked at Zhong Yihan with her head tilted, and suddenly asked:

"Master, why are you so big and so ugly?"

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