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Kung Fu Beyond the World 139 Chapter 139 - Simple Method

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"I, Zhong Yihan is no longer a student of No.1 High School! I quit school myself!"

Zhong Yihan's words were loud, and at this moment, a voice under the ring also sounded.

"Zhong Yihan dropped out of school and I also dropped out of school!"

Fan Dali followed closely: "I also drop out!"

The next one was Ming Jiajia stood up and shouted, "The school is unfair! I also drop out!"

Li Xinyu raised his hand silently, with a clear voice: "From the beginning to the end, I only saw a ridiculous farce, but the principal, if Zhong Yihan took a banned drug, please give evidence directly, You are the principal and a person of identity, but you behave like a vixen. I drop out of school.

Yang Yuan and his friend Zhang Bo looked at each other, took a step together and raised their hands:

"I Yang Yuan!"

"Zhang Bo!"

"The school is unfair, we drop out!"

Du Tianqing sighed and came out: "It's a very simple matter. Did Zhong Yihan take the banned drugs? It's that simple. Go to a hospital for a checkup. You have been talking about it for so long that you can't even get some evidence. You are so ashamed! "

After a pause, he exclaimed: "I Du Tianqing, drop out!"

The students were in an uproar.

Among these people, except for Zhu Fatty and Fan Dali who is slightly weaker, several others are considered good seedlings of the school, so they all dropped out for supporting Zhong Yihan? !!

But there is another person ...

Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali both looked at Ning Jinshui, but Ning Jinshui hesitated and turned back.

In the eyes of several people, there was a deep disappointment.

Song Deqiu was furious and exclaimed, "What are you doing here? What are you doing ?! Have you forced me? If you don't want to study, fine, all drop out!"

Zhu Zhenxing chuckled and said, "We don't want to go to school with you. open your eyes and see. Do you think we have left here and nowhere to go?"

Song Deqiu was suffocated. He wanted to shout to all these students, but he found that these people had money and strength at home. If he had offended so many of them at the same time, his life is not so good.

Just then, Liang Jinfeng laughed suddenly: "Principal Song, don't get angry first, in fact, I think the words of these students are quite reasonable."

Song Deqiu was shocked, only feeling a bad hunch.

Liang Jinfeng said: "This is the original thing, whether Zhong Yihan has taken banned drugs, no matter who said it, the test result is true! It is such a simple matter, right? Now that you say Zhong Yihan took a banned drug, and Zhong Yihan himself said no, then check it, right? "

Song Deqiu was so shocked that he almost tried his best to not let himself be frightened. He looked at Liang Jinfeng with a charming smile and said, "Here, President Liang, things have been determined, so don't need to trouble the Kung Fu Association. And this is a matter of our school. If the Kung Fu association stepped in, it would be awful to spread it out. "

Liang Jinfeng sneered but still looked like a business official, saying: "Of course, the affairs of the students are under the control of the school, but if it involves illegal acts of slander, then we must take the action. Right? President Song. "

After speaking, without waiting for Song Deqiu's response, Liang Jinfeng turned on the communicator on his wrist and said, "It's me, find me a machine that can detect the banned drugs, and two professional doctors, come to the gym of No.1 High School. Well, be fast, or I'm worried that people here can't wait. "

After speaking, Liang Jinfeng smiled and looked at Song Deqiu with a pale face, and smiled, "Principal Song, shall we wait?"

Song Deqiu's face was pale, and the secretary standing behind him was even more unbearable. His feet were soft and he almost sat on the ground.

Whether it is Song Deqiu or the secretary, now there is only one thought in his heart: "It's over."

The journey from the Kung Fu Association to the No.1 High School took a maximum of ten minutes, but it was a long and painful process for everyone waiting.

The students looked at each other.

Those students are not stupid. Who can't see the subtlety of the atmosphere at the moment?

They can't offend Zhong Yihan, so the best way now is to wait with peace of mind, don't worry about anything, don't stand the teams on either side.

Ten minutes later, an ambulance drove into the stadium and stopped directly on the edge of the platform.
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Two medical staff carried a one-tall, coffin-like thing from the trunk toward this side, and the students automatically gave way, and the medical staff carried the instrument all the way to the platform, and then lowered it.

Checking on the ring platform can be seen by most people to prevent someone from cheating.

The medical staff began to install and debug the instrument, and Liang Jinfeng explained to everyone with a smile, saying: "This thing is the latest self-developed life condition monitor. It can be detected directly without a blood draw or urine test. People lie in it, the status of various hormones in his body, whether normal or abnormal, can be detected. "

A few minutes later, after the medical staff debugged the instrument, Liang Jinfeng said to Zhong Yi, "Go in."

Zhong Yihan nodded and lay in the instrument under the doctor's instructions.

The appearance of the testing instrument is somewhat similar to that of the sleeping compartment. After Zhong Yihan lay in, numerous complex wires were connected to his body. After covering the glass cover, the instrument began automatic detection.

The test does not require hypnosis, so Zhong Yihan is in the detection device and can see everyone's facial expressions through the glass cover.

Zhang Shou's expression was a little tense. Obviously, he really cared about himself. Perhaps, he could really think about going to the third high school.

Li Xinyu and they all also came to the ring. Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali were determined, Ming Jiajia and Li Xinyu were very worried, and Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan were worried.

When it came to dropping out of school just now, they were standing a line with him, and Zhong Yihan was very moved.

Song Deqiu and the secretary were standing in the corner of the ring. The two were pale and their legs were trembling.

Zhong Yihan sneered,

He couldn't wait to see how Song Deqiu and his secretary would forcefully explain after he had proved himself innocent.

As for the students who taunted and slandered him around.

Anyway, Zhong Yihan has decided to drop out, and let them go.

Prejudice is a mountain in people's hearts. Even if Zhong Yihan is now self-certified, they will find other reasons to justify themselves.

As time passed by minutes, the inspection apparatus seemed to examine many items of his body.

With the sound, the glass cover opens automatically, and the testing instrument flashes a friendly green light.

On the display on the side, parameters of Zhong Yihan's body indicators appeared.

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