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Kung Fu Beyond the World 136 Chapter 136 - Nonsense!

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Song Deqiu sneered: "Are you sure you want me to say it? I don't say, because I want to give you some face."

There was an uproar immediately.

This sentence represented Song Deqiu's personal admission that Zhong Yihan took a banned drug!

At this time, the principal's secretary also broke out and said loudly: "Zhong Yihan, you are so disappointed by the principal. The original principal saw you make rapid progress. He also wanted to find an opportunity to get you a place for promotion in the province. But you used banned drugs. Don't talk about merit in the future, you just wait to drop out of school! "

Zhong Yihan stared at him with a gaze and said, "It is not a trivial matter to take banned drugs, President Song, if afterward it proves that someone is stigmatizing, what should you do?"

Song Deqiu's eyes narrowed slightly: "Stigmatization? Why would anyone stigmatize?"

"Why not?" Zhong Yihan sneered. "Otherwise you call the informer and we bet. If I take a banned drug, I will suicide! But if I have not taken a banned drug, Well, the person who reports it has to be the same! "

There was another uproar immediately!

Many people saw Zhong Yihan's decisiveness, even betting his life, and hesitated again.

Song Deqiu panicked, but was angry: "What are you doing ?! You are threatening! Threatening informers!"

Zhong Yihan laughed loudly and then said fiercely, "Yes! It is a threat! He can report that I am taking a banned drug. Once this charge is established, my future will be broken. He is my enemy! Why can't I threaten him! "

After all, Song Deqiu was just an ordinary person. He was shocked by momentum and could not help but take a step back.

The secretary also knew that Zhong Yihan had to be trampled to death at this moment, or even if he waited for him to grow up, even Song Deqiu could not protect himself.

He shouted, "Zhong Yihan, how dare you threaten the principal! Come here! Come here! Security! Where is the security? Even if a student took a banned drug and threatened the principal, catch him soon!"

The students messed up, but some more careful students saw that the situation was wrong.

If Zhong Yihan really took the banned drug, then he was taken directly to take a blood test, and it is okay to take out the evidence directly. How can the principal and secretary behave strangely from beginning to end?

But to say that the principal of Dang Anping No. 1 Middle School would slander a student, they are also unbelieving.

At this moment, a figure jumped onto the ring and said loudly: "I can guarantee that Zhong Yihan has never used a banned drug."

"Zhang Shou ?!"

"Teacher Zhang!"

As one of the three Kung Fu fighters in the first high school, Zhang Shou was still very high in the students' hearts. When they saw him, the students immediately became quiet.

Song Deqiu was anxious and quickly gave the secretary a wink.

The secretary quickly stood up and said, "Zhang Shou, you have been fired. What qualifications do you have to speak here?"

With that said, the audience immediately became noisy.

"Ms. Zhang resigned ?!"

"What the hell is going on today? So much news?"

"Mr. Zhang is the last Kung Fu fighter in our school. If he resigns, wouldn't our school even have a Kung Fu teacher?"

"I suddenly wanted to change school ... a public high school, even no Kung Fu teacher?!"

The news of Zhang Shou's resignation really caused a stir among students.

As one of the three Kung Fu fighters in the No.1 High School, Zhang Shou has always been the backbone of the school.

The reason why many students attend this school is that they hope to get Zhang Shou's guidance.

Now that Li Chenmin has been arrested, Vice President Lu has been promoted to leave school, and Zhang Shou has resigned, does that mean that their school is likely to decline?

Song Deqiu did not want to continue the discussion about Zhang Shou. He pressed his hands to calm the students, and then corrected the topic again:

"Zhong Yihan, I don't want to blame you. I advise all students not to illegal drugs for the sake of temporary results. You must know that this is a serious violation of school discipline, even such students will be dropped out of school. But Zhong Yihan is a first offender, so this time I will only give him a big penalty and cancel all evaluations and school rewards. "

"Classmates, even if you use a forbidden drug today and you are lucky enough to get a good ranking, can you do that for the college entrance examination? Once found, it will be recorded in your profile, this stain will last a lifetime. "

The secretary also quickly "advised": "Zhong Yihan, don't be stubborn, don't you quickly thank the principal? No conscience at all!"
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"Yeah, yeah." Someone in the audience immediately echoed the secretary. "Zhong Yihan has banned the drug, the principal gave him steps, he didn't show appreciation! "

"I said that there must be a problem with Zhong Yihan, the principal was generous, and if I said, I should report it directly to the Kung Fu Association!"

"Too cruel, if the Kung Fu Association knows that he is taking a banned drug, he will not be allowed to take the college entrance examination for the next three years, and the whole person will be a waste!"

The students in the audience talked a lot about Zhong Yihan, but in fact, many people have doubts in their hearts, but they are jealous of Zhong Yihan, letting them hold on to this word.

Zhang Shou angrily said, "How did I teach you before ?! Haven't any resolution at all ?! He said Zhong Yihan took a banned drug, so you believe it ?!"

Someone shouted, "I don't believe what President Song said, do I believe you?"

Suddenly someone laughed.

Zhang Shou was anxious. In fact, he had already seen that the person who spoke was a perennial student, but at this moment, he couldn't even refute it.

There was a smug smile on Song Deqiu's face, and he knew that he had basically won.

Anyway, Zhong Yihan's progress so quickly is the original sin!

As long as a seed of suspicion is planted in the hearts of everyone, how many people will care about the truth? !!

He glanced proudly at Zhang Shou.

When it comes to calculating people's hearts, how can Zhang Shou, who is full of muscles in his brain, understand the mystery?

Zhong Yihan closed his eyes and clearly heard the abuse of those people.

Some people even linked his father's imprisonment with his current "taking of banned drugs"-so-called upper beams are not right and lower beams are crooked!

How can this situation be broken?

Although he could prove in ten thousand ways that he had not taken a banned drug, he could not prove it on the spot, and most importantly ...

Those who insulted him, do they really believe that he has taken banned drugs?


They are just angry that they can't be like him, they can't grow from the bottom of the top in a short time to defeat Xiong Bo who is the second grade!

Because this adventure did not happen to them, they managed to grab a handle and wanted to ruin him!

Zhong Yihan doesn't care what they think, but he has to wash the spilled sewage on himself!

at this time...

Suddenly a loud voice rang out at the entrance of the gymnasium: "Oh, what happened? let's hear it ?!"

The crowd turned their heads.

Only a group of people in black uniforms came in.

Seeing the head of the person, both Zhong Yihan and Zhang Shou, smiled.

Liang Jinfeng!

President of Anping Kung Fu Association!

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