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Kung Fu Beyond the World 135 Chapter 135 - Sudden Change

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"Awesome, it's too strong, that is Xiong Bo! Zhong Yihan won Xiong Bo, doesn't it mean that he is better than him?"

"Woohoo ... my idol Xiong Bo lost ..."

"It's incredible! I originally thought Zhong Yihan's two-game winning would stop there, but I didn't expect him to win Xiong Bo."

"Zhong Yihan once again broke through my cognition, to what extent is he strong? With his current strength, I am afraid that it is really possible to compete with Wu Sikong for the first place!"

"Just kidding, Wu Sikong is known as a monster. No one in our school can beat him! But Zhong Yihan is also really strong. Starting today, the pattern of high school will be completely changed because of Zhong Yihan. Xiong Bo has maintained the second place in two and a half years has finally changed. "

"I announce that starting today, Zhong Yihan is my new idol!"

"You are a wall grass. Didn't you say Xiong Bo was your idol before? But honestly, Zhong Yihan looks very handsome. Why didn't I find out before that there is such a handsome guy in our school? ? "

Zhang Shou in the crowd just applauded.

He didn't know what he should say now, only excitement, endless excitement.

At first Zhong Yihan told him that he wanted to fight for self-respect, Zhang Shou didn't believe it, but now he believes that Zhong Yihan really has this strength, and he proved himself in front of the school.

Wu Sikong, who also said nothing, was different from the indifference he always showed today. He stared at Zhong Yihan now and seemed to want to rush to the platform and fight with him.

"Zhong Yihan is a pervert. I don't know what to do anymore. It's a great blessing to be friends with him!"

No one has responded to Fan Dali.

For the first time, Li Xinyu discovered that a person could really shine.

At this time, Zhong Yihan on the platform seemed to be the center of the world, making people not want to look away easily.

"Well? Zhu Zhenxing, are you crying?"

Ming Jiajia's words immediately directed everyone's attention to Zhu Zhenxing, who wiped away the tears and snot with the fastest speed, and then said hardly, "I am not crying, there is dust in my eyes."

As the saying goes, men don't cry easily.

Zhong Yihan never cried.

Even if Zhong Yihan's father was framed and imprisoned, he quickly emerged from despair, and then took on the responsibility of the only man in the family.

How Zhong Yihan insisted on clenching his teeth over the past few years, no one knows better than Zhu Zhenxing.

For many things, in order not to worry Zhang Aimei and Zhong Qiaoyue, Zhong Yihan could only say to Zhu Zhenxing.

So he knew that when Zhong Yihan was most desperate, he even raised the idea of dying together with the rich second generation, but he finally survived by himself.

Zhong Yihan training every day to exhausted, to the weekend to do odd jobs to supplement the family.

Zhu Zhenxing sometimes distressed him and wanted to lend him money, but Zhong Yihan always refused.

At that time, Zhong Yihan seemed to exclude the entire world, but he just buried his head and moved forward.
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Zhu Zhenxing knew that Zhong Yihan would not cry in the future.

So he wanted to cry, to cry for Zhong Yihan.

Of course, this is a tear of joy, because Zhong Yihan's hard work finally paid off.

Now he is standing on the ring. He is no longer despised by being ignored, and has become a brilliant genius!

"Yihan, good job!"

"Zhong Yihan, I like you!"

"Hurry up and take a break, have a good performance next game!"

The warm applause lasted a long time.

Just when everyone was expecting the spark that Zhong Yihan would collide with Wu Sikong next, suddenly, the crowd dispersed a way.

The principal's secretary is opening his way, and the meticulous principal Song Deqiu, who combed his hair, walked through the crowd with a serious face and walked up to the ring.

It is normal for the principal to appear at this time, after all, it will be the final.

However, some people saw that Song Deqiu's face was serious and unusual, and something seemed to be going on.

Song Deqiu stepped onto the ring, took the microphone handed by the secretary, and said with a serious face: "I announced something to everyone, just now, someone reported it! It said that in the 16 major hegemonies of our school, someone took temporary Illegal drugs that have greatly enhanced strength! Therefore, I announce that today 's game will be suspended and will be re-scheduled after the investigation is completed! "

After speaking, Song Deqiu glanced at Zhong Yihan with a strange look.

Song Deqiu's words made everyone react for two seconds, and then under the whole stage, everyone's mind was like a bang, and then it came over.

"Really? Someone used a drug?"

"The principal has said it himself, can there still be a fake? It must be Zhong Yihan, right ?! I said why his strength broke out so fierce!"

"But I don't think Zhong Yihan is such a person. Is it the principle that they read wrong?"

"What kind of person Zhong Yihan is can judge from the appearance alone? If this is the case, the Kung Fu Association will not have to work so hard to catch prisoners!"

Taking banned drugs is not trivial.

Basically, this kind of drug is used when fighting on the battlefield.

And the Kung Fu Association also clearly stated that no student is allowed to take prohibited drugs in any assessment. Once found, he will drop out directly!

And if it is a student below high school, the college entrance examination is not allowed for three years!

Zhong Yihan's face was gloomy.

Although Song Deqiu did not say it clearly, it was clear that he was targeting himself.

"Illegal drugs that can greatly enhance their strength temporarily", who can afford this title except himself?

Sure enough, more and more spectators below the platform began to think that Zhong Yihan used banned drugs, Ming Jiajia couldn't help but loudly: "You nonsense! Zhong Yihan is not such a person, he will definitely not use banned drugs!"

Li Xinyu they all know that it is impossible for Zhong Yihan to use banned drugs because for him, it is not necessary at all whether he can get the first place in the school today.

Moreover, Zhong Yihan always likes to keep a low profile. He will not put his reputation and future into a vanity.

Li Xinyu is clever and suddenly figured out all the wrong places today.

Zhong Yihan said before the match that he didn't care about the top 16 games, but he won the game in a row, and his body was full of a sense of resentment.

It turned out that he knew early on that the principal was targeting him! Song Deqiu must have done something that touched Zhong Yihan's bottom line, so he wanted to take the opportunity of the game and let out bad breath.

Zhong Yihan suddenly calmed down and said, "Principal Song, you said that someone is taking a banned drug? Someone is reporting it? Tell me, who reported it and who took it?"

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