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Kung Fu Beyond the World 134 Chapter 134 - Victory

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Zhong Yihan sang loudly, rushed forward, held the knife with both hands, and hacked directly!

This knife does not have any fancy movements, and even there is a distance from Xiong Bo, but in the eyes of Xiong Bo, the whole world seems to have only one knife left!

Xiong Bo felt that he was locked by a powerful force, and there was no room to dodge. He could only lift up the thick-backed knife and screamed, blocking the thick-backed knife on the opponent's knife.


A crisp gold-iron impact sounded.

Everyone in the audience felt only a flash in front of them and found that Zhong Yihan came behind Xiong Bo, and maintained a state of ending with a knife.

And Xiong Bo, still holding the position of raising the knife, stood still.

"What's going on ?!" someone exclaimed.

at this time.

A "ding" sounded crisply.

The thick-backed knife in Xiong Bo's hand broke from it, and half of the knife fell to the ground.

At the same time, Xiong Bo snorted, kneeling on one knee, covering his left hand with his chest, and then saw the blood flowing out of his fingers.

Xiong Bo said hard: "I lost! But I still want to thank you for your mercy!"

Zhong Yihan nodded and looked at the referee: "If you don't ask the doctor to stop the bleeding, he is going to die."

The referee quickly stopped the game and called the doctor.

Suddenly up and down the ring platform, the doctors came up and found that Xiong Bo had a knife mark directly on his chest, almost hurting the internal organs, and hurriedly gave him bleeding!

Xiong Bo sighed and closed his eyes.
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As a client, he just saw it very clearly—Zhong Yihan's knife was like lightning, but after cutting off his thick-backed knife, he unexpectedly stopped a bit.

This is obviously the mercy of Zhong Yihan.

Otherwise, Xiong Bo has no doubt that he will be cut in half!

"I owe him a favor when I lose. That's really upset!"

Zhong Yihan himself was relieved.

This "chop" was realized by him after his basic knife reached the full level.

It 's not a unique skill, but when his knife reaches a certain level, he knows more about the long knife in his hand, and has a considerable degree of strength, angle, and coordination of the body. control.

And this knife "chop" is what he researched. After uniting his own body strength and energy and spirit, he broke out the strongest move!

In Different World, he used this "chop", and he could easily cut the big tree that the two of them embraced with one stroke!

It's just that the knife is too strong, there is no turning back. With his current strength, there is no way to completely control the knife.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, he reluctantly regained some strength. After all, he still had a good opinion of Xiong Bo, and did not intend to kill him.

Others have long been stunned, many of them are weak, their eyesight is not stunned, they didn't understand what happened, they only saw the flash of the knife, and then Xiong Bo was defeated!

They would not suspect that there was a fake match. After all, Xiong Bo's thick-backed sword with a weight of over a hundred kilograms was cut in two, which shows that Xiong Bo must try his best.

Is there anything magical about Zhong Yihan's knife?

Only a few people, such as Zhang Shou, such as Wu Sikong, saw the mystery of this knife.

Zhang Shou patted his thigh and was surprised: "Is this guy Zhong Yihan's knife already so good ?!"

Wu Sikong's eyes flashed with an inexplicable light, and with a voice, he could only hear, he said softly: "Unity of energy and spirit, split out this knife, and there was still enough power to retract the knife midway, funny, interesting! I did not expect to be near the high school graduating, I can still meet such interesting people! "

In the principal's office, Song Deqiu, who was always staring at the monitor, saw Xiong Bo kneeling on the ground in the picture, and suddenly shot at the table, but he didn't say a word for a long time, only with a look of anger.

"Xiong Bo lost? You tell me, this is not true. The person who lost in the picture is not Xiong Bo, right?"

The secretary was scared by Song Deqiu and he didn't dare to look at the other side. He knew that this time the thing was completely messed up. He never dreamed of it. Zhong Yihan could win Xiong Bo, and he still won in this way!

This also means that Zhong Yihan's strength has at least reached the level of Xiong Bo, and even higher.

Everyone knows that Xiong Bo is able to enter Xiangshui University and can even enter the Top Four.

So Zhong Yihan, who won Xiong Bo, obviously has this possibility.

Regardless of being admitted to the Top Four, just entering Xiangshui University, once he graduates successfully, his future is promising.

The secretary who offended a promising genius, shivered at the thought of Zhong Yihan's revenge in the future.

Song Deqiu had the same thoughts as the secretary, and his face changed for a while, worrying, anger, and nagging for a while.

He suddenly made up his mind.

There is a final next, but he can't let him win again!

Although Wu Sikong's combat effectiveness, he has a high chance of winning, even if there is a 1 in 10,000 chance of losing, Song Deqiu does not want to bet.

Because once Zhong Yihan won Wu Sikong and became the first in the school, then he would have to train the other party even if he was reluctant.

The first in the school means that most of the school's resources and rewards will be concentrated on him. He is the face of the school and the hope of the school.

Go all out to train an enemy?

How could he allow this to happen!

In addition, if Zhong Yihan became the first, others knew that his reward was deducted by the principal and even planned to abandon him. What will happen to him?

Song Deqiu thought a lot quickly, but the only thing he didn't think about, this is the last time that may be fixed with Zhong Yihan.

This is arrogance and prejudice.

Although even Song Deqiu has to admit it now, Zhong Yihan is already qualified to have an equal dialogue with him.

But in his mind, Zhong Yihan was still at the bottom of the previous grade, his family was poor, and destroyed his plan!

Soon Deqiu had a decision. He looked back at the secretary and said coldly, "Go! Let's go to the ring!"



Around the ring, it was quiet and extremely quiet.

Everyone was shocked and watched the doctor lift Xiong Bo away. The wound on Xiong Bo's chest was still bleeding, as if it was also cut on them!

The referee on the stage was standing still, and there was no response for a long time. Zhong Yihan couldn't help but said, "Referee, should you declare that I won?"

Zhong Yihan's voice brought the referee back to his head. He raised his hands in a hurry to announce: "Zhong Yihan wins!"

After the announcement, the referee still felt very unreal and couldn't help but look at Zhong Yihan a few more times.

At this moment, the first applause from the audience was loudly applauded by the fat man Zhu Zhenxing.

Then Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia applauded.

For a moment, the warm applause sounded like a tide, and almost everyone was clapping hard. They wanted to express their respect for Zhong Yihan and affirmation of the wonderful level of the game.

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