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Kung Fu Beyond the World 133 Chapter 133 - My Move

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The communication before the battle was a contest between the two sides.
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In this contest, Zhong Yihan and Xiong Bo refused to give up.

Feeling the tense atmosphere on the stage, the voice of the audience discussion was much lower.

Everyone held their breath and looked forward to the beginning of this battle.

Xiong Bo's weapon is also a knife, but unlike Zhong Yihan's slender Tang knife, Xiong Bo's weapon is a thick-backed sword, which is heavy at first sight, and less than one hundred kilograms!

One hundred kilograms knife is definitely a magic weapon in ancient times, and only that kind of super general can play.

But for modern metallurgical technology, forging a large knife is not a problem at all.

Xiong Bo is 1.99 meters tall, with strong muscles and a large volume. He stood there as if he were a huge black bear, and with this large knife weighing more than a hundred kilograms, even in ancient times, he is definitely a strong soldier.

A bell rang and the third game started!

Xiong Bo yelled, took a step forward, cut it with a knife, Zhong Yihan did not dare to resist positively, and quickly fled away to fight.

In Zhong Yihan's eyes, Xiong Bo felt a little bit like the Beastmaster on an island in a Different World.

Furious, powerful, invincible.

Fortunately, the shortcomings of Xiong Bo's speed are very obvious. Although Zhong Yihan's agility is not too high, it has at least 2.23, which gives him sufficient predictive ability.

Xiong Bo waved the knife again. This time Zhong Yihan still cleverly avoided the attack, while sweeping the knife in his hand, stabbed straight towards the opponent's chest with the tip of the knife.

However, Xiong Bo had expected that at the same time that his thick-backed knife was about to touch the ground, he suddenly changed the handle from his right hand to his left hand, while sweeping forcefully towards Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan was slightly surprised, but he was not distracted. He slightly jumped his left foot on the ground and leaped high in the air.

Xiong Bo is also very fast-moving, lifting the thick-backed knife up and blocking Zhong Yihan's knife, only to find that this knife is not as powerful as expected.

Zhong Yihan flipped back lightly in the air and landed steadily on the ground.

The students and audience only looked dazzled and stunned. It was just between the light and flint that the two had made so many moves, and they seemed to be evenly matched, and no one fell into the wind.

After a moment of silence, the applause suddenly sounded, applaud and cheer for the wonderful performance of these two masters!

Zhong Yihan stood up again, and was not frustrated because of it, but praised: "You are indeed powerful, the skill is good!"

Sure enough, it is not unreasonable that Xiong Bo can maintain second place in the school for so long.

"You are not bad."

Although it is only simple words, it contains Xiong Bo's great affirmation of Zhong Yihan.

This is the first time he praised others except for Wu Sikong.

Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "It was your attack just now, it's my turn now!"

It was just a moment, and the knife was attacked.

When Xiong Bo's face changed, a thick-backed knife stood in front of him, shaking it slightly, but stopped them, but Zhong Yihan changed very quickly, stabbing sharply, and forced Xiong Bo to move back three steps and hide after this trick.

The two were again deadlocked.

Zhong Yihan's vitality is 2.51, and Xiong Bo's vitality is 2.52. The actual difference between the two is not much. The more difference may be that Zhong Yihan's various attributes are relatively balanced, and Xiong Bo's partiality is serious, but his fighting skills are enough to make up for speed inadequacy.

Although Zhong Yihan attacked more, Xiong Bo was able to fight back occasionally, but from the scene, the two were evenly matched.

Standing in the crowd, Wu Sikong looked at the two people on the stage, his eyes flickered and his fighting spirit was high, and others didn't know what he was thinking.

Song Deqiu is just an ordinary person. He can't see what happened to the two on the platform through the monitor, but he is a little irritable. This fight lasted a little longer!

And the principal's secretary couldn't help but wipe his sweat, thinking that someone could finally restrain Zhong Yihan.

After a sudden onslaught, Zhong Yihan finally stopped.

There was a flash of excitement in his eyes, excitement of meeting his opponent.

Xiong Bo gasped slightly and sweated his forehead. Although Zhong Yihan's offensive to him just didn't consume much physical energy, but also caused him a lot of mental loss.

Zhong Yihan closed his knife and said, "Xiong Bo, you are indeed an opponent I have been dreaming of since I was in high school for three years. This ordinary attack really does not have much effect on you. It is out of respect for you. I want you to try a new move I recently developed! "

Xiong Bo froze slightly. Zhong Yihan has new moves? !!

Li Xinyu and others immediately looked at Zhu Zhenxing and asked, "When did Yihan research new moves?! Do you know?"

Fatty Zhu said he was completely unaware.

Above the ring, Xiong Bo licked the corner of his mouth and showed a smile of excitement, saying, "Come on!"

Zhong Yihan nodded, held the knife in both hands, and spread his feet slightly. The temperament of the whole person suddenly changed.

From the previous silent, like a stone, suddenly became sharp.

He is like a knife out of the sheath!

In particular, the killing intention emanating from him seemed to be condensed into substance, so that the opposite Xiong Bo could almost feel a bitter chill, and his goosebumps all over him!

Zhang Shou, Wu Sikong and others all stood up in surprise, staring at Zhong Yihan on the stage.

Xiong Bo also played drums in his heart for a while and felt the strongest intention of killing, still on the bear he killed two months ago.

But now, he obviously feels that the killing intention on the other side is far more than that of the bear. This naked killing intention makes people feel like they are suddenly in the mountains and wild forests. What he will face next is whether he die or not!

This made Xiong Bo subconsciously think: "Zhong Yihan has finally taken it seriously until now."

In other words, all the previous battles were a kind of temptation by the opponent?

But Xiong Bo has now used all his strength.

From the beginning, he has used all his strength!

Zhong Yihan's voice sounded coldly: "This move, I named it" Chop". I didn't want to make this move before, because I couldn't easily control it! After all, It is people who control the knife, not the knife control people. However, you are qualified to see this knife ... "


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