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Kung Fu Beyond the World 14 Chapter 14 - Vitality Improvemen

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It takes a while for the courier to arrive, and then Zhong Yihan catches the evil rabbit beast in the Different World for three nights.

Every time he encountered the tooth canine beast, he carefully avoided it, except that Zhong Yihan almost broke into a horrible cave when he chased an evil rabbit beast.

The results of these three days, besides, to redeem the shuttle consumption, and he redeemed the nutritional potions in the system mall to restore, a total of eighty system points.

This system point could have been higher, but Zhong Yihan realized that just killing beasts was a waste of a treasure land in the Different World, so he deliberately set aside two hours for practice during these three nights.

"Woohoo ..."

Zhong Yihan was already sweating for two hours of training. He gasped violently, clenched the knife in his hand, and split it against the deep mark on the tree in front of him.

Zhong Yihan didn't know how many times he had done this. Although his muscles were tired and even started to tremble, he still had good control, letting Tang Dao no more and no less, just cut into the deep marks and make it deeper.

[Basic Knife Proficiency +1]

This is the method that Zhong Yihan discovered to improve the proficiency of the Basic Knife Method. As long as the attack can be cut to the same place more than five times, it will begin to improve proficiency.

Zhong Yihan pulled out the Tang knife and wanted to do it again. Suddenly, he felt that his hands had begun to be weak, and his whole body was shaking as if he was crying with a heavy load.

Although it is not exhausted yet, it is also faintly reaching the limit.

Zhong Yihan put away the Tang knife and hid in the cave next to him.

This cave was discovered by him before. It originally had a nest of evil rabbit beasts, but all became his system points. The cave was spacious and dry, just as a place for him to rest in Different World.

To this end, he also brought a large piece of barbed wire and made a simple small mechanism. Just pull it gently to seal the hole with the barbed wire. He is very safe in the cave, so he will also shuttle the positioning in the Different World is set in this cave as his "transportation point".

Speaking of which, Zhong Yihan also made a small-scale exploration of this Different World these days and found that this is likely to be an island.
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The method is also very simple.

Although this is the Different World, all electronic products cannot be used and cannot be detected by drones, but traditional telescopes can be used.

Zhong Yihan spent two hours climbing up to the tallest tree nearby and then looked at it with traditional telescopes.

It is found that both sides of the southeast are sea, and the other two directions are not clear, but judging by the terrain and coastline, it should be an island with an area of about ten square kilometers.

After learning that this is an island, Zhong Yihan was relieved.

Because such a small island, the species must be limited, and it is unlikely that powerful and terrifying creatures will appear.

After sealing the hole with barbed wire, Zhong Yihan opened the panel to check his condition.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 0.8

Dexterity: 0.8

Constitution: 0.8

Spirit: 1.0

Comprehensive vitality: 0.85


Basic archery: 330/1000, (in progress).

Basic knife method: 300/1000

Basic Boxing: 253/1000

Basic footwork: 130/1000

"Huh? Has vitality improved?"

Zhong Yihan was surprised to find that his spirit and agility had increased by 0.1 each, and his overall vitality had increased by 0.05!

So far he has come to this island in the Different World five times in total, leaving aside the first accident, there should be only four times in the true sense.

In other words, the vitality increased by 0.05 in four days.

And before that, he worked hard for a month and only increased by 0.02!

This gap is too big!

These days of actual combat is the easiest way to increase mental strength.

And the agile improvement is also because he has become quick and swift in the battle with the evil rabbit beast.

Of course, being able to ascend so quickly must be related to the concentration of energy in Different World.

Two days ago, Zhong Yihan spent a hundred yuan to buy an energy detector to investigate the concentration of the energy on this island, and found that the energy value reached an amazing 8 points!

The energy detector works like a thermometer. It uses a special liquid to react to different levels of energy. It is not an electronic product, so it can also be used in Different World.

Someone made statistics after measuring the energy value of the earth.

The energy value in cities on the earth is generally between 0.5-1. In places with a good outdoor suburban environment, the average energy value can reach 1.5, and the good can reach 2 points.

And some famous mountains and rivers, caves and heavens have higher energy values, the highest can reach 5 or 6.

Energy is not a gas, but strange energy that is generated after the worlds merge, or in the words of a book, it is "recovered."

Energy's ability to transform organisms is very powerful, and it is beneficial to transform.

Let's put it this way, the heavier the energy, the better the environment and air, and the healthier and stronger the creatures growing in it, the same is true for humans.

Even if a terminally ill patient lives in a place with high energy, the body will gradually get better, even if the terminally ill cannot be completely recovered, but the whole person's complexion is much better than before.

Therefore, the most expensive house prices on the planet are not in the bustling metropolises, but around some famous mountains and rivers. The higher the energy value, the higher the house prices.

The energy value of this island can reach 8 points. This value is a crushing level when looking at the entire earth!

Energy's transformation of the human body is imperceptible. It is like the medicinal bath often used by human beings. It can continuously nourish the human body to improve the cultivation effect.

Just like Zhong Yihan only added 0.02 vitality to the earth a month, it can increase 0.05 in four days on an island in Different World. The rich energy played a vital role.

"If I can always follow this rhythm, then my vitality maybe 1.2 after a month!"

Zhong Yihan calculated for a moment and was a little excited.

Yun Chao's vitality is now 1.3, even if he has improved after one month, the gap between the two seems not to be very large.

However, Zhong Yihan knows that humans are not machines, and there are too many uncontrollable factors in reality, and the same rhythm cannot continue forever.

Maybe next time he comes to Different World again, he will be unable to practice by the sudden emergence of tooth canine beasts or more powerful creatures.

Fortunately, he already has 80 points of system points, and he can buy recovery potions to restore his physical strength. However, a bottle of recovery potions costs 10 system points. It is too expensive.

Just when Zhong Yihan was thinking about whether to speed up his practice by medicine, suddenly a dark shadow emerged from the nearby grass.

Zhong Yihan's eyes were swift and his hands were fast.

It was discovered that it turned out to be an evil rabbit beast.

Zhong Yihan's movement was almost subconscious, and it has completely become muscle memory.

He found that as long as he was not careless, the evil rabbit beast would not pose any threat to him.

[Congratulations to the owner for completing the "Evil Rabbit Beast Killer" achievement (killing one hundred evil rabbit beasts). Because of this achievement, the owner will unlock the first achievement, reward the pet egg.]

Zhong Yihan was about to get up and continue to practice, the sudden reminder of the system made him suddenly hesitated.


Pet egg?

Zhong Yihan did not expect that there would be an achievement function.

And achievement rewards are pet eggs.

Zhong Yihan opens the inventory to check his reward.

This is a pure white egg the size of a basketball.

[Pet Egg: You can randomly get a pet with random skills.]

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