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Kung Fu Beyond the World 126 Chapter 126 - First Place in Liberal Arts

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The second day is a liberal arts exam for the final exam.

After finishing the exam in the morning, Ming Jiajia overtook Zhong Yihan with a stationery bag.

Seeing that she smiled brightly, she seemed to be doing well.

"Yihan, how do you feel? I have several questions that I will not do this time, but I saw that you have stopped writing for a long time."

Zhong Yihan thought for a while and thought, "It's okay, it's not bad."
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He has not relaxed his studies in the liberal arts, coupled with the improvement of his spiritual attributes. He feels that his memory and understanding ability are much higher than before, so this time the answer is much easier than before.

All in all, there is no difficulty.

Ming Jiajia rolled her eyes at him and said, "you always said that, in the end, it is better than anyone else. But then again, Yihan now has 1.9. it is sure that you enter the top 16, and your actual combat is even more powerful. Come on, work hard to reach the final! "

Zhong Yihan smiled reluctantly and said, "I'll do my best!"

After the final exam of each semester, the school will be ranked in the top 16 of the grade based on the student's literary test plus the sum of the physical test results.

And then there is a reserved program-the top 16 competition.

This 16-strong hegemony is a tradition of every school, and it is also a must for all the students to watch. It is the final show at the end of each semester.

The sixteen students with the highest rankings in each grade will compete in pairs on the ring to decide the final champion.

In the past, there was no such thing as Zhong Yihan, but this time, everyone knew that Zhong Yihan would enter this round of 16.

Especially the students who watched the battle between him and Yun Chao before were surprised by Zhong Yihan's actual combat ability. Some people said that if Zhong Yihan did not meet the top academic fighters in the first round, maybe he can enter the top 8.

Although there are good rewards for the top three in the grade, especially the first place, ten energy and blood portions are awarded.

But to be honest, Zhong Yihan still doesn't really like this kind of medicine for 10,000 yuan a bottle, and he doesn't plan to work hard for it.

He wants to hide his strength, not to mention running for the championship.

To put it bluntly, he now has a higher vision, he doesn't care about the battle among students.

But Ming Jiajia thought that Zhong Yihan was not confident, and patted him on the shoulder with a smile, cheering him up and saying, "Yihan, don't be nervous, I believe you can do it!"

Ming Jiajia said and ran away with a blush.



The liberal arts examinations took two days.

As soon as the exam is over, all teachers start to work overtime to mark the papers.

Objective questions are directly judged by machines, and subjective questions are judged by teachers.

The teachers are still very efficient.

Only in the past half a day, at noon the day after the liberal arts exam, the results of all students were displayed on the bulletin board.

At the same time, the list of players who participated in the last sixteen hegemony tournaments of each grade has also been drawn by lot.

"Yihan, the results came out, you are the eighth in the school!"

Fan Dali ran into the classroom from the outside, and the performance bulletin board was on the first floor of the teaching building, and everyone's grades could be found on it.

The vitality of 1.9 shown by Zhong Yihan during the physical test was originally only ranked 15th in the school. He did not expect that after integrating with the liberal arts results, he went directly into the top eight.

It seems that this time the liberal arts performance not only did not hinder the hind legs but also allowed Zhong Yihan to improve his position.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan secretly exhaled.

Fortunately, he did not expose his true 2.5 vitality, otherwise, after the final exam and the integration of the liberal arts results, even if he is not the first but the second.

It is too conspicuous to think about it.

Even so, the eighth-place is still a place that shocked other students.

You need to know that the top ten of the whole school, in the eyes of most students, are proud and are longing for.

It is not surprising that the top ten schools of each year can be admitted to the "key Kung Fu colleges"-and the graduates of the key Kung Fu colleges are basically "superior men" in the eyes of ordinary people.

"Awesome Yihan."

"Yihan, you're making progress too fast!"


The warm sound of congratulations drowned Zhong Yihan. In the past two months, Zhong Yihan's relationship with most of his classmates has improved a lot.

This is not what Zhong Yihan did, but that he is too popular now.

Fan Dali came over and said, "Yihan, why you are not excited at all when you have achieved such good results?"

Zhong Yihan thought that why to be excited. I want to hide it!

But this sentence said that he must be beaten, so Zhong Yihan said, "Let's go and see it together."

A large number of students were surrounded by the public notice board at this time. Zhong Yihan and Fan Dali opened the road together and finally squeezed into the innermost.

"Yihan, the first 100 students in the school are on this board."

Fan Dali said as he found Zhong Yihan's name: "You are here, the first row."

Zhong Yihan nodded and did not speak, sweeping all the top sixteen.

Among the sixteen people, the one with the lowest vitality is not Zhong Yihan, but a one with a vitality of 1.8. Zhong Yihan has a vitality of 1.9, ranking 13th, and the highest vitality of Wu Sikong has reached 2.77.

And his ranking is still the highest in the school and has not changed in three years in high school.

However, as for liberal arts, Wu Sikong ranked only second in the school, and he scored 658 with a total score of 720.

Zhong Yihan was a bit surprised. Wu Sikong was surpassed in the liberal arts for the first time. He doesn't know which student is so powerful.

In addition, Xiong Bo ranked second with a liberal arts score of 625 and vitality of 2.52.

Qian Hansong was third with a liberal arts score of 601 and a vitality of 2.48.

These three people are the focus of Zhong Yihan's attention, just as Wu Sikong has never dropped first, the other two have never fallen out of the top four. After Geng Yueguang was out of school, the two of them were in the top three.

Zhong Yihan looked down, and when he saw his liberal arts score, he suddenly hesitated.

Zhong Yihan, a liberal arts score of 673, vitality of 1.9.

His liberal arts score is actually number one?

And it surpassed second-place Wu Sikong by a dozen points.

This let zhong yihan some tears and laughter. He just exaggerated himself just now, but fortunately, he didn't say it, otherwise, he would be embarrassed.

Just then, the voice of the discussion behind the two girls passed into Zhong Yihan's ears.

"Wu Sikong really is still good, this time he is still his first."

"People like him, as long as there are no accidents, he definitely is a big Kung Fu fighter"

"Hey, why didn't you take him down before? If you were his girlfriend, then the future way would be better!"

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