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Kung Fu Beyond the World 125 Chapter 125 - Kindness

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For a whole day, Zhong Qiaoyue stared at the energy tester, watching the continuously jumping numbers on it, and then smirked.

Until the evening, the fluctuation of energy gradually stabilized, and finally stayed at the number of 6.8!

Zhong Yihan placed the mother flower on an island in the Different World, where the energy value was 8, and the transmission in the middle plus the loss of the formation can now have an energy index of 6.8, Zhong Yihan is very satisfied.

Show that his two months of a busy life is worth it.

The family lives under the energy of 6.8. Even if they don't practice, the vitality will grow much faster than ordinary people.

More importantly, energy is a great supplement to people, and this supplement is a subtle supplement, only the kind that has the benefit and no harm.

He and Zhong Qiaoyue's vitality has now come up. On weekdays, there is a medicated bath bag to repair the body. Naturally, he is not afraid of physical problems.

However, the mother has worked hard for half her life, and many parts of her body have become aging and strained. She needs this kind of energy to nourish.

It won't be long that the mother's body will get better and better, and eventually return to a state similar to when she was young!

But Zhong Yihan did not forget his brother.

He and Zhong Qiaoyue said, "Isn't there an empty bedroom next to you? Pack up one, and I plan to pack one in my building, and then call your fat brother and Xiaoyu over and let them usually live here and practice here. What do you think? "
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"Okay, anyway, their parents aren't usually at home anymore, and I can talk to Sister Xiaoyu at our house."

Zhong Qiaoyue nodded and agreed.

As neighbors, the brothers on both sides were best friends. During this time, Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu had much contact. Over time, the two gradually became girlfriends.

"At this point, Zhu Xiaoyu and Zhu Zhenxing should be at home. Tell them about it."

"I'll go now."

Zhong Qiaoyue put on her clothes decisively and ran towards Zhu Zhenxing's house.

Zhong Yihan smiled. He was not a person who forgot other's kindness. When he didn't get the system before, Zhu Zhenxing secretly helped himself a lot.

In the relationship between the two people, it would be too rusty to repay such a thing, but the good thing is to share it with the brothers.

Moreover, he also believed that Zhu Zhenxing and Zhu Xiaoyu would not pass on such confidential matters.



"What ?! You say Brother Yihan has arranged a formation in your house, and now the concentration of energy can reach 6.8?"

After listening to Zhong Qiaoyue, Zhu Xiaoyu jumped up from the sofa in shock.

What is the formation?

She knew this better than Zhong Qiaoyue.

This is a knowledge that is said to be the civilization of human civilization in ancient times.

Scientists have verified that the energy in ancient times is much stronger than it is now, but it has declined to the bottom in modern times and has recovered again in the past two decades.

Although some of the formation methods have been restored through the current supercomputers, it is said that this discipline is extremely difficult to learn and requires a high level of understanding and talent to learn.

Moreover, the energy concentration base of this community is only 1.7. What kind of formation can rise to 6.8 all at once?

What is 6.8? At present, Yazun High School with the highest concentration of energy in Anping County is only 1.8, and in the Hengduan Mountains, which is ten kilometers away, the highest concentration of energy has just broken 3!

Zhu Xiaoyu feels that if she can always practice in an environment with an energy concentration of 6.8, her practice speed can be at least twice or more than now!

After using the medicated bath bag for two consecutive months, Zhu Xiaoyu's skin has now become white, completely rid of the shadow of the Xiao Hei monkey, and transformed into a real goddess.

And her vitality has reached 1.85, and she is now in the top five of Yazun High School.

Teachers are bragging about her rapid progress, but only Zhu Xiaoyu knows to herself that this is all thanks to the medicine bath bag.

And this medicated bath bag was made by Zhong Yihan, and now he has also made a formation with energy concentration of 6.8 ...

Zhu Xiaoyu glanced at Zhu Zhenxing, who was playing games in the living room, and lamented in her heart that why such a perfect brother is not herself? !!

However, 6.8 is too mysterious. Zhu Xiaoyu thinks it is good to see what is true.

So Zhu Xiaoyu quickly took Zhong Qiaoyue to her house.

Once on the second floor of the villa, Zhu Xiaoyu immediately felt something wrong.

It feels like she is sublimated!

There was nothing strange in the living room just now, but when she arrived on the second floor, Zhu Xiaoyu felt that her pores were widened, and she felt very comfortable as if she was soaking in the hot spring in the winter.

At this time, she looked at the energy tester in her hand, and sure enough, the mercury column on the tester soared all the way, soaring from 1.7 to 6.8!

This time Zhu Xiaoyu believed completely.

But she was also very weird. She went downstairs to the living room and looked at the energy tester on her hand, and wondered: "How come the energy in the living room is only 1.7, but on the second floor, it soared to 6.8. Isn't this energy covered in all directions? "

"Because I made restrictions."

At this time Zhong Yihan came over and laughed, "Xiao Yu, what about a fat man? Why didn't he come?"

"Yihan brother." Zhu Xiaoyu greeted him with some respect and laughed. "My brother is still playing games. It's not easy to get him out during the snow this winter, so I didn't tell him first." "

"Don't you believe it yourself?" Zhong Yihan easily revealed her careful thinking.

Zhu Xiaoyu spit out her tongue: "Yihan brother, how can you let me believe it, what formation can be so powerful?"

"You don't have to worry about it, anyway, it is so powerful. Anyway, there is a bathroom on the third floor and a bathtub. You can take a medicinal bath here. This medicinal bath, soaked in the higher energy, the better the effect! "

"But on the first floor ..."

"That was limited by me." Zhong Yihan explained, "Because there are always people who come to see my mom during this time, my mom usually greets them in the living room, so I didn't let energy enter the living room. "

Zhu Xiaoyu immediately understood, and now there is no doubt anymore, and she smiled: "Thank you Yihan brother!"

"You're welcome. You are the sister of a fat man, which is equivalent to my sister. I know your goal is the Top Four, so try hard!"


Then Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu hurriedly prepared to move.

Girls, there are always a lot of messy things, these Zhong Yihan will not participate.

As for Zhu Zhenxing, he didn't feel much about the energy index of 6.8. His baby is a game, anyway, for him, it is just another room to play the game.

But Zhong Yihan told him that in a place full of energy, one's sleep quality can also be greatly improved.

He usually sleeps for eight or nine hours and feels sleep, but now it may only need to sleep three or five hours a day to be full of energy.

So the fat man was more positive than anyone immediately.

Because for him, he can spend more hours playing games every day!

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