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Kung Fu Beyond the World 121 Chapter 121 - The Happy Trouble

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The next day, Zhong Yihan went to school as usual.

The students were all very excited, discussing the encounter of the fugitives of the Twin Mountains.

The Kung Fu Association also issued the latest announcement.

It was claimed that the ultimate killing of the fugitive was a master of the Kung Fu Association who did not want to be named. As for the students of Zhong Yihan and Zhang Li, nothing was mentioned directly.

Of course, this was discussed with Zhong Yihan.

Yesterday Liang Jinfeng also called Zhong Yihan specifically, told him the decision, and asked him to understand.

After all, this is also to protect Zhong Yihan's normal life, and the county Kung Fu association has reported the matter to the side. Liang Jinfeng said that they are now fighting for Zhong Yihan to score extra points for the college entrance examination.

Of course, Liang Jinfeng also said that the number of points that can be won is certainly not much, at most, it is three or five points, but Zhong Yihan has been very overjoyed.

The extra points for the college entrance examination is not a trivial matter. It must pass the strict examination of the National Kung Fu Association. Do not underestimate these three or five points, because when there are so many candidates across the country during the college entrance examination, the gap between the three and five points maybe hundreds, or even thousands!

The side of Anping County No. 1 High School also adopted the principle of low-key handling of this emergency.

It was just a teacher who said Zhang Li was a little injured during the training, she was out of school, and she greeted Zhong Yihan and Li Xinyu in private so that they should not tell Zhang Li's death to others.

Most of the students in class 3 and 5 were very happy, because Zhang Li, the "dirty fox", finally go away.

To be honest, the students in the class basically didn't like Zhang Li. After learning that she was out of school, all of them were happy, showing how bad Zhang Li's popularity is!

Naturally, the rewards of this training are gone. They heard that a teacher proposed to give the rewards to Zhong Yihan, but in the end, it was gone.

Of course, Zhong Yihan doesn't care about this. He really doesn't lack that money.

The following days are more common.

Zhong Yihan is still in the same class every day as usual. He goes to practice in the Different World at night, but he only has one more thing now, which is to study the formation method.

He entrusted Ying Nanyan with help to find the materials for the formation, which was easily obtained by Ying's forces. Only when the official formation began, Zhong Yihan realized that this was not an easy task.

There is a very important preparation in the formation, which is to write runes on the materials.

And this kind of symbol is not a stereotyped depiction-otherwise, a high-precision engraving machine can complete it.

These runes need to be carved by the arrayer according to the characteristics of the material and the direction of the energy operation. It requires not only a fine technique, but also a deep understanding of the formation method, and a very familiar understanding of the operation route of the energy among different materials.

For a long time, Zhong Yihan got stuck on this "rune carving", so that the practice progress in the weekdays fell a little.

However, in the following physical fitness test, Zhong Yihan was equally astonishing!



According to the school's practice, a test is basically conducted every two or two months to get a feel for the students, so that students can compare the differences between themselves and other students.

The last physical test result of Zhong Yihan was 0.8 vitality, ranking the last ten in the class, and the last 1000 in the whole year.

But this time ...

The vitality of 1.31 almost surprised all the students in the class!

"Impossible ?! It's only been more than a month, and Zhong Yihan's vitality has skyrocketed by more than 0.5?"

"Don't cheat? Must be cheating ?!"

"I don't believe it, and I firmly don't believe it, 0.5 a month, how is this possible ?!"

"Do you think the machine is broken? The school leader is also shocked. He has changed three machines to test continuously. 1.31 is the average score, and he reached 1.32 at the highest!"

There is a doubt, there are naturally people who support Zhong Yihan.
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"Don't use your thoughts to evaluate a genius. What's up with 0.5 a month? On our brother Han, everything is possible!"

"That is, before going to practice, we all looked at Yihan's arrow path from 50 meters and broke into the 150-meter arrow path in less than a month. This kind of improvement is under our eyes."

"You guys, you doubt others if you can't do it yourself. Has Han's progress during this time not been obvious enough? How about Yun Chao? 1.3 vitality was beaten by our brother Han! Still in the referee favoritism case! "

"Also during the last training, I saw brother Han carrying a lot of loot on their large bags! There are herbs, there are wild wolves! If it wasn't for the fugitive who messed up the training, Han brother would have won the top three in the final score!"

"You said why Brother Han was weak before? Some people may have not found proper ways to practice before. Or didn't find the trick, so my strength has been stagnant. But in fact, people are also accumulating, and they have accumulated more. Suddenly one day, the accumulations from the previous ones broke out immediately! "

Students talked a lot, but everyone's attitude towards Zhong Yihan was not the same as before.

Not to mention those ordinary students, since the last field experience, the few people in the class, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, Li Xinyu, Zhang Bo and others, have been extremely passionate about Zhong Yihan.

Several times students have seen Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan, Zhang Bo, and Zhu Zhenxing vying for Zhong Yihan to eat, and Li Xinyu often came to Zhong Yihan to chat after class. The smile was gentle and bright. Where was the former goddess of the iceberg?

And not only Li Xinyu, but Ming Jiajia also came to Zhong Yihan every day.

You know, although Ming Jiajia is not as stunning as Li Xinyu, she does not belong to that "first sight beauty", but Ming Jiajia 's facial features are definitely good-looking. She is low-key and relatively boring. It is much worse than Li Xinyu in temperament, and the sense of existence is even worse.

It just seemed that after the previous experience, Ming Jiajia became brighter all the time, and she was more conspicuous in dressing, and often saw her joking with Zhu Zhenxing, Fan Dali and others.

Only in the face of Zhong Yihan will Ming Jiajia show the shyness of a little girl.

However, as long as Li Xinyu comes to talk to Zhong Yihan, Ming Jiajia will definitely appear on the other side of Zhong Yihan!

Two outstanding girls were around Zhong Yihan, but this envied a group of boys.

Just envy is useless, everyone knows that the current Zhong Yihan is definitely not the bottom Zhong Yihan before.

The vitality of 1.3 ranks 16th in the new class results and this is only his result this month-who knows whether he will still maintain that abnormal growth rate in the future?

If he still gains 0.5 vitality next month, then his vitality will definitely be in the top five of the class!

If you have such achievements, such progress can also attract girls' attention!

However, these people, together with Zhu Zhenxing, did not know.

The vitality of 1.3 is the result of Zhong Yihan's deliberately spending 50 system points to purchase a "strength suppress fruit" from the system mall.

Because at this time from the previous field experience has been a week.

Zhong Yihan's vitality has also successfully broken 2!

This result is too scary. Even Zhong Yihan was afraid that after the result was exposed, he would be researched by the school and the Kung Fu Association.

So he would rather spend 50 system points to buy a "strength suppress fruit" to reduce the vitality.

Hey, this is also "happy trouble".

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