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Kung Fu Beyond the World 13 Chapter 13 - The First Money Made

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"Mom, I'm back."

Zhong Yihan returned home, and found that Zhang Aimei was always doing housework, he watched his mother's thin back, his eyes softened.

"Mom, today I'm advanced to the 100-meter field in the archery class."


Zhang Aimei stopped the broom and looked up in surprise.

"I heard that the 100-meter field is difficult. Almost half of the 50 students can advance to the 100-meter field."

"Yes, are you confident that I am admitted to Kung Fu University now?"

"I know you can do it. When did Mom have no confidence in you?"

Zhang Aimei said cheerfully.

Looking at her smile, even the wrinkles in the corners of her eyes stretched a lot.

"Brother, are you in 100 meters field?!"

Zhong Qiaoyue ran out of the bedroom, surprised.

The advanced course of junior high school archery is 25 meters, 50 meters, and 100 meters.

For Zhong Qiaoyue, who is still hovering in the 25-meter field, the 100-meter field is an insurmountable distance.

Moreover, Zhong Yihan stagnated for two years in the 50-meter field.

"yes, hey, are you envious? You're still far behind. But you don't have to worry, you can advance to the 50-meter field when you reach high school."

"You're talking nonsense, that's because there is no 25-meter field in high school, isn't it? It's just 100 meters. What's so great, when I advance to 150 meters, you will still be 100 meters. "

Zhong Qiaoyue said.

"Let's talk about it when you enter the 50 miters field."

Zhong Yihan's face was disdainful. Only in front of his family would he reveal the truest emotions.

And this is not a bragging statement. His progress in the past two days is even more obvious. By the time his sister goes to high school, he must have far exceeded this girl.

"Mom, look at him."

"Okay, okay, you two don't quarrel as soon as you meet each other. It's a headache for me. Qiaoyue, you should be happy when your brother gets results."

"He provokes me first."

"And you, brother need to be nice to sister."

"I know, mom."

Zhong Qiaoyue proudly stuck out her tongue, and then returned to her room.

Zhong Yihan gorged on two bowls of rice, then returned to the room to open the drawer.

Seeing two purple energy grass lying intact, he was relieved.

Zhong Qiaoyue's Kung Fu sound can be heard in the next room, and it seems that Zhong Yihan's advance in the 100-meter field has stimulated her greatly.

Zhong Yihan took off his schoolbag, took out all the contents and emptied it, and then put two purple grass in it.

He walked out of the bedroom sneakily, but before he got to the door, he heard Zhang Aimei's voice coming from the kitchen: "Don't go to practice just after dinner. Anyway, take a break."

"It's okay, mom."

Zhong Yihan quickly opened the door and went out.

As with weapons purchases, if more than 16 years old, can now use the ID card to go to an Internet cafe to access the Internet.

Zhong Yihan quickly went to a nearby Internet cafe to open a computer, and then opened the Kung Fu Forum.

The Kung Fu Forum is the nation's largest Kung Fu exchange website, with a large base of Kung Fu Strong and complete functions.

Not only does it have encyclopedic information, but it also has online trading functions and auction functions.

Zhong Yihan searched the forum for transaction information on purple energy grass and found that the demand is quite high.

This is also normal. According to the introduction in the encyclopedia, purple energy grass's medicinal effect is useful to people below the level of Kung Fu Strong. Obviously, the base of this group is the largest.

Although there are already some large pharmaceutical groups that have started to cultivate purple energy grass on a large scale through various methods, it is clear that such herbs are better than those grown artificially.

The price of wild purple energy grass is higher.

Zhong Yihan opened a market transaction and found that it needs to be registered before it can be used.

Fortunately, he brought his ID card and bank card.

Kung Fu Forum registration is the real-name system, plus bank card binding.

However, other people cannot see personal privacy information. The only other people can see is public information such as the avatar, ID, and gender.

Zhong Yihan thought for a while and registered himself with an ID-"Blood Knife".
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Is it a bit crazy?

But this can frighten others.

Zhong Yihan clicked to check ... the name is duplicated, the system automatically generates the suffix-"Blood Knife 12138".

After registration, after a series of verification and binding, and finally real-name authentication, half an hour has passed.

He opened a market transaction, and one of his posts: [A large amount of wild purple energy grass purchased, the price is fair] has more than a thousand responses.

Zhong Yihan stepped in and took a look. The post was made by a manager named Manager. His ID was followed by two diamonds, which represented his integrity level.

There are also a few posts that purchased purple energy grass. Zhong Yihan read it one by one. Although the sayings are different, the prices are basically two thousand.

Zhong Yihan returned to the first post, opened the private chat of the Manager, and then sent a message: dark purple energy grass, Do you want it?

Similarly, he opened the following private messages and sent the same message.

After a while, three or four windows popped up almost at the same time. He didn't expect these people to respond so promptly.

He opened the first shop manager's window.

Store Manager: "How dark is it? Send a picture to see it."

Zhong Yihan sent these photos one by one to the people.

Manager: "The condition is good, but it is not as dark as imagined, and it is worth five thousand yuan. I can give you more. How about five thousand five hundred for one?"

Zhong Yihan thought he would give a lot, but in the end, he gave five thousand five hundred?

Is this too much?

dishonest trader.

He looked at a few other businessmen, and the most one only quoted six thousand. These people are crazy?

This obvious dark purple, with open eyes, talked nonsense.

Just now he has checked the information on the forum and has a clearer understanding of the price of purple energy grass.

After all, such things as purple energy grass are too common and the price is very clear.

Zhong Yihan was a bit upset. He replied a message to the manager and other stores:

Just a word:


Manager: "Oh no, my price is not low anymore, I don't believe you go to another store, their price is definitely lower than mine."

Just at this time, the one who had quoted six thousand had changed another seven thousand.

Zhong Yihan sent a screenshot of his offer to the manager.

This time, the shop manager passed a full minute before replying again.

Manager: "It's seven thousand five hundred, it can't be any higher. I still need to earn some money."

Zhong Yihan didn't speak and sent screenshots of the manager's quote to several other businessmen.

As a result, only one quoted 8,000, and the others stopped speaking.

It seems that eight thousand is their limit price.

Anyway, Zhong Yihan still wants to try again.

So he sent eight thousand screenshots to the manager.

This time the manager was really silent.

Just when Zhong Yihan thought he was about to give up, the manager sent a message: "Brother, eight thousand five hundred, one, really can not be more. Although this color of purple grass is rare, but far from reaching the level of purple to black, that is the real best of purple energy grass. To tell you the truth, your purple energy grass is worth up to eight thousand, I give you five hundred more, just want to make friend with you, you will have to think of me if you have good purple energy grass in the future. "

Zhong Yihan was very satisfied with the price of 8,500. To be honest, he had already planned to sell them in 8,000.

So this time he did not say anything and directly agreed to the transaction.

The next thing is simple, just like the previous online shopping, find a courier to send the goods, and then send the courier order number to the website.

The store has also transferred the money out, but it is left on the website of the Kung Fu Forum. After the receipt is confirmed, Zhong Yihan will be able to get the full amount.

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