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Kung Fu Beyond the World 120 Chapter 120 - Trade Quality for Quantity

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The formation is a very wonderful thing. There are descriptions and introductions in both the Eastern and Western myths, and some records of its use.

It is said that some Kung Fu colleges now have a special system to study this. Although relatively unpopular, there are also many students who are not so keen on fighting to sign up.

It is said that the professors of the Higher Kung Fu Institute also used supercomputers to deduct formation, and achieved certain results.

However, setting it is a huge investment, and ordinary people really can't afford it.

Zhong Yihan went to the forum to check the cost and found that the materials added by the four methods, a set of less than one million, but this is still not considered a loss.

In addition, some materials are relatively easy to buy and can be bought on the forum.

However, some materials, such as chalcedony and red pupil, etc., Zhong Yihan searched on the forum and found that they are relatively rare. Most of them are acquired posts, and a few sold posts.

It seems that this rare material needs someone to help.

Well, for Miss Ying, this rare material should be easy to get right?



Its daybreak.

Because of something unexpected happened yesterday in the field training, the three classes attended today have a day off.

At noon, Zhong Yihan and Ying Nanyan met at a high-end restaurant in the county seat.

Ying Nanyan's face was a bit tired and frustrated, saying, "Is there really no way to increase output with this medicine inducer?"

Zhong Yihan shrugged and said, "Sister, I have told you this before, at least in the short term, there is no way to increase it."

Ying Nanyan sighed, the last glimmer of hope in her heart was shattered.

She told Zhong Yihan not to deliver the medicated bath bag, she only needed to give her the "medicine inducer" needed to configure the medicated bath bag.

Then Zhong Yihan didn't hide anything, and gave her a bottle of elf tears, and even gave it to her along with the configuration method of the medicinal bath and the proportion of medicinal materials.

Ying Nanyan went back and experimented according to the formula, and found that the medicated bath was exactly the same as before, so she was very satisfied with Zhong Yihan.

However, the laboratory's detection of this "medicine inducer" could not completely analyze the composition of this liquid.

However, they still got some results, that is, this liquid does have the effect of catalyzing and magnifying the drug power, but they don't really understand the specific operation mechanism.

Ying Nanyan smiled bitterly: "It seems I want to make this magical medicinal bath bigger. It is my greedy delusion. Forget it, this is the end of the matter. Then you don't need to provide me with medicine inducer. Just give me the finished product of the bath bag. "

Zhong Yihan nodded. It was indeed Miss Ying. She was really a heroine among girls.

He thought for a moment, and said, "The output of this medicated bath cannot be expanded now, and it is enough for a few of us to use it, but I have thought about it during this time, but the medicinal properties of this medicated bath bag have space to improve."

"Oh, how do you say?"

"It's very simple because the medicinal materials I used to configure medicated baths are of average quality. These medicinal materials may only be four or five points, up to five or six points. If I can find good medicinal materials, then under the catalysis of this medicine inducer, the effect of the medicated bath bag will be better."

Ying Nanyan's eyes lit up immediately.

Zhong Yihan added with a smile: "There can be no perfect medicinal materials in this world, but eight or nine points, I think Miss Ying should be able to get, right? There is a saying that the quality is not enough, we can add quality. If we don't have enough quantity, we can use quality to make up for it, then ... "

"In that case ..." Ying Nanyan immediately replied, "Originally a drop of medicine inducer could be used to dispense a pack of medicated baths, but now that the effect is doubled, it is equivalent to dispense two packs ?!"

"For effect, this kind of medicated bath with high medicinal properties but half the quantity may be slightly weaker than the previous one. It may be only 70% to 80%, but it is enough."

Zhong Yihan as consulted Xia Ling specifically about this question.

Ying Nanyan praised: "70% to 80% is actually enough. I am most depressed now that this medicinal bath is obviously a treasure, but the export is too small, and it is only enough for a few of us. Don't say it is used to do business. After all, we still need to use it ourselves, there isn't much we can do out of humanity. "

"But if you really improve the medicinal properties as you said, and then divide the medicated bath bags into batches, I will be able to make an extra batch of medicated bath bags, which is very important to me!"
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Then Ying Nanyan laughed and said, "I will let people collect the medicinal materials needed for medicated bath bags. They must be highly medicinal, and then I will send them to you to arrange medicated bath bags, but the price is still the same as before. I won't drive you anymore! "

Zhong Yihan laughed. "You provide me with high-grade medicinal materials. The price is still the same as before. This is obviously that I have taken advantage. After all, although the previous medicinal materials were not precious, they cost a lot. Yes, it's better now, I just need to add a medicine guide and artificial. "

Ying Nanyan sighed: "This is the case in the business. Whoever masters the core technology is the best. Before the revival of energy, the world's most sophisticated technology has blocked our country. We spend money to find other people to buy. They are unwilling to sell, the truth is the same. "

Zhong Yihan did not want to continue on this issue, and quickly took out his own prepared things, saying: "Miss, I have one more thing to ask you to help ... is the material on this paper, I wonder if you have any way to get it? "

Ying Nanyan looked down: "Moonstone, White Chalcedony, Topaz, Xuan Lingjing ... These are all materials for the formation. Will you arrange it?"

"Uh ... I learned a little at the Kung Fu forum and wanted to try it myself."

Ying Nanyan shook her head and said, "Many of the things on the Kung Fu Forum are anxious to be quick and unsystematic. Some are even deliberately released by the material dealers in order to let people buy their fabric materials. If you are interested in the formation, I can find some professional books for you. "

"But formation is not easy to handle. You are now at an important moment in school, so I really do not recommend that you waste your time on it. If you are really interested in the formation, then you will get a good Kung Fu college entrance examination. In the future, you can sign up for the formation system, or you can choose the formation as your minor course. "

Listening to her sincerity, Zhong Yihan said gratefully, "Thanks for reminded me that I have something in mind and I just want to try it."

Ying Nanyan nodded, she had already spoken to that share, it was considered as a friend, and Zhong Yihan insisted, it was his own thing.

So she said, "Okay, I'll let people collect this kind of material. As for money, I will deduct it directly from the medicated bath bag."

"Thank you, Sister Ying!"

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