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Kung Fu Beyond the World 119 Chapter 119 - Formation

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Zhong Yihan returned to his bedroom, locked the door, and then called up the system interface.

When he just gave the girl the strength fruit, he discovered that there was one more thing in the system package, which he hadn't noticed before-a silver treasure chest.

He remembered that this was a reward given to him by killing Qiao Cheng before, because the environment was complicated at the time, so he didn't open it on the spot.

Then he forgot it!

The last bronze chest gave him an "Encyclopedia of Primary Herbs", and this time the chest was silver, a grade higher than the last time, and he doesn't know what can be opened.

"Come out!"

A burst of light lit up, and the silver treasure chest slowly opened.

After the light had cleared, a strange-looking flower appeared in front of Zhong Yihan.

[Can communicate the energy of two worlds, produces a flower in three months. The mother flower is the main flower, and the child flower is the supplement. When the mother flower is planted in a place full of energy, it can absorb the energy and transfer to the child flower. As long as the mother flower does not die, the child flower will not die.]

[Note: The treasure of the formation, it's rare!]

Zhong Yihan was still a little depressed, so why did it bloom a strange flower?

But when he saw the introduction clearly, his eyes lit up immediately.

He has a good foundation in text, and immediately understood the meaning of the introduction.

In other words, this kind of flower has the role of cross-border transportation of energy.

For example, if the mother flower is planted in a Different World, and the child flower is planted in his bedroom, the mother and child flowers will still feel even if they are separated by two circles.

The mother flower can transfer the energy absorbed from the Different World to the child flower through some unknown means.

This is equivalent to opening an aura channel with Different World!

Looking at the following description, simply the mother and child flowers open the aura channel, in fact, it is not very useful.

However, he can use the formation to use child flower as an array of eyes, so as to force child eye to release the energy it absorbed!

This is a complete energy channel. In other words, flower and the formations are combined, Zhong Yihan can enjoy a high concentration of energy in his bedroom!

This is a treasure!

Why ordinary people and some wealthy businessmen are scared off the road after the space cracks are about to appear in Qinggang City, but there are more business giants like Ying family who go in.

They have begun to buy a house in Qinggang City, which has fallen to the bottom, and began to take a lot of lands!

Just because they are betting.

Bet this crack in space will eventually be suppressed by the Kung Fu Association!

In that case, Qinggang City will be directly connected to the realm because of the cracks in the space, and the energy released through the cracks in the space will make Qinggang's energy Index reach the level of some famous mountains and rivers on the earth!

Scientist research shows.

They even conducted sampling surveys.

Looked for two groups of teenagers, both boys and girls, aged eleven or twelve.

A group of people lives in the famous mountain and river, where the concentration of energy is high, and the energy concentration is about 5;

A group of people lived in a city with a low concentration of energy, and the energy concentration did not even reach 1.

The two groups lived in this environment for one year each, and their diets were basically the same every day.

One year later, students in the famous mountains and rivers with a higher concentration of vitality increased their vitality by an average of almost three times more than students in the city!

There are dozens of tests of this kind. The experimenters have elderly people and children, healthy people and terminally ill, and various animals-after all, this experiment has no risk, it is time-consuming, so it is said that there are still pregnant women are involved.

The final conclusion is that the higher the energy, the better the growth of living things.

Energy concentration over 2 points will obviously improve human health, and over 5 points, even some severe cases can have a better self-healing effect!

Moreover, if a pregnant woman lives in a place full of energy during pregnancy, the baby born is often healthier and talented!

So it is conceivable that the most direct impact after the results of this survey came out-the higher the energy index on the earth, the more expensive the house prices will be!

In some areas with space cracks, within ten kilometers around the space cracks, the energy index can reach as high as 5 to 7, even within a hundred kilometers, there can be three or five points.

Living in such a city is much more convenient than some famous mountains and rivers, so it is not difficult to understand why these businessmen are so crazy to buy lands in Qinggang City.

The house prices they are now taking have fallen below the bottom. A set of houses close to a hundred square meters of space cracks, that is, hundreds of thousands.

However, once this crack in Qinggang was controlled by the Kung Fu Association, it was determined that the space crack was not in danger, and after the surrounding energy became thicker ...

These hundred-square-foot houses are at least tens of millions!

Of course, if they lose in the end, basically most businessmen will lose their all money.

However, this hundreds of times of profit make many people willing to bet on this one!

However, with this flower, Zhong Yihan didn't need to bet at all.

Because he can transfer the energy of Different World to the earth through this flower, and transfer it to his bedroom, or this villa!
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The energy of the island he traveled to through the shuttle was as high as 8 points. Even if he could not transfer all of them, transfer 5 or 6 points. This concentration of energy also belongs to the best practice treasure on the earth!

At that time, their whole family will live in this villa and they will be able to enjoy the high concentration of nourishment.

However, in this case, the matching formation is needed ...

Zhong Yihan hurriedly checked the system mall and finally found something on the last page.

["Primary Formation": Records the principles and methods of seventeen primary methods, including primary introducing energy method, energy gathering method, scattered energy method, ecstasy method, and so on. Price: 2000 system points.]

"Two thousand system points, so expensive!"

But Zhong Yihan still needs to buy it.

If he didn't get this flower, he would also consider whether to buy it, but the problem is that he now has it and the system points in his hand are enough ...


After the 2000 system points were deducted, a huge stream of information poured into Zhong Yihan's head.

It took him a long time to recover from his splitting headache.

"Are these formations?"

Zhong Yihan felt more and more surprised at the new information in his head.

Introducing the energy method, he can attract the surrounding energy, and then introduce it into a core;

Scattered energy method is to release the energy in a core;

Energy gathering can keep the energy within a certain range without escaping;

The ecstasy method can allow some people who are close to the formation, especially the core of the formation, to raise doubts in their hearts, and then subconsciously walk away, so that the formation is not found ...

These four formations are all elementary, but with the flower, they can have amazing results!

Just imagine.

In the place where the energy of the Different World is the strongest, set the introducing energy method, and the array eyes are the mother flowers, which are used to absorb the energy;

Set energy gathering method in the villa room and the array of eyes is a child flower, which can release the energy absorbed by the mother flower;

Then gathering energy method is set around the entire villa, so that the energy can be flooded throughout the villa without worrying about escape or being discovered by others, or being benefited by others like WIFI;

Finally, in the key place of the formation, and then set up the ecstasy method, so that outsiders can not find this formation!

Four in one, seamless!

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