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Kung Fu Beyond the World 118 Chapter 118 - Brother and Sister Talk

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In fact, Zhong Qiaoyue just pretends to not care, but she was shocked.

She had been busy practicing before and did not know what happened to Twin Mountains, and her mother Zhang Aimei didn't tell her because she didn't want to worry her.

A brutal fugitive!

Can it be dealt with well? !!

However, Zhong Yihan said that the fugitive was murdered by him, and Zhong Qiaoyue did not believe it.

Not to mention the fugitive, in her impression, this old brother has never even killed a chicken!

Zhong Yihan sat beside her and said inadvertently: "It is normal without my name because the president of the county Kung Fu association told me that for the sake of my normal life, this matter will temporarily block the news and not pass it on. "

After listening, Zhong Qiaoyue changed from total disbelief to suspicion.

"Did you really kill the murderer? But you all said that his vitality is 2, even if you progress fast, you should not be his opponent?"

"Um, in fact, he was seriously injured, and his strength may not be half its peak. But anyway, your brother is heroes today."

"Well." Zhong Qiaoyue said.

She is so smart, of course, she knows that her brother deliberately ran to show off in front of herself, but the matter itself should really be true, but she can't give him a good look, otherwise this guy will proud!

Zhong Yihan lowered his voice seriously and said, "I just told you about this, don't tell parents, it's not good to worry them."

Zhong Qiaoyue smiled slyly: "It's okay to say nothing, but you have to accompany me to practice, let me see the level of defeating the vitality 2.0."

Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "Okay, I will play with you with one hand!"
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"Brother, don't proud."

"Don't worry, don't mention one hand, even use one hand and one foot, brother will win you! Your old brother is no longer weak! "

Zhong Qiaoyue nodded deliberately: "Well, it's really not that weak!"

As soon as the voice fell, Zhong Yihan raised his hand and knock at her head.

Zhong Qiaoyue bent aside and walked away, smiling, "Brother, I'm here!"

After that, she instantly kicked a roundabout side kick and kicked towards Zhong Yihan.

Well, it's a lot faster than before.

Zhong Yihan had his left hand behind his back, his right hand blocking the foot, and smiled slightly: "The power has also increased."

"Is it just a few?"

When Zhong Qiaoyue saw that his first leg was unsuccessful, she immediately turned around 180 degrees with Zhong Yihan's blocked hand as a fulcrum. This is Zhong Qiaoyue's latest mastery. With the speed of rotation, the force on the foot can be doubled or even doubled!

However, Zhong Yihan did not resist, but relied on his steps to move back to the right and then easily escaped Zhong Qiaoyue's nirvana.

Next, Zhong Qiaoyue continued to use various moves to attack, all of which were easily resolved by Zhong Yihan.

And as he said, he had his left hand behind his back from beginning to end.

The two lasted about a few minutes. Zhong Qiaoyue stopped panting, sitting on the ground in a dazed mood.

"Don't fight! Don't fight!"

Zhong Yihan sat beside her and said, "Tired?"

"I can think of all the attacks, but they are all blocked by you. Why are you so powerful now? I believe some of you said that you killed a murderer."

Zhong Yihan smiled and said, "Now you know who is the boss at home?"


Seeing Zhong Qiaoyue's murderous eyes, Zhong Yihan quickly changed his mouth: "Your brother will always be your brother!"

Zhong Qiaoyue rolled her eyes, and suddenly silenced for two seconds, then looked at Zhong Yihan, and asked seriously: "Brother, what is it like to kill?"

Zhong Yihan blinked and smiled lightly: "It's almost the same as killing a rabbit."

Having said that, he paused for a moment, saying quietly: "At that time, the situation was critical. If I didn't kill him, he would hijack our classmate and leave. With that guy's ruthlessness, the classmate would definitely not end well. So, I need to kill him, too. "

Zhong Qiaoyue also calmed down, leaned on him, and said, "Brother, tell me what happened?"

Zhong Yihan thought for a moment, and simply said things again.

His eloquence is average, and he is not a person who likes to speak badly behind others, even if he hates Zhang Li, but in his mouth, it is just a sentence: "A girl can't stand the pressure, betrayed, and was later betrayed The fugitive killed her before he died. "

Zhong Qiaoyue frowned, "This kind of person really deserves death!"

Zhong Yihan said nothing, and sighed, "Forget it, don't mention her."

Instead of continuing to ask questions, she picks some more relaxed topics, and then the brother and sister talk together.

Interested, Zhong Qiaoyue even ran to get a bottle of Coke, the brother and sister drank and talked.

Honestly, although the two have been for so many years, there are really few caring conversations like today.

Neither Zhong Yihan nor Zhong Qiaoyue was emotionally exposed. Unconsciously, the outside sky was already slightly lit.

Zhong Yihan turned his back to Zhong Qiaoyue and bought a strength fruit from the system and threw it to her.

"Suddenly remembered, this is the fruit I found on the Twin Mountains today, and I gave it to you."

Zhong Qiaoyue felt the heavy weight of the fruit in her hand and unexpectedly said, "Where did you take it from? Brother, do you still play tricks?"

"you guess?"

Zhong Yihan laughed, but suddenly, he found something in the corner of his eye and said immediately: "Okay, it's not too late. Hurry and go to a medicated bath to sleep. Otherwise, you will lose my energy all day!"

"Also, remember, don't tell parents about killing!"

"I see, I know!" Zhong Qiaoyue waved her hand. "How does a young man look like an old mother!"

Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes and left.

Zhong Qiaoyue took a bite of the fruit, only feeling a warm current into the stomach, and all the limbs seemed to be full of power.

She was startled and was about to ask brother what the fruit was, but Zhong Yihan had already gone out at this time.

Zhong Qiaoyue lowered her head and muttered, "What, it's so mysterious."

Then she bit a bite of the fruit in her hand and praised:

"Well, really sweet!"

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