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Wu Bingzhai wanted to treat, and Du Tianqing was unwilling. Then, for a while, Du Tianqing just grabbed the final purchase right with a smile-but was still 50% off.

This time they drunk directly in the early hours of the morning, and everyone was almost drinking, so Wu Bingzhai sent someone to drive them home.

Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing now live in a community, so naturally, they are together.

The fat man was even happier than Zhong Yihan tonight. He was completely grabbing drinks. He is unconscious now. Like a dead pig, Zhong Yihan and the bartender carried him back to his villa.

Thrown to his sister Zhu Xiaoyu.

Of course, it was necessary to be complained by Zhu Xiaoyu for a while and then asked about the experience.

Zhong Yihan didn't elaborate, so he probably said it was all right. Zhu Xiaoyu saw that he was also slightly drunk, so she didn't ask much. She said good night and carry the fat man to the house.

Then Zhong Yihan didn't let the bartender continue to deliver, after all, his house was not far away, just a few steps away.

As soon as he entered the house, his mother Zhang Aimei walked over worriedly and said, "Yihan, are you okay? I read the news that a murderer escaped to Twin Mountains?"

It seems that this matter has spread quite widely.

Zhong Yihan didn't plan to tell Zhang Aimei about the abduction. Anyway, now that things are over, telling her will only make her worry for nothing.

"Mom, it's true in the news. Fortunately, the school responded in time, and the training was terminated early. Let's go down the mountain early, so I am fine."

Zhang Aimei checked it and saw that Zhong Yihan was really okay. This relieved him: "It scared me. The news said that the murderer had kidnapped your student as a hostage. "

Zhong Yihan didn't expect Zhang Aimei to worry about other students, so he laughed: "Mom, the news is too late, the murderer is dead, and the hostages kidnapped by him are all smoothly escaped. This matter is over. . "

"Really? That's good, that's good, why is there a smell of wine on you?"

Zhang Aimei then smelled the wine of Zhong Yihan.

"I had a drink with my classmates. Mom, I've eaten out. Don't heat the rice for me."

"It's okay, you can take a rest early today, after experiencing such a big thing, it may leave a psychological shadow."

Zhong Yihan said, "Relax, I'm fine, how about Qiaoyue?"

Zhang Aimei was worried: "She practiced in the practice room, you also know that since the practice room, she will stay in as long as she has time, you brother as well as talk about her, don't just think about cultivation, the string is too tight and will break sooner or later. "

Zhong Yihan nodded: "I see. I'll see her later."

Since they have a medicated bath bag, they no longer have to worry about fatigue.

Zhong Qiaoyue works so hard, Zhong Yihan can understand.

After all, he is the same, as long as he has time, he will go to practice on an island in Different World.

What happened to Zhong Qiaoyue was left behind, Zhong Yihan returned to the room, locked the door, and then released Xia Ling. He was going to let her go to the children's playground room to play, but he went to take a bath by himself but did not expect Xia Ling to fly to Zhong Yihan excitedly. In front of him: "Master, Xia Ling found the treasure!"


Zhong Yihan suddenly hesitated, subconsciously thinking of the treasure that Xia Ling cares about, shells, Barbie dolls, and fried chicken.

But if it was in the Twin Mountains, she should not say that.
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Zhong Yihan originally thought that Xia Ling would be timid to hide, but she did not expect that she would find out, so he was very interested and said, "What treasure?"

Xia Ling flew to the ground and took out the cloth bag she found from the space.

Hearing only a bang, Zhong Yihan was startled by the sound.

When he heard this sound, look at this bag bulging. Will it be not full of stones?

Zhong Yihan felt strong energy in the bag, and he opened the bag doubtfully and found that there were indeed stones, hundreds of stones.

Each of these stones is the size of a finger, translucent, and slightly yellowed in its appearance.

Most importantly, these stones seem to contain strong energy. Besides the bag, Zhong Yihan feels comfortable all over!

Zhong Yihan's eyes could not help but widen: "Is there ... energy stones ?!"

Energy stone.

A high-level energy crystal, one of the most precious treasures produced in Different World.

According to expert research, energy stones can only be generated in places where the concentration of energy is extremely high, and it can take thousands of thousands of years to condense.

Even in Different World, energy stones are as rare as gold.

There are many benefits to energy stone. First of all, this is a crystal of energy, which itself contains very pure energy.

Jewelry made of energy stone is the favorite of the rich.

Because ordinary ruby, sapphire, emerald, and other things are carried on the body, except for good-looking, they are no use, those so-called gems can regulate the human body's magnetic field to make the body healthier, which are purely lies made by businessmen in order to flicker.

But the energy stone is different.

The energy is very restrained, so it is easy to save, and some specially processed jewelry shells can stimulate the energy release.

Wearing this kind of jewelry is equivalent to keeping a person in the range of high energy all the time, which is extremely beneficial to the body.

There are even some special methods of meditation and practice that can help the body quickly absorb the energy in the energy stone, and can more quickly strengthen the body's development potential.

For a local rich like Ying Nanyan, there are special energy stones for her to practice daily to enhance the surrounding energy.

Of course, her vitality 2.8 now seems very high, but compared with her peers, compared to the entire practice system, she is just a rookie who has not been even a Kung Fu fighter, and cannot play the true effect of the energy stone. .

Moreover, supplementing practice with energy stones is only the easiest way to use them.

Because the energy stone is rich in extremely powerful and stable energy, it can be regarded as a "super battery", so scientists are now combining energy stone and scientific and technological civilization to create many products.

For example, armors like Iron Man, which rely on energy stone-driven equipment, use supercomputers, and then based on the records in ancient books, calculate the "matrix" driven by energy stones, etc ...

It is just that the price of energy stone is very expensive. It is calculated in grams. The current price is about two hundred yuan per gram, which is a little lower than gold.

And such a large bag found by Xia Ling is not light, it is estimated to have at least 10-15 kilograms!

Zhong Yihan quickly went to a scale and weighed it.

15.75 kg.

He searched the Internet for relevant information and determined that these were indeed energy stones. The current price was 327 yuan per gram.

In other words, this bag of spirits is worth more than 5 million!

And this is the price on the market, but in terms of the current market, if you buy on the black market, the price must add at least 30%.

Zhong Yihan laughed, holding Xia Ling and couldn't help but kiss her severely.

This little guy, who has quietly picked up more than 5 million good things for himself, is too witty and loved!

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