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Kung Fu Beyond the World 114 Chapter 114 - Party

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It was already over nine o'clock in the night after taking notes from the Kung Fu Association.

After it was determined that Qiao Cheng was killed by Zhong Yihan, the Kung Fu Association also specially awarded him 500,000-this 500,000 was previously used by the Kung Fu Association to reward someone who could kill Qiao Cheng.

In addition, there is a certificate of honor, there is no use.

The crowd did not leave early but gathered near the door of the Kung Fu Association.

Zhu Zhenxing stretched his shoulders and looked at the stars in the sky: "Li Chenmin really deserves it. Depending on the situation, he estimated that he would stay in prison for a few years. Unfortunately, failed to pull Song Deqiu down. The thing that grades the hostages must be his idea. "

Fan Dali comforted: "Okay, things are over, let's not think about unhappy things, at least the result is good, right? In other words, after going through such a big thing, do you want to go for a drink together? I treat. "

Du Tianqing immediately agreed: "We must have a drink! But I treat!"

Everyone looked at Li Xinyu because she had never participated in such meetings and activities.

But Li Xinyu smiled sweetly and said, "Okay, let's go together!"



Everyone came to the Yangshi bar and found a big deck around them, and then Du Tianqing ordered a mess of all kinds of alcohol, and shouted loudly: Not drunk no return!

After a portion of the wine came up, Du Tianqing took the lead to stand up the glass and said, "First of all, we all should respect Zhongyi Yihan a glass. Without him, we might never have the chance to drink such delicious wine today!"

Zhong Yihan shook his hand to signal that this was not necessary, but when he saw everyone raising his glass, he had to raise his glass and replied, "I'm just lucky, if you break the rope, I believe you will do it."

Zhu Zhenxing said: "Yihan, don't be humble. People are different. Zhang Li was released the earliest. She didn't do anything."

Zhu Zhenxing's words immediately calmed everyone down. Li Xinyu's eyes were a little dim, but she smiled quickly: "Zhu Zhenxing is right, Zhong Yihan, thank you."

After talking, Li Xinyu drank it.

Zhong Yihan then drank.

Fan Dali is a little speechlessly, and Du Tianqing and Ming Jiajia both glared at Zhu Zhenxing. The latter only responded that he had said something wrong and wanted to explain something, but was forced to drink by Fan Dali.

Zhu Zhenxing almost didn't breathe. He saw that everyone else was drinking, so he couldn't wait to explain: "Xin Yu, I was wrong, I shouldn't mention Zhang Li, so I will punish myself by three more cups."

With that said, Zhu Zhenxing was about to pour wine. Li Xinyu reached out to cover the mouth of the cup and shook her head, "It doesn't matter. This is what happened. Although I have a close relationship with Zhang Li, I can't pretend that things didn't happen. Okay, Not to mention that everyone is here today to enjoy. Drink together if you want. "

Li Xinyu took the bottle in Zhu Zhenxing's hand, refilled it, and drank it.

"Ha, happy!"

Li Xinyu's anomaly made it difficult for everyone to accept for a while, but when the thought of what happened today, they also knew that she was in pain, so she chose to indulge in such an anomaly.

Of course, this is good.

If she holds things in heart, pretend to be nothing, that is the most terrible, sooner or later the problem will come out.

Then the atmosphere of everyone drinking gradually became stronger.

As their savior, Zhong Yihan naturally became their primary toasting target.

Du Tianqing shouted and patted Zhong Yihan's shoulders: "Yihan, don't say anything else. When you were not strong before, you often mixed with Zhu Zhenxing. In fact, I look down on it. I think you are the same as Zhang Li, Like to hold people's thighs, but through today, I know that I was wrong, in fact, it should be Zhu Zhenxing's lazy guy that really holds the thighs. "

Zhu Zhenxing scolded: "You praise him is ok, why to depreciate me, who do you say is lazy?"

Ming Jiajia also held a wine glass and said to Zhong Yihan, "Yihan, starting today, you are my idol!"

Ning Jinshui's sense of existence has always been very low, but in such an atmosphere, he also rarely said a few words.

"Yihan, you are a real hero, I don't know what to say, it's all in the wine, I drink it, you feel free!"

After finishing speaking, Ning Jinshui picked up the bottle instead of the glass and blew at his mouth, frightened Zhong Yihan to stop quickly: "Drink slowly!"

Zhang Bo thought more, and said, "School is not quite good, but Li Chenmin has taken the responsibility, and we can't say anything about the school. But President Song is not a generous person. Next, you still have to be careful not to get caught by him. After all, he is the principal and it is easy to remediate a student. "

Zhong Yihan nodded and toasted him for his reminder.

At this time Zhu Zhenxing came together and laughed: "What shit principal! Did Song Deqiu really treat himself as a dish ?! If it is not ok, we will transfer to another school. With Yihan's strength, we will go to Yazun High School! "

Yang Yuan also said with a big tongue: "Yes! If Song Deqiu really wears small shoes for Yihan, we will drop out of school together and go to Yazun! Then let him watch a few Kung Fu University seedlings leave, so be sure Mad!"

"Hahahaha!" The crowd laughed and agreed.

Even Li Xinyu said, "If there is one day, I will transfer to a school with you!"

"It is good!"

Everyone clink and drink again.

"Hahaha, it seems you are drinking very well."

At this time, a sudden voice was inserted into the dialogue of the crowd. Fan Dali looked back, and suddenly stood up and introduced: "I'll introduce it to you, this is Manager Wu of Yangshi Bar. He is also a strong fighter. "

"It turned out to be a senior."

"Hello, manager Wu."

The crowd replied enthusiastically.

The man was Wu Bingzhai, who helped Zhong Yihan last time. He pressed his hand and laughed, "Don't be so polite, Xiao Zhong, they are my friends, please be casual. I have nothing to do in this small bar. This is a bottle of red wine that I treasure, and it should be a gift for everyone. "

On the one hand, Wu Bingzhai pulled out the wine stoppers and started pouring wine for everyone.

During the pouring process, Wu Bingzhai asked tentatively: "I heard that you have gone through school today. It looks like you are so happy, your grades should be good."

Zhu Zhenxing directly said: "Hey, there are no results because of a murderer, our experience ended early."

Fan Dali instinctively felt that it was not good to say such things, but felt that there was nothing to mind.
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Anyway, it's over.

Wu Bingzhai pretended to be accidental and said, "A murderer?"

Wu Bingzhai also heard about what happened in the Twin Mountains, but he didn't know the specific details, so he deliberately came down to check the information.

"It was Qiao Cheng, the main culprit in the villa door murder seven years ago."

"Is he?" Wu Bingzhai made a surprising look. "This guy is said to have good strength and is particularly insidious and cunning. It is said that the owner of the killed family was the business of the energy stone, very rich, and his family was hiding many energy stones. But when Qiao Cheng was caught afterward, the batch of energy stones did not fall. "

"We don't know where energy stones are," Zhu Fat laughed with a big tongue, "but insidious and sly, he can't win Yihan! He couldn't beat Yihan, and he wanted to threaten him with a hostage. The line arrows gave a life-threatening blow, and the scene was cool. "

"Arc Arrow ?!" Wu Bingzhai moved in his heart, toasting, "Xiao Zhong, you are so powerful! As far as I know, can use arc arrows to make enemies in high school. For so many years, you are still the first! Come, I toast you. "

Then he toasted the others and laughed, "Today's wine is all on me!"

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