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Kung Fu Beyond the World 113 Chapter 113 - Looking Forward to That Day

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Lu Wu walked into the door with a big laugh, and said heartily, "I just said that we should trust our students! This is good, the student named Zhong Yihan is very good, killed the fugitive! Very good, very good! "

He glanced at the principal and said deliberately: "I think this student should be trained well, at least to give some rewards, and the next publicity can be done well. Imagine that the Kung Fu Association has no way to catch he fugitive, he was solved by a third-year student of ours. What does this mean? It shows that we do a good job in education on weekdays! "

Song Deqiu drew his lips and did not speak.

But Lu Wu didn't let him go, and said deliberately: "It's just that the leadership of some schools is really chilling! Find a fugitive in private and want to compromise! How can this be done? Is there any principle? What is more hateful is he actually divides the students into three, six, nine, etc. Ah, he wants to sacrifice the weakest students in his eyes, just in exchange for the lives of the highly gifted students! "

"How can this work! Everyone is equal before the law and everyone is equal before the education! So I want to say that this kind of teacher is a serious violation of the education spirit of our first high school. This principled error must be deal with seriously!"

Then, he looked at Song Deqiu with a smile, saying, "Principal, what do you think?"

Song Deqiu's lungs were about to explode, but he also knew that his only option at this time was to abandon Li Chenmin.

So he deliberately pretended, saying: "Director Li did not do well, but he was also worried about the safety of the students! However, he conducted private transactions with the fugitives and divided the students into three, six, nine, etc. This kind of thing is indeed wrong! No matter what punishment is given to Li Chenmin by the Kung Fu Association, we will have no problem at all! "

Lu Wu chuckled: "The principal is right."

But in fact, he sighed. If it wasn't because he was about to be transferred away, then this matter is just a good way for him to attack these diehard people.

It's just a pity that he's leaving soon. Even if he stands up now, no one will follow him.

Therefore, it is already a great victory to win a Li Chenmin.

Lu Wu had decided in his heart, and then stared at the Kung Fu association, beating Li Chenmin in one fell swoop, so that he would never have a chance, this would be equivalent to breaking Song Deqiu's arm!

As for the belonging of the principal of No.1 High School ... It's early, no one can say that this kind of thing is transferred between schools.

Sure enough, Song Deqiu immediately turned the topic to what Lu Wudiao left and asked him if he wanted anything and needed help ... In short, everything is easy to say, all are empty checks.

Song Deqiu's remarks are also knocking on the teachers here to make them understand one thing, that is, Lu Wu is about to get out, you all open your eyes to see clearly, who is the real boss of the first High school!

At the conference table, everyone had different thoughts. At the beginning of the conference table, Song Deqiu continued: "As for Zhang Li's death, we said that she was out of school, so people must be careful not to let the bad influence of this matter spread." , Do a good job for Zhang Li's family. If they understand, we will give some benefit. If they do not, tell them what Zhang Li did and see how they choose! "

After speaking, Song Deqiu looked around the conference table, and then said, "Okay, this meeting is over..."

Lu Wu interrupted: "President Song, you haven't said one thing yet, this time the Zhong Yihan saved hostage students. What kind of reward should the school give him?"

Song Deqiu sneered and directly refuted: "Reward? What good reward is there? Although this incident was resolved by Zhong Yihan, he killed someone! Do you want us to propagate everywhere, our students killed person?"

Lu Wu frowned: "The man he killed was a wicked man! It was a fugitive!"

"But you can guarantee that the parents of the students will not be afraid of Zhong Yihan after hearing this? He dare to kill even the fugitive. Which parent is willing to let him and his children be classmates?"

"You can't say that ..." Lu Wu planned to argue.

Song Deqiu interrupted him and said: "Vice principal Lu, you still care about your next job transfer to the new school! Zhong Yihan's affairs, I don't want you to ask, this is our first high school student, I do it for his sake. "

Other teachers also persuaded: "Yes, Vice principal Lu, it's not very good to hear that a student killed someone."

"We hide his killings for his good."

"That is, if it is really encouraging, he is a teenager and has little experience. He really think that killing is a good thing. Isn't he over?"

"That's right, I heard that Zhong Yihan had no merit when he started. When he was on the stage with a classmate of the same class, he had a comminuted fracture in the hand bone of that student. So we really can no longer encourage his violent tendencies. "

The teachers talked a lot, but they all helped Song Deqiu to speak, and the reasons were strange.

Song Deqiu smiled proudly: "Vice-principal Lu, education is not as simple as you think. I hope you can think about this issue!"

After speaking, Song Deqiu got up and left directly, other teachers also left the seat, for fear of approaching Lu Wu, then Song Deqiu will know.
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Lu Wu sat in a chair with a lonely expression, his eyes full of disappointment.

After everyone left, he suddenly sneered, and then laughed louder and louder, and finally gave out an angry giggle.

"Song Deqiu, Song Deqiu, you really are small-minded, I don't have to worry about what you can do!"

"This student broke your plan. You canceled this student's reward for venting anger. It seems to be a trivial matter, but you don't move your pig's brain to think about it! He can kill Qiao Cheng, an experienced fugitive, will this student be a normal character? "

"And you don't even know it! This student, who was unknown in the past, has made great progress in just over a month, and now we don't know his ceiling at all!"

"You don't even know how great a miracle student he is!"

"So, Song Deqiu, I suddenly had a hunch, you old sly fox, maybe you are going to suffer a big loss on this student!"

"I'm looking forward to that day!"

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