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Kung Fu Beyond the World 112 Chapter 112 - Xia Ling's Discovery

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Just when Zhong Yihan, Liang Jinfeng and others were chatting outside, in the cave at this time ...

Xia Ling hid her mouth and hid behind a large rock in the cave, afraid to let those bad giants find her.

After untangling Zhong Yihans, Xia Ling has been hiding in the cave. She wanted to find a chance to go out but did not expect that there were more and worse giants in the cave, and there was even a very scary one, which gave her more pressure than the beastmaster in the Different World.

But the master is also very good. Surrounded by so many bad giants, he has not changed his face and even talked with laughter and ease.

If it were her, she would have been scared to cry.

"No! Xia Ling is braver than Little Red Riding Hood, Xia Ling will not cry!"

Xia Ling secretly cheered herself up.

At this moment, a fat giant suddenly came over to this side, and suddenly Xia's soul fluttered, she turned and fled.

However, here is originally the end of the cave, and then only the walls will be encountered.

Xia Ling quickly realized this. She saw a very narrow crack in the wall, and she went in without thinking.

Zhu Zhenxing picked up the backpacks and herbs scattered around the big rocks, and unfortunately said to himself: "Hey, this time our team can still get a place."

Zhu Zhenxing has never realized what the top rankings are like. Although he is too lazy to practice, it does not mean that he does not like rankings.

"The rest will work, no need to waste."

He picked out the intact herbs on the ground and repacked them in his backpack. By the way, also packed Li Xinyu and their herbs together.

Xia Ling hiding in the gap, quietly waiting for the fat giant to leave.

She calmed down slowly, and suddenly felt strong energy behind her.

Xia Ling looked back lightly, the gap was narrower and darker than the hare hole.

Xia Ling instinctively felt a little scared, but soon she remembered Little Red Riding Hood again.

"Xia Ling is brave."

The energy emanating from the depth of the gap was very strong, and Xia Ling guessed that there must be some treasures the owner liked.

If she can find it, maybe she can exchange it for Barbie or her favorite fried chicken.

The courage in Xia Ling's heart suddenly became even better when she thought of what she liked.

She bit her teeth and flew deep into the gap.

About a few minutes later, Xia Ling's eyes suddenly opened up, and in the depth of the gap, there was actually a reduced version of the cave!

In the reduced cave, there is a large package, and the rich energy came from here.

Xia Ling rolled around the parcel, poked and kicked, and determined that it was not a living thing, so she put it into her space.

"Hee hee, Xia Ling found the treasure by herself, and the owner will certainly praise Xia Ling."

"Xia Ling is the best!"



Outside the cave at this time, half of the people from the Kung Fu Association surrounding the mountain came here.

The bodies of Qiao Cheng and Zhang Li were carried to an ambulance, and Li Chenmin was also handcuffed and taken to a flying car.

Li Chenmin's face was ashes, and he did not say that my uncle was Song Deqiu, because he knew that such a threat would have no effect on Liang Jinfeng at all, but might involve him.

He knows that the only thing he can do now is to admit all things to himself, leaving aside the relationship between everything and the principal, as long as his uncle is still in the school, then wait for this thing to pass after a while, people probably forgot about it, he will definitely help himself out!

However, before being taken into the car, he could not help but glance at Zhong Yihan viciously.

It is this student that makes himself who could do great work suddenly become a sinner!

Zhong Yihan didn't notice that Li Chenmin looked at his grievous eyes. He pretended to return to the cave to get his weapons and equipment and took the opportunity to secretly put Xia Ling back into his pocket.

Xia Ling whispered: "Master, Xia Ling found a good thing ..."

But Zhong Yihan was too late to ask, and the people from the Kung Fu Association came. He had to shut his mouth and bring his equipment to the flying car.

Next, they need to go to the Kung Fu association to make a transcript.



Not to mention the routine transcript of Zhong Yihan's side, the Anping County No. 1 High School has also received the news.

In the conference room, the old face of the principal Song Deqiu was overcast.

The other teachers also lowered their heads one by one. Everyone knows that the principal must be in a very bad mood now, so no one dares to stand up and provoke the principal.

Some capable young teachers are even voicing in their hearts now.

If it weren't for the principal's ingenuity, this should have been a happy situation.

The murderous fugitive was killed by the students of No.1 High School, which brought the crisis to an end. What is this?

This is a good school teaching!

The school can just take advantage of the wave of publicity, maybe it can attract more students and funding.

As for Zhang Li, who was betrayed on the spot, no one would take it to heart, and no one would mention her. The Academic Affairs Office and Zhang Li's family just need to make simple compensation and then signing an agreement.

Such students who have done shameful things do not have any power or strength, so she is dead or alive, and no one cares at all.

But now, being played by the headmaster so much that good things become bad things.

The headmaster's nephew, the senior third-year team leader, Li Chenmin, and the authentic Kung Fu fighter was failed this time.

It's a pity, but it's not wrong.

The ability to discriminate against such a thing, let alone in an age where strength is paramount, even in all ages.

But such things can't be said.

What's more serious is that this time the first hero to solve the crisis shooting and fugitives happened to be the student who was abandoned in the plan made by the principal's department!

This time, the trouble is big. After all, the truth is said tens of millions of times, the result is the most important.

It turned out that the principal did something wrong, so Li Chenmin was destined to be miserable.

The principal was beaten in the face by a student. It is estimated that the principal must hate the student at this moment!

Who dares to show up now?

The current headmaster is like a thunderbolt that has accumulated countless angry. If anyone dares to show, it is equivalent to a needle, and he will instantly attract all the firepower to himself.

Everyone is just an ordinary teacher. It is not easy to find a well-paid job these days. So the teachers lowered their heads one by one.

Just then, a hearty laugh broke out outside the conference room:

"Haha, sorry, I'm late, there are so many things that have been handled till now."

Then a strong figure came in, and it was Lu Wu, the director and deputy headmaster of the Kung Fu Department.
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Some teachers secretly exchanged their eyes, thinking that Lu Wu, a guy with thick eyebrows, was not a good guy.

What he said just now is exactly the same as what the principal Song Deqiujin said at the beginning of the previous meeting on how to rescue!

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