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Kung Fu Beyond the World 110 Chapter 110 - Questioning

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Zhang Shou drove the flying car, took Liang Jinfeng and Li Chenmin and flew towards the red smoke position at full speed.

There are no woods and mountain roads, and the flying car arrives quickly.

Zhang Shou did not land immediately but observed the situation below the red smoke area, and then found a cave below, and the scene at the entrance of the cave made everyone's eyes crack!

Blood, corpses ...

The corpses of the students were lying in a pool of blood, only one person covered in blood was sitting on a stone on the ground.

Zhong Yihan!

Except for Zhong Yihan, everyone else has become a corpse, lying in a pool of blood and lying in the mud.

The flying car quickly landed on the open space at the entrance of the cave. The car had not stabilized yet, and Liang Jinfeng and Li Chenmin hurriedly jumped down.

"What's going on ?!" Li Chenmin looked at the corpse all over the ground and yelled at Zhong Yihan, "What happened ?!"

Zhong Yihan glanced at him and kicked a corpse around him.

The people present immediately recognized that this man turned out to be a fugitive, Qiao Cheng!

An arrow in one of his eyes and the arrow came out of his head. He could not die any longer!

"He is dead ?! Did you kill?"

"I killed him," Zhong Yihan said lightly. "This person should be the fugitive? He set a trap to catch both of our teams, but we found a chance to get away, so we fight with him ... As you saw, they all died, and I survived alone, shooting him with a bow and arrow. "

"Impossible, impossible ..."

Li Chenmin was about to collapse.

He saw Zhang Li lying next to himself, a knife stuck in her chest, and blood flowed through her combat uniform, apparently, she couldn't die anymore.

Not far away, Li Xinyu was lying in the mud, covered with blood;

Du Tianqing was nailed to the stone wall by a long knife;

Yang Yuan was lying on a big rock, and the blood was falling down his fingers;

Zhang Bo is also lying on the ground, and a long knife is inserted into him;

Zhu Zhenxing, really become a dead fat man, leaning against the wall and bleeding...

The five members of Group A who had previously been rescued by priority were all dead!

These five people are required by the principal to keep their lives because they have money and strength at home, and in addition to Zhu Zhenxing, the other four talents are extremely high, all of which have great hope to enter the Kung Fu University in the next college entrance examination, then give the students glory to the school!

But they are all dead.
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Not only the five in group A, but the three in group B also died, and only Zhong Yihan is alive!

Li Chenmin can already think of how much trouble he and the principal will face next. The parents of these dead students will devour them with anger!

He was in charge of the field trials this time, is also the principal person in charge of the principal's full authority to handle this incident ...

How much pressure does he have to bear?

Those parents must be anxious to tear him to pieces!

And the school will definitely abandon him, and let him receive the anger of parents of students!

He's finished, let alone the future, and he can't even guarantee which parents will kill him.

Zhong Yihan raised his eyebrows at this time and said, "What's wrong, Director Li, I killed the fugitive. How do you look unhappy at all?"

"I'm unhappy!" Li Chenmin's eyes were red and he yelled at Zhong Yihan, "Why are they all dead ?! Why are you still alive ?! Why aren't you dead? Why aren't you died?"

Zhong Yihan sneered: "Director Li, you seem to want me to die? Oh, no, it is not good for you if I die. But they are dead, and it 's bad for you, so you must be thinking now, how much better it would be if I were dead and they were all alive?"


Li Chenmin has collapsed now. He yelled, "Why can you survive? You have no money, no power, your dad is still a prisoner! You are also a waste without Kung Fu talent. But why do you survive, but everyone else is dead? I would rather you be dead now! I would rather Qiao Cheng not die, as long as Li Xinyu they are alive! "

Zhong Yihan sighed: "It really hurts me to speak like this. Isn't every student equal for the school?"

"You are such a poor talent and poor students, even if the death of a hundred, a thousand! None of you can compare with Li Xinyu, one of them!"

Zhong Yihan shook his head and yelled, "It's really sad, so you will divide us into groups A, B, and C, right? As long as the students in group A retreat, you don't really care. Others are dead or alive. Especially students in group C like me, who have no value, die is ok. "

"Because our family is poor, even if I die, my family doesn't have the strength to go to school to make trouble. By then, you can pay my family a few hundred thousand, and this thing is over, right?"

"That's right!" Li Chenmin shouted and shouted, "Hundreds of thousands can make your home better, this is the life-saving money! But for a family like Li Xinyu, What is 100,000? It's not enough for one year's expenses. Why do you compare it with others? "

"What you said ... I really can't refute it." Zhong Yihan actually nodded in deep conviction and was about to speak down.

But at this time, Zhang Shou and Liang Jinfeng couldn't stand it anymore and cough.

Zhang Shou cursed with a smile: "Zhong Yihan, it is enough!"

Liang Jinfeng said with a smile: "The students now are really incredible. They have courage!"

Li Chenmin felt something wrong.

Zhong Yihan's attitude is just fine. How can Zhang Shou and Liang Jinfeng have the same attitude?

It seems that so many students have died, and they have no sad or angry response?

This is not normal!

Zhang Shou laughed and said loudly: "Introduce you, this is the chairman of our Anping County Kung Fu Association, Liang Jinfeng, President Liang! You, little guys, say hello! "

Suddenly, the seven or eight corpses scattered on the ground, one by one crawled up from the mud and stones, and then the hippie smiley smiled in unison: "Hello, President Liang!"

Seeing the students come back to life one by one, Li Chenmin was completely stupid!

Liang Jinfeng greeted classmates with a smile, then came to Li Chenmin and sighed, "Director Li, you are also a Kung Fu fighter, but why do you stand on the side of the people who like to play with the power of tricks? In your strength, in fact, as long as you don't panic, you should easily find that these students all have a heartbeat, breathing, and temperature. "

"Especially these guys ..." Liang Jinfeng pointed to fat people, Fan Dali, Yang Yuan, and others, and said, "These guys are all pretending unprofessionally at all. They are all laughing, but you haven't noticed anything strange about them! "

After speaking, Liang Jinfeng sighed: "But there is still a student who is really dead, but just look at their expressions and reactions. There must be a reason for this student to die, otherwise, they won't have any grief!"

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