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Kung Fu Beyond the World 109 Chapter 109 - Flares

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Ming Jiajia was a little ignorant, and asked, "What does this ... mean?"

"Meaning ... a few of us were grouped. All of Group A are precious and expensive, and nothing can happen, so someone prompts the fugitive and releases all the students of Group A. Then they will guarantee Qiao Cheng to leave safely and get a ransom. "

Zhu Zhenxing said coldly: "As for group B and group C, group B still has some effect for Qiao's follow-up negotiations, but the final group C ... is left to Qiao Cheng as a hostage. No one cares about life or death. "

Li Xinyu was also calm at this moment, looking at the leaflet in his hand: "What did the school do? Really hit a good abacus!"

Everyone looked at Zhong Yihan. If these leaflets really came from school, then it is obvious ...

The school has abandoned Zhong Yihan.

No way, who makes Zhong Yihan's life the least valuable in the eyes of the school?
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Du Tianqing sighed and said, "It doesn't mean everyone in the school wants to come. I believe Teacher Zhang Shou will not do this kind of thing."

"There can be no one else. This method is the writing of our grade director. By the way, he is still the headmaster's nephew. Hey, so interesting!"

Yang Yuan walked to Zhong Yihan and said, "Zhong Yihan, don't worry, you saved all of our lives. Brothers will help you! What a broken school, I am not studying here anymore! "

Everyone nodded, clamoring for Zhong Yihan.

After this incident of being hijacked by fugitives, everyone owed Zhong Yihan a favor, saying that the key point is that they owed a life!

So in this kind of thing, naturally everyone is on the side of Zhong Yihan.

And the funniest thing is that they are now safe and the fugitives have been killed. This was originally a result of great joy. If this result is passed, even Anping County No. 1 High School can be proud. After all, the fugitive was killed by a High school student.

However, the bureaucrats in the school think too much and want to use tricks to make a good thing a bad thing!

Only Ming Jiajia was a little confused, and frowned for a while, then said: "But the school is not afraid to leave a message? Do you look at these leaflets, this is real evidence!"

Everyone looked at each other and smiled. Ming Jiajia was too young. Those bureaucrats didn't worry about others will know when playing such a trick.

"Come, look!"

Zhu Zhenxing picked up a leaflet and took a little water in the rain. The font on the back of the leaflet immediately disappeared, leaving only the font that surrendered to the front.

"This kind of invisible ink is not high-tech at all. Those bureaucrats will leave such an obvious handle? Impossible!"

Du Tianqing stood up and said, "Anyway, we were going to set off the flare together. Now it's better, just like what they think. How about brothers, do you want to play?"


"Must agree!"

"Come on now! Let's open the flare together, three, two, one ... let go!"



"Director Liang, look, there is red smoke on the mountain! It must be a flare for students!"

Someone suddenly shouted, and immediately attracted everyone's attention to the sky.

Ten flare bullets bloomed in the sky at the same location at the same time, leaving a thick column of red smoke.

Obviously the remaining ten students are all together!

Liang Jinfeng frowned, and he instinctively suspected that this might be a trap.

Li Chenmin's eyes narrowed slightly, knowing that his strategy was successful.

So Li Chenmin came over and said: "It seems that the ten students are together, basically they can be sure that they were caught by the fugitive Qiao Cheng. The next thing is to see how to negotiate, I will go there myself!"

Liang Jinfeng was suddenly surprised.

Li Chenmin said that some students are dangerous and that teachers who went up the mountain to search were also dangerous ...

After saying a lot of sounding words, in short, he can't work.

But now why suddenly he has changed personally, and he has to go in person? !!

At this time Zhang Shou also came over and said, "I will go too!"

"Mr. Zhang ..." Li Chenmin's eyes narrowed. "I don't need to bother you, right?"

"These ten people are all my students, of course, I'm going!" Zhang Shou gave Li Chenmin a mocking look, and said, "Didn't Director Li always say before, worrying about that Qiao Cheng will put a trap? Suddenly bold again this time? "


Liang Jinfeng thought for a while and said, "Let 's go together. If there is any trap, there is nothing to be afraid of if I am present."

Li Chenmin hurriedly said, "President Liang, you don't need to go. What if this is a strategy by Qiao? We all passed, and it turned out that he used the students' signal guns to attract attention, wait for us after going, what should we do when he finds the opportunity to escape? "

Liang Jinfeng hesitated a moment, but Zhang Shou said, "Even if it is a trick, we will also go. This mountain is so large that the surrounding area has been blocked by the Kung Fu Association. Where can he go? Besides, we have a flying machine Yeah, still afraid he ran on two legs? "

"Zhang Shou, do you have an opinion on me? Why do you always have trouble with me?"

Zhang Shou sneered: "Director Li, we are discussing ways. Please do not put personal emotions in the discussion."


Liang Jinfeng shouted, "Enough, stop arguing. My ears hurt because of noisy quarrels. The enclosing circle cannot be changed arbitrarily, and the search also needs to continue, so it should not be too many people going to the red smoke location."

Li Chenmin immediately echoed: "Yeah, yes."

However, Liang Jinfeng's next sentence changed Li Chenmin's face instantly.

"The only ones who seem to be idle now are the three of us. In that case, let's go up and check."

"Three? Which three?"

Li Chenmin looked around. Only him, Liang Jinfeng and Zhang Shou were nearby.

Liang Jinfeng looked back at Li Chenmin, with a slightly mocking expression: "What do you think?"

Zhang Shou immediately understood: "I'll go and prepare a flying car!"

Li Chenmin's heart sank. He certainly didn't want Liang Jinfeng to go, otherwise, many things would not be easy to talk about.

But at this time he couldn't say anything to refute, he saw that Zhang Shou went to drive the flying car, Liang Jinfeng sat up.

As soon as his heart moved, another tactic came to his mind, sneer, and said in his mind:

"Okay, just go, just take responsibility for me and save me a lot of things."

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