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Kung Fu Beyond the World 108 Chapter 108 - Private Agreemen

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Outside of Twin Mountains.

During this time, students came out of the mountain one after another. After confirming that they did not meet the fugitive, they were immediately returned to the school by bus, leaving only the teachers of the Kung Fu Association and Anping No.1 High School.

Zhang Shou responded with a list of students and found that a total of ten students did not come out.

According to previous group records, these ten students happened to be in two groups-Zhong Yihan and Li Xinyu's group.

Zhang Shou was walking around anxiously, but Li Chenmin, the person in charge of this training, was eating there leisurely as if this matter had nothing to do with him at all.

"Director Li, are you really prepared to wait like this, do nothing at all?"

Zhang Shou came to Li Chenmin with annoyance.

Li Chenmin wiped his greasy mouth and pointed at Maza next to him: "Mr. Zhang, don't stand and sit. See you are so anxious, let me be honest, the remaining two teams basically have encountered a fugitive, so it is useless to be anxious. "

Zhang Shou took a deep breath. Although he didn't want to admit it, he had to admit it ...

The students in these two groups have no information so far, and the probability of encountering fugitives is indeed high!
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Li Chenmin said: "So Teacher Zhang, what we need to do now is to formulate corresponding countermeasures against this situation so as to ensure that the best students can come back safely!"

Zhang Shou nodded subconsciously, but soon realized that something was wrong, looked directly at him, and asked, "The best student ?! What do you mean ?!"

"Hehehe ..." Li Chenmin smiled proudly. He whispered: "Mr. Zhang, for a school, the gifted students with a good family background are more important, such as Li Xinyu and Du Tianqing. "

Zhang Shou's heart was cold, and said, "Are you going to abandon them?"

Li Chenmin glanced at him: "Someone has to sacrifice."

"But why do you decide who sacrificed ?!" Zhang Shou growled, "Just because Zhong Yihan's family is not as good as them ?!"

"Pay attention to your attitude, Teacher Zhang!" Li Chenmin's face also pulled down. "This is the most effective method after the principal's multi-faceted consideration. You feel unfair, but there is no fairness in this world! I am a grade Director, it must be based on the interests of the school, so if you don't cooperate, give me a pack and get out of here! There is no place for you to speak! "

"Okay!" Zhang Shou's face changed, he said, "Let's walk and see! I will never give up any student!"

After speaking, Zhang Shou turned and left.

Looking at Zhang Shou's back, Li Chenmin chuckled. At this time, a teacher came up and whispered, "Director Li, Teacher Zhang is so uncooperative. Would you like to transfer him away to avoid breaking the event?"

"No need, a reckless husband. What can be bad? Are you done well?"

"Yes! The Kung Fu Association previously identified several suspected points on the map, and the drones have already been dispatched."

"Hurry up and do it before the reckless men of the Kung Fu Association go up the mountain!"




Caves in the Twin Mountains.

The people rested for a while and started to discuss what to do next.

Because everyone had been tied up for a long time, the body was a little uncomfortable. In addition, it was getting dark, and the rain outside was also getting heavier, so after discussion, it was decided not to go down for the time being.

Of course, the teachers and the people of the Kung Fu Association must have been in the same hurry as the ants on the hot pot, so Yang Yuan gave a suggestion, everyone thought it was good, and implemented it.

Yang Yuan's proposal is that it has been several hours since the previous broadcast of the aircraft, so most of the students should have evacuated safely, and the rest is basically the unlucky ones who encountered the fugitives.

Therefore, if they release all of their flare one by one, after seeing the teachers outside the mountain, they immediately know that the ten of them are now together.

In this way, the Kung Fu Association will definitely send an aircraft into the mountain and quickly rescue, so that everyone will be convenient to go back-at least not to go down the mountain by the night and rain-and there are two bodies here, to be honest, No one wants to touch the bodies of Qiao Cheng and Zhang Li.

So this proposal was unanimously agreed by everyone.

So everyone gathered the flare, and when they came to the cave, they were ready to release the flare.

But at this moment, the drone's operating sound came from overhead, and a voice sounded from the drone's horn:

"Qiao Cheng, don't hide anymore, it's useless to hide. Hurry up and surrender. This is your only way to survive. Remember, this is your only way to survive!"

Zhong Yihan and others laughed.

Fan Dali teased: "How can it be like a TV series, and it's all over."

"It's not as good as a TV series!" Ning Jinshui couldn't help but whispered, "At least the TV show is a real person. This is good, sent a drone."

Everyone shook the head.

Shouting two words with a drone just wanted a wicked fugitive to surrender on his own. They don't know which genius came up with this idea.

Moreover, the drone not only broadcast aloud but also dropped snowflake-like flyers.

"Are there any surrender letters?"

Fan Dali took a leaflet with a smile and glanced at the contents, his face immediately changed!

"What's wrong?" Seeing Fan Dali's expression was not right, Zhu Zhenxing came together, "What did it say?"

"look by yourself!"

The fat man glanced at the flyer and immediately cursed: "Fuck!"

"what happened?"

The reactions of the two people aroused everyone's curiosity, so everyone picked up a leaflet and looked at it.

Ning Jinshui took a leaflet while watching and wondered: "No problem, isn't this just an ordinary letter of surrender?"

The fat man said with a grimace: "Look at the back!"

Ning Jinshui looked for a moment, only to find that there was also a word on the back of the leaflet. After looking at the text above, his face was immediately pulled down!

Because on the back of this leaflet, the names of ten of these two teams were written.

After the names of ten of them, three options, A, B, and C, were marked.

Among them, the names of Li Xinyu, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, Zhang Bo, and Zhu Zhenxing are marked with an "A" character, and the names of Fan Dali, Ming Jiajia, and Ning Jinshui are followed by a "B" character.

The names of Zhong Yihan and Zhang Li are marked with "C".

Then there is a sentence below.

[Group A you can ask for ransom and tools, but you have to release people. We will cooperate with you to leave with the other two groups. Your follow-up needs can be discussed with Group B.]

[If an agreement is reached, light all flares together.]

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