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Kung Fu Beyond the World 107 Chapter 107 - The Death of Zhang Li

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Li Xinyu's pupils shrank sharply, and her heart was terrified-he really shot herself at this arrow? !!

Does he want to kill her? !!


Li Xinyu was so shocked that she had no time to close her eyes, and then saw a scene she could never forget!

When the arrow was shot by Zhong Yihan, the arrow drew a weird arc just around her body!


There was a loud scream behind him. Li Xinyu felt that the strength on her neck disappeared instantly. She rolled subconsciously on the spot, and then turned back, only to see that arrow was inserted into Qiao's left ribs!

Also, shoot in from under the left rib, go straight through the body, and out from the right waist!

Judging from the direction of the arrow, although this arrow failed to hit the heart, it also completely penetrated his internal organs.

Everyone in the cave was stunned.

Ming Jiajia is saving people and doesn't know what happened.

Yang Yuan and others were also a little far apart, and the cave was almost black, so they didn't see it at all, and then they heard Qiao screaming and fell to the ground.

Except for Li Xinyu and Zhong Yihan, no one knows what happened to the ground.

Li Xinyu looked in horror at Qiao Cheng, who was screaming on the ground, and was as shocked as finding a prehistoric dinosaur!

That arrow just now is too fast!

It's too weird!

more importantly...

This is an arc arrow!

Draw an arc to bypass Qiao Cheng behind him ... Has Zhong Yihan's strength been so powerful? !!

No, no, this is not just about strength, this is a skill, it is a very superb archery skill!

Li Xinyu can bet that in the third grade of Anping No. 1 High School, no second person can do this kind of arc arrows to control the enemy!

At this time, Zhong Yihan hurried forward, picked up Li Xinyu, and then hid, but did not continue to shoot at Qiao Cheng.

Feeling his face stuck to Zhong Yihan's strong chest, Li Xinyu only felt an unprecedented sense of security spontaneously, and then suddenly her nose became sore and tears flowed down.

She thought she was very strong, but after almost being insulted, taken hostage and even facing death, she realized that she was just a little girl looking for security ...

Qiao Cheng struggled and screamed on the ground, but he was not dead for a while.

But Zhong Yihan didn't care about him.

Because the most important thing right now is to ensure that his classmates are not injured. As for Qiao Cheng ... even if he is not dead now, it is not far from death.

Zhang Li was stunned. She hugged Qiao Cheng and shouted, "Master, what's wrong with your master? Master, please take me away!"

She is stubborn!

But Zhong Yihan knew her thoughts because she had no way to go, and Qiao was her last hope.

There was a flash of fierce light in Qiao Yan's eyes.

He knew that he was completely finished. He was seriously injured and suffered another arrow. The entire internal organs were afraid of major bleeding. The reason why he had breath was that his vitality was strong enough, but such a serious injury, Even if he was taken to the hospital immediately, he was not saved.

"Am I going to die ... but I can't die alone, I want someone to die with me!"

He now regrets it very much, if he knew that the boy in the opposite direction can have such magical archery, he should have to kill Li Xinyu at the beginning ... No, he should kill all of them from the beginning!

But this boy doesn't look like an impulsive boy. He is just an old fox!

Shouldn't the young man come forward to look at this time, and kill himself?

But he didn't. Instead, he held Li Xinyu away and stood so far away, afraid that he would fight against him in the last breath.

At a young age, the is so thoughtful...

Qiao Cheng laughed bitterly in his heart.

However, someone can still accompany him on the road!

Qiao looked fiercely at Zhang Li aside, his eyes were full of murderous intentions. Zhang Li froze for a moment, then felt bad, and the subconscious was backing away.

But her hand was grabbed by Qiao Cheng, like an iron hoop, she couldn't break it at all.

At this moment Qiao Cheng laughed out loud: "Aren't you calling me master? Now the master is going to leave, and there is one missing below to accompany me, so please stay with me!"

Then, Qiao took the dagger in his hand and stabbed into Zhang Li's heart!

Zhang Li looked at the knife on her chest in disbelief, and finally a bitter smile appeared on her face, and she fell to the ground without even telling a last word.

Qiao Cheng laughed twice and also lay down on the ground, died!

This scene shocked everyone.

Li Xinyu tried to take a step forward but forgot that she was still tied tightly, and fell to the ground.

Then she lay on the ground, crying loudly and muttering, "Lili, Lili ..."

At this moment, the sound of the system suddenly sounded in Zhong Yihan's head:

[Complete the hidden mission "Desperate Killing", a special silver treasure chest will be rewarded. Want to open?]

Zhong Yihan sighed, instead of choosing to open it, he picked up a knife and stepped forward to cut the rope on Li Xinyu's body.

But Li Xinyu still didn't get up and kept crying all the time, firstly whispering, then crying louder and louder, finally turning around and hugging Zhong Yihan, crying loudly.

Zhong Yihan was embarrassed, but it was not easy to push her away, so he had to let her hold him.

Ming Jiajia came over at this time and saw Li Xinyu holding Zhong Yihan so tightly, with a flash of dissatisfaction in her eyes, but after all she was sensible and knew that Li Xinyu was sad at this time, so she didn't say much and turned to others and woken Zhu Zhenxing.

Zhu Zhenxing was awoken and saw the situation in the cave.

Especially when he saw the scene where Li Xinyu was holding Zhong Yihan and crying, his face was full of shock.

Ming Jiajia slapped her forehead and whispered, "Don't make trouble."

Then she whispered everything to him.

After learning that Zhang Li had betrayed them all, Zhu Zhenxing and others had complicated faces and finally got to know Li Xinyu's mood now.

The fat man couldn't help but comfort her: "Xin Yu, don't cry, Zhang Li is on her own ... oh, Jiajia, why did you hit me!"

Ming Jiajia glared at him and whispered: "Shut up! Do you think she doesn't understand? Do you need to say it? You let Li Xinyu be quiet for a while!"

Li Xinyu cried for a long time, and finally let go of Zhong Yihan, a little embarrassed and said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Yang Yuan, Zhang Bo, and Du Tianqing looked at each other and walked up together, thanking Zhong Yihan: "Thank you! You saved our lives, we will remember this kindness, and we will have a return when we return. "

Zhong Yihan shook his lips and said, "Okay, don't be so polite, it's like I am very greedy for your return ... let's discuss what to do next."
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